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Let me ask you something. When is the last time you had a list of to-do’s and just completely ignored it? Can you recall a time?

Yesterday was my only weekend day at home since I spent the majority of last week working on a Pier 1 and Glam video shoot on Long Island. It was amazingly fun and if you follow on Instagram, you would have seen a few pics from the project.  As fun as it was, it was work and I was away from home and husband.

I got home late Saturday night and upon waking yesterday I did something very very unusual for me.  I didn’t do one ounce of work. Not one. Usually when I walk I listen to business podcasts, but I listened to music this time.  Usually in the evening while Matt is watching TV, I work on email and outstanding projects. But yesterday I chose to ignore all of these pending items and nagging feelings.  I literally spent two straight hours sitting on my porch, reading magazines, flipping through catalogues, and drinking a nice cold beer.

Do you want to know what happened during this time?  I had a flood of new ideas while perusing those pages. I thought of projects and concepts that were exciting and original. I feverishly tore pages from my mags, took notes, and felt my wheels turning. Now, this might seem like work, but it’s really quite the opposite.  It’s what happens when work isn’t the focus, but when living is the focus.  I liken it to a sort of ‘blissful ignorance’. I know there is a whole slew of things that must be done, but I choose to ignore it and just to spend my weekend day as it was meant to be spent.

I know we can’t do this all of the time, I like to be busy busy busy and not being buys makes me feel…guilty, like I’m not trying my hardest. But, when I can put aside the feelings of guilt and block them out of my mind, I’ve come to realize that it’s invigorating to take control of your day and make a conscious choice to relax.  I can’t say I’m a master at this, I’m far from it.  But I’m learning every day and yesterday I learned that there is great importance in stepping back and just giving yourself a break.

I want to hear from you guys on this one.  Do you ever look at your mounting to-do list (or pile of laundry) and just walk away? What do you spend your guilty ‘you’ time doing?




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    Yes, I do it all the time. Sometimes I need a few days or even a week (the longest was 3 weeks) doing absolutely nothing sewing related. BUT after those days (or at time weeks) ideas just can’t stop flooding. We all need a break, even if just for a day.

    Wishing you lots more of those guilt free days off.

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    I love this post – I feel like when you give yourself a little space to be creative, more ideas will come. When you put a lot of pressure on yourself and you are trying to think of things while at the same time being on social media and checking e-mail, it may be harder for things to come. Hope you get to take more breaks too!!

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    Yes! Sometimes you need some “you” time to just recharge and enjoy the present moment. A lot of the times I feel like I’m constantly living in the future–what new projects do I want to start, a blog post I’m going to write, dirty dishes I need to clean:) It’s nice to just give yourself a break and relax. I’ve found the same thing happens to me when I take a break–that I come back happier and full of new ideas I’m excited to start. Good for you for taking that time for yourself:)

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    First of all, the thought of you relaxing with such abandon makes me SOOOOO happy. (Especially the mag-flipping with a cold one in hand.)

    Second, I can TOTALLY relate to needing frequent recharging sessions to have any sort of sanity and fresh ideas to share. Love that you posted these thoughts, and am already daydreaming about the next time we’ll get a chance to chill-out together! XO :)

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      ha! I love your choice of words ‘with such abandon’!! It sure felt like an act of wild abandon to me! :) Hope to see you soon too! I was on Long Island last week which was so close, but still so far away :)

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    I can totally relate! That is such an amazing feeling if you can put away the guilt for a minute.

    I’ve taken to literally “scheduling” weekend naps for myself as a way to unplug. (Mind you, this only happens when I’ve had a really long week at work and feel like I deserve the indulgence.) I tell my husband that I absolutely WILL take a nap that day and that he needs to let me do it, no questions asked. Nothing can stop me or distract me from my luscious nap time! An hour later I emerge refreshed and thrilled that I got to experience the amazing luxury of falling asleep while it was light outside.

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    Sometimes I just throw my glands up and say today I will do nothing. Not a damn thing and when I do, I like to catch up on magazines, reorganize my bookshelf and go out for ice cream.


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