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no. 1 mini wreath cards from {frolic!} are one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  no. 2 the home of nina holst who writes stylismo is one of my all time favorites, and the christmas side of it doesn’t disappoint either! no. 3 christmas cookie making is on my list for saturday.  it’s going to be an all day event, so pull up a chair and stay a while. These cookies are such a cute take on the traditional iced sugar cookie.  no. 4 all of the paper goods from The Wheatfield are down-right beautiful, if you buy now, you could probably still manage to make someone’s day with this card for christmas.  joy to the world card is $6.  no. 5 a glittery gold plate with a peaceful reminder is twice as nice from Cameo Nouveau.

I’m back with my regular favorites collage this week and I’m really trying to channel my inner winter white.  I’m hoping and wishing for a white Christmas this year.  If there were some softly falling snow this weekend during my cookie baking extravaganza, I’d be in heaven.

What is on your agenda this weekend?  Fancy Fêtes?  An Elf movie marathon? Leave a comment to let me know!

Have a JOLLY Friday and Weekend!

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  • Those little wreath cards ARE about the cutest thing ever.

    We’re throwing our annual Christmas party tomorrow, so I’d kindly ask the snow to stay away, thank you. 🙂 There’s always people who freak out about driving at all in it, so we end up w/ cancelations. And, as hard as you try to have people take off shoes at the door, someone ends up traipsing snow all over the house and then you end up with wet (stockinged/socked?) feet, which is the worst!

    • I hate wet stockinged feet… 🙂 Ok, no snow until Sunday! Have an amazing party – I bet the food will be AWESOME!