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ONE traditional block printing in India is still huge, especially with the resurgence of the trend in apparel and home goods here stateside.  I picked up a couple pretty carved blocks for my own projects, $2.  TWO water buffalo run ramped in that part of the world, and are highly revered.  Their horns are used, just as every part of the animal is used after it dies naturally. I picked up these salad servers for their beautiful striations and natural coloring, $3. THREE bottle dye and tye dye techniques are all the rage right now, and with the importance that India plays in the garment industry, they’re keeping up with trend, $1. FOUR inlaid precious stone in white marble is what part of the Taj Mahal facade is adorned with.  A little trinket box using the same technique is the perfect memento, $18. FIVE I really just love elephants, and had to pick up a unique one to go on my bedroom shelves.  This guy was just $8 from a beautiful new home store called The Wishing Chair coming soon!


Well guys, I’m back in action.  I was able to work a full day yesterday and today I’m on the party planning train for my husbands big  Bavarian themed 30th birthday party tomorrow.  I’m so excited to show you guys pictures next week of all the festivities, and boy, will it be festive.  We have everything from a traditional biergarten tent to a polka band to pretzels and wursts.  We’ll all be singing ‘ein prosit’ and clinking beer mugs in no time!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend lined up!  See you next week!


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  • I love your blog and really enjoyed this post on your India trip. I am moving to Mumbai for a work assignment for 5 months in September and I can’t wait to experience India- and shop for textiles and home decor of course! 🙂

  • Good golly girl have you been busy! All good stuff, but you must be exhausted. Be sure to kick up your feet and enjoy a mug of that beer on Saturday will you?!

  • I love number three!

  • Hi! I’ve been taking a few glimpses at your blog and projects! They are truly awesome! :). I’m actually front India and LOVE the blocks! They use them as imitation henna – for folks that don’t like the real henna application and process! I have so many and use them every where except my hands! Happy stamping!!!