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I’ve been on the business card hunt since last January and I’ve finally landed on a design and gotten them in.  I was so worried that two months after ordering something I would no longer like it, or want something different, so I went with a very flexible approach.  I ordered a really high quality stock (220lb) with my House of Earnest logo in letterpress.  That’s all.  No name, no title, no twitter handle… nothing.

Here is the fun part though, I got the business card stamp from Mae Mae Paperie with my vitals.  I felt that over time, I could change up the color of the ink, or even get a whole new stamp if I wanted a different look.  I wouldn’t be stuck with one font or one design if my tastes change, but the logo is a constant.  I did choose my stamp design because the simplicity of it and the font (georgia) go along with the branding of the site, however.

Another bonus is that I can use unstamped cards as little note cards for clients or project partners and they’re not just limited to one use (which you know I’m big on)!

So there we have it.  My kind of DIY, kind of custom letterpress cards.  They have all of the flexibility I’m after, and allow me to get a little creative.


Do you have a business card or calling card for yourself?  Did you feel like it was a huge commitment to narrow down the design?


Have a Happy Tuesday, guys!

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  • I love the new cards! Simple, yet elegant. I had the hardest time finding business cards for myself, but I ended up finding the perfect set of ribbon business cards at a really great price point. I’m jealous of the flexibility you have with getting the business card stamp – I’ll have to do that next time!

  • *gasp* they’re GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Super cute. Are you stamping on the non-letterpress side?

  • Wow, Erin. Those are gorgeous. I love, love that simple white letterpress of your logo. Seriously, SO you.

  • Brilliant idea! I love the versatility of it too! And the fact that you can get different color inks? Just a little bonus!

  • My cards are pretty spartan too, for this same reason! I just have my name, my site URL, and a place to write in where I met the person. I have mine printed from the Moo Luxe line, which has super, super thick paper and tipped edges. HOWEVER, I love this letter press idea and a completely blank back. That’s VERY genius!

  • I love this approach!

  • Brilliant! I really love this idea!

  • Cute and GREAT idea! Jaisa and I have very basic ones that we use (for example, I handed them out at the National Stationery Show, where of course I was embarassed to share them with the many, many talented paper pros!!) but we are looking to upgrade a bit. I also have personal letterpress stationery, but I’m going to need to upgrade that soon, too, since I am about to officially change my last name (after 2+ years of marriage…).

  • These are just lovely! I’ve been considering stamping my business cards too, and I think I will look into it more now!

  • The simplicity of these cards makes them so beautiful.

  • Where did you get the high quality stock with the logo in letterpress??
    I’m really looking for some business card for almost 6 months and can’t find!!