Friday Faves 8.17

ONE this ampersand dish would make the cutest wedding or shower gift $28 from Pure Home; TWO a lamp that is both classic and sculptural.  $224 from abc carpet and home; THREE I love egg cups.  If not for an egg than for a mini scoop of ice cream or just to hold pretty little things. These are just $20 for all four at Nordstrom; FOUR cozy and colorful, my mind is already veering toward fall with this fun patterned rug from Urban Outfitters, $24; FIVE I love love this bathroom. the simplicity and style is right up my alley.  Those little marks on the wall already have my wheels turning for a DIY. Photo is from Simply Grove. SIX a gurgle pot!  So cute to use as a vase or a decorative accessory (oh, and of course as a pitcher $46 from Pure Home.

Whew… It’s really been one of those weeks.  I’ve had suppliers in town from both India and China, I’m getting into crunch time for the lifestyle session I’m doing next week at the Evernote Trunk Conference in San Francisco, and I had a meeting with a renovation design client last night.  I’m really excited to rest this weekend.  Matty bought us spots in a Sunday Supper dinner at a local farm (which is going to be awesome) and I’ll share it here on Monday!

What’s on your agenda?

Have a SPLENDID Friday and Weekend!


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    Erin, I can’t tell you how much I love that bathroom. I saw it on Pinterest a few months ago and fell in love instantly. It got my gears turning about how chalkboard paint could be used to make fun wallpaper-like effects (vs. the more transient stuff you often see). Love it.

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    That lamp! OMG! And, I have gurgle pot and it’s completely amazing — so versatile.

    I’m excited to see your photos from the farm dinner this weekend. I’ve always wanted to go to one!


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