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how to open champagne

I’m not going to lie… it was just about two years ago that I learned how to properly open champagne.  Previously, I always went through the first two steps and then passed it off to my husband and pulled an, “oh honey, could you please get this for me, because I just can’t be bothered”.

It’s surprisingly liberating to not only pull this off solo, but to do it gracefully without losing any bubbles out the top.

There are two big secrets to opening up your bottle.  First, always make sure the bottle is chilled.  The lower temps will keep the carbonation in check and prevent you from having a ton of the good stuff spilling all over.  Just a 30 minute chill in an ice bucket should suffice.  Second is to never, ever use a corkscrew.  letting air into the bottle via a hole in the cork will cause the cork to pop out along with your corkscrew creating a metal and cork missile.

opening champagne

champagne how to

ONE remove the paper from the bottle’s top. TWO untwist the metal cage and remove completely, again, we don’t want flying corks with metal on them.  THREE drape a hand towel over the top of the bottle and firmly grasp the cork and the bottle.  Twist the bottle and the cork in opposite directions, holding the cork firmly, until you hear the soft pop of the cork releasing.

See, now wasn’t that easier than you expected!  TO finish it all off nicely, know that you should pour just about and inch of champagne into the bottle of your glass first, let the bubbles subside, then continue pouring the glass.  This prevents overflow!

Now go wow your friends with your new skill.


Want more easy basics of entertaining?  Shoot me a question at if you have one and I’ll answer it on this new series!

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  • Love this! Super helpful… I always get really scared opening champagne and pass it to the nearest dude.
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  • i think another helpful tip is to keep a thumb on the cork at all times while opening because you never know if the cork might pop or not and to point the cork away from people…

  • Love this! So helpful!

  • My husband is from Tennessee and he worked at a vineyard right outside of Nashville (Arrington Vineyards…owned by Brooks & Dunn) after college. He says at the vineyard, when learning about champagne, they taught him that “The sound of opening champagne should not be louder than the contented sigh of a woman.” lol and now he says that every time he opens a bottle of champagne for us…makes me laugh.

  • Love this! That’s it, I’m buying a bottle of champagne this weekend to impress my husband with my newfound skills!

  • Loved this post! I’m new to your blog and am super excited to look around and interact. Thanks for sharing!