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filthy fire martini2

I like to call this the filthy fire martini. I thought it was hilarious, but that shows you my sense of humor. This all started because I thought I should start drinking more mature drinks. When I head to a nice restaurant for cocktails, I always want to order something classy, you know?

This martini recipe is perfect for those of you who love savory cocktails. I spiced up this martini a little bit with some Habanero vodka – don’t worry though! It’s not so so spicy even though it has Habanero pepper. I am only a medium salsa kind of girl and I love it, so I’m sure you will too.


spicy martini

Since there are only two Habanero for a whole 750ml of vodka and it only sits for a few days, it isn’t unbearably spicy.  If you do like super spicy stuff, just let it sit a little longer… maybe 2 weeks or so!

Definitely give this one a try.  The creamy tang from the blue cheese gives a nice contrast to the spicy flavors.

Do you like the spicy drinks?

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Latest comments
  • looks pretty and tasty! but why do you call it “martini” if there is no martini in it?

  • My husband and I were on a dirty martini kick for the first couple months of our courtship. We recently rediscovered them again and now have the whole family drinking them when we get together. We’ll have to add the ‘filthy fire’ to our rotating bar menu to spice things up! I’ll let you know how it goes! Interested to try the habanero infusion. We did this with jalapenos once at Christmas time and handed them out as bottled gifts and it was a hit.

  • Is it the weekend yet? I love a good dirty martini to begin with but you may have just topped that for me. I think my night is going to be spent infusing some vodka and stuffing some blue cheese olives. Sounds perfect right?

  • Love spicy drinks!!! Will definitely try. Love your blog! Following 🙂