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I have two exciting things to share today!  First, I’ve finally finished the gallery wall behind my TV. I originally posted my ideas here, but have had a hard time actually getting it done.  I have had these pieces for weeks… evidenced by the instagram photo below which I posted forever ago. I don’t know if it’s baby brain or what, but I’ve had the most difficult time recently envisioning my ideas whereas I typically can easily imagine an outcome.  I’ll blame it on the babe.  Anyway, let’s press on.


I loved all of the individual pieces of art I ordered from Minted, but couldn’t figure out how to put them all together on the wall.  Finally, I just cheated and took pictures of the art, took a picture of my wall, printed everything out and played with the little cutouts like paper dolls… paper art. It actually helped a ton for me to figure out placement of the pieces.  A little crazy, yes.  Super helpful, absolutely.


When I shared my rug conundrum last week, I hinted that I had some other blue accessories to liven up the living room.  I loved the Saint Mary’s Lake print and how it worked with my antique dutch oil painting that I’ve had sitting around for a while.  Both blue pieces were going to tie in the couch with the rest of the room a little more.

dsc_4678 dsc_4680

I wanted to add some personality to the room and also to kind of soften the prominence of the TV, but I didn’t want the room to get too busy, so I kept the wall fairly simple.

Aside from the blue elements, everything else was in black and white.  I ended up deciding to use a mixture of abstract and photography to keep the gallery wall interesting even though the palette was very tight.  When it was all said and done, I ended up with black and white photography (‘All is Quiet’ by Jenni Kupelian), black and white abstract (‘Inked Kumquat’ by Katie Jarman), blue abstract (Saint Mary’s Lake by Lorent and Leif), and a painted portrait.  I also added a few small frames of random  brush strokes that I just made on my own.


Overall, I love how the art wall turned out and I love that I have a mixture of new, old, and homemade pieces in the mix.  It’s a simple wall but adds a lot of personality to the room.

So I told you I had TWO things to share… The second is that we’re partnering with Minted to giveaway $250 toward purchases at!! I’m not the only one who can get a new gallery wall going, you can too (or you can use it toward anything at

Enter to win $250 towards purchases at!

After you enter be sure to come back here and let me know how you feel about the gallery wall in the comments below!

*The giveaway is open for one week! Enter today, October 4th through Monday, October 10th!  A winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, October 11th and emailed about the win.

Disclosure:  I partnered with Minted to bring you this post and this giveaway.  Thank you for supporting the sponsors who help us bring you fresh content!

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  • Looks great! I’m moving soon and may try to recreate this look in my new living room. Thanks!

  • I was so curious how you were going to do your tv wall. We are redoing our home and the family room is becoming so difficult for the placement of the furniture and tv. I know there is going to be a placement where I say Finally and it will work. I really like how you did yours. The different types of art makes it not just an average gallery wall. Thanks for partnering with them. Hope you have a relaxing day.

  • I love minted! I have one tiny 5×7 print from there, great inspiration from your wall of art to incorporate it into something a little more grand.!

  • What a fun gallery wall! Lately I’ve been a little bored with gallery walls because they all seem overly pulled together and tend to blend together. i love that you put some life into this arrangement by picking things that aren’t the easiest fit together. It really came together beautifully.

  • I think gallery walls are by far the best way to blend tvs into a space. And I love the pieces you choose. So smart the print them about like that first. 🙂 Tell me, is your tv console from Ikea? I think I’ve been looking at the same one, but our Ikea is far enough away that I’ve never seen it in person, haha.

  • I love the open, free feeling of your gallery wall. I’d be too rigid and mine would end up conforming to a grid! Yours flows really well. Enjoy the time with you new baby.

  • I love how a gallery wall sneakily camouflages a TV. Great art choices! I have a horse print above our sofa and it brings back fond memories of my grandpa 🙂 p.s. congratulations on the new bundle of joy! What a cutie 🙂

  • Love your gallery wall and Minted! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  • Love!! We just redid our basement and it needs a gallery wall stat.

  • I like that your gallery wall arrangement looks like it is there to display art work, and that minimizing the TV is a bonus. Also, thanks for hosting the giveaway. Minted has the best affordable collection.

  • Minted has so much great art. Also, I like the mix of styles you have used in your gallery wall!