Friday Faves 2.1

Friday Faves 2.1


ONE birch cylinder pots still relay a tinge of winter warmth, but let you start to eek your way into spring.  $14 from Terrain; TWO for pretty gift tags or brunch name cards, these floral sketch chalkboard tags are pretty and reusable. $16 for six; THREE a striking geometric gold mirror can really liven up an entire room.  This vintage midcentury piece is a standout.  $2500 at 1st Dibs FOUR Peach Dip Dot Pillow is sweet and graphic at Anthropologie $88 FIVE diamond cut nesting bowls are so pretty with  their gilded exterior, $99 from Dwell Studio. SIX remind yourself why you’re chopping all of those veggies.  Made With Love cheese and chopping board is $38 from C Wonder.

It’s Friday!  And the first day in February!  For those of us in cold weather areas, we can start counting down to spring (just over a month). When I’m getting a little wintered out, I like to start sprucing up my home with little peaks of brights to reflect the warmer weather that I am yearning for.

I hope you all are planning for a wonderful weekend!  I have a ton on my agenda to prepare for another business trip to India in a week, so I’ll be DIYing and crafting all weekend!  What about you?


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    The tags are fantastic. Chalkboard surfaces appeal to our distant memories of 1980s elementary school bliss. Something about the quality of chalk lines, the possibility of a million rewrites, and even the smell of it!

    Nice finds and lovely blog!

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    I think you curate exceptional bounties every Friday! I have to say, I can’t wait to use those gorgeous chalkboard tiles as brunch notecards- they are beyond pretty. I also think I might hang them all in column next to my apartment door to jot little reminders to myself…like “buy toilet paper.” Could look really pretty!

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