Friday Faves 11.15

cute office accessories


ONE ‘but first, champagne’ print $16 from chloevaux. TWO confetti tumblers – for any type of celebrating, $58 from Grandiflora. THREE wish list notebook (today is a BIG check off my wish list) $10 from Schoolhouse Electric. FOUR simple, pretty calculator from Muji, $28. FIVE a comfy desk chair which doesn’t look half bad either! $499 from Pottery Barn.  SIX cute file folders by Nate Berkus at Target.


I am trying to communicate with you through images today.  Do you know what the above (all put together) says?  I’ll tell you.  It says, “I QUIT MY DAY JOB so I’ll spend my whole weekend drinking champagne before I get down to business on Monday morning running Grandiflora and House of Earnest with everything I’ve got”.

That’s what it says.

In all seriousness, though, I am so so so so happy this morning to tell you guys (finally) that I’ve left my job to pursue my dreams of running my own brand full time. Although my dream is to create a furnishings empire of my own (hey, why not?), I’ll also be so thankful to be able to spend more time here on House of Earnest as well.

I am so thankful for all of the amazing support you all have offered this week with the launch of the line and cannot be more grateful for the amazing group of people who come here everyday seeking home and entertaining inspiration. For that, thank you thank you thank you! 

Now, onto the champagne drinking!


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    Congratulations Erin! What an amazing week for you! It takes a lot of courage to take such bold steps in the direction of your dreams. You have the skill and work ethic required that is for sure. Wishing you boatloads of success and enjoyment!

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    I’m just amazed you’ve had a day job this whole time. You’re so inspiring and I can’t wait to see what happens when you run your own business full time. Congrats Erin!

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    Hi Erin!

    What a gorgeous blog! Thanks so much for featuring my “but first, champagne.” print! That’s made my day :)

    I would like to offer your readers an exclusive 15% off of ALL my prints, until the 15th December 2013.

    Use the code “HOEBLOG15” at checkout


    Chloe xo

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    Found your blog after several clicks…. Fellow Columbus dweller, corporate lackey, and a lapsed blogger. Can’t wait to read more! Best of luck with your new adventure!!

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