giveaway week: Illume candles – GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Just a few weeks ago, I showcased the Monogram Collection from Illume as party favors and as namecards for my harvest dinner party.  I have just been smitten with their products lately and am beyond eager to share the joy with you!

The Naughty & Nice candles aren’t only witty, they’re actually made to go together.  Nice smells like sugared vanilla cream and naughty smells of woodsy musk.  Burnt together, the scents layer and mix so nicely, you’ll know that you certainly can’t have nice in your life without the naughty!

So, are you ready for this?  Not only do you get to enter to win both all three of these nuggets of joy, but ALL readers get 15% off and Free Shipping on the entire site!  That’s pretty nice, right?  Stock up on gifts for all those loved ones and holiday parties – just enter HERNEST at checkout!



Have a NICE Thursday!


p.s. really love giveaways?  I’m also participating in the 24 Merry Days.  Today’s 24 Merry Days giveaway is over at This Little Street.


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  1. Emily K. says

    I would LOVE to win these candles! I have probably been a bit NAUGHTY this year, but hopefully not enough to put me out of the running! Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  2. Katie keller says

    I have been NAUGHTY and shopped for myself more than others this holiday season. But this candle set would be a NICE present for someone special on my list!

  3. Shawne power says

    Maybe some of my family have been naughty but I like to be nice so I would love to win these awesome candles I know they will smell as nice as they look !

  4. Shawne power says

    Maybe some of my family have been naughty but I like to be nice so I would love to win these awesome candles I know they will smell as nice as they look ! Inked illume on fb

  5. Jess says

    LOVE Illume. Their candles are my favorite and I’ve got three of their Twilight Vanilla candles. I’d love to add NAUGHTY and NICE to my collection!

  6. kristin says

    i haven’t been that naughty this year, but that doesn’t mean there’s not still time 😉
    i like and follow HOE and illume on FB

  7. Tracy says

    Being naughty can also be quite nice… you save Santa a trip!

    Liked HOE on FB ages ago. Just liked Illume on FB. Thanks for turning us on to them. I’m shopping as we speak.

  8. Lauren says

    I’ve probably been more NAUGHTY than NICE this year, but I hope I’ll still get these Illume candles from Santa — my all time favorite brand!! My last fall candle is just burning down…

  9. Mary Capps says

    It may not be very NAUGHTY of me, but I would love to make a gift of this prize to a friend – must be the season! I’ve also liked House of Earnest on Facebook, followed House of Earnest on Twitter, liked Illume on Facebook, and followed Illume on Twitter!

  10. Krista says

    Naughty and Nice
    I’ll tell ya twice
    On behalf of me and my dog Gwen
    We really hope we win!
    (woowowoow – this is Gwen telling you again, as promised above :)

  11. Lori Kasner says

    The Naughty & Nice candles are just one of many great Illume products. Proud to say they are a company from my wonderful state of Minnesota!

  12. says

    Ooo! I’m in need for some candles as my toddler has been NAUGHTY + dug his fingernails into my favorite one and shredded it to bits!

  13. Mary Frances says

    I love the idea of burning both candles, naughty & nice – which helps out with the ambiance of a room without overwhelming my house with scent.

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