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diy woven wall hanging

I really struggled with a name for this post.  Easy DIY wall hanging is exactly what it is, but it’s a little less of a DIY than it is just a straight-up ‘hack’.  But we’ve talked about my distaste for the word hack, so easy DIY wall hanging it is.  Let’s move on.

Do you guys have those things that you buy all the time regardless of whether or not you have a place in your home for it? For me, it’s rugs.  I love cool rugs, but my home really doesn’t have enough wood floors to justify my constant purchase of them. I usually stick to buying 2′ x 3′ varieties and just swapping them in and out of the bathroom and kitchen. That is, until this week.  So, the backstory is this…I found this rug last month at Home Goods and I couldn’t leave it at the store.  It was just $19 and the fluffy, knobby texture and simple, geo design had me. I took it home and it sat in the guest room while I schemed about where it would go.  Could I layer it over my cowhide rug in the office?  No, not big enough.  Could I put it at the back door?  Yes, but then it would get dirty and that would break my heart. So a small rug that I don’t want to get dirty. And then it hit me – it would make a beautiful wall hanging!

I could have just tacked it straight to the wall, but I love the look of the woven wall hangings that are woven onto this wooden dowels. I went ahead and purchased a simple dowel rod for $3 from The Depot (more commonly known as The Home Depot, but around here it’s just ‘The Depot’). To attach the rug to the rod, I used an upholstery needle and some thicker thread (which I typically use when hemming jeans or chinos, so I just had it on hand), but you could also use an upholstery specific thread which is a little thicker.  Then, I just sewed that dowel right onto the back of the rug.  I didn’t go all of the way through the rug, I just picked up small stitches (detail photo below) and created a little pocket that curls around the top of the rod.

easy diy wall hanging 1

easy diy wall hanging

I don’t think a project could get simpler, and it really just gives another use to small tapestries and rugs that might otherwise go under appreciated.



easiest diy woven wall hanging

So, you can see why I had trouble calling it a DIY.  But a gorgeous wall hanging for just $19 that is this size?  It’s a steal! I think if anything else, it goes to show that sometimes making a big impact for little work and money is all about being resourceful and thinking outside the box (or shall we say off the floor?)

I hope your week is going amazing and I cannot WAIT to show you guys the office reveal.  It’s going to be on Friday, SO I think I’ll do the ‘List’ tomorrow.  Does that work for everyone?


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  • Super cute! As it so happens, I have a small rug RIGHT NOW that I’m planning to hang on the wall. Figuring out how to attach it has been on my list of to-dos, so thanks for this easy fix!!

  • What a great little project! Taking the extra step to add the wood makes it look so much more sophisticated. Just nailing it to the wall is something I would have done in college, so I love the extra step for my adult life.

  • I love this so much, Erin!!! It’s perfect!

  • You always amaze me! I’ve been looking for a cheap wall hanging for a while! Now all I need to find is a cute rug.

  • Wonderful! Home Goods is my guilty pleasure… my dirty little secret. I would have snatched up that rug, too!

  • I’ve recently hung a small rug and a 30″ square quilt on my walls using a carpet tack strip!
    No sewing or taping required, just cut the tack strip the size you need, attach to the back of the hanging, hang on a couple of nails on the wall – and voila!
    Simple, easy and works great.

  • this is the easiest thing ever! why has no one thought of it until now! im going to go shopping and fine me a rug!!xx

    Erika | Just That DIY

  • I love this idea! Can’t wait to try it out. How did you attach the rug and dowel to the wall? Thanks!

  • Beautiful your handmade wall hanging tapestry !!! thanks for sharing..

  • Great post. thnks for sharing with us

  • Wow all are so beautiful wall tapestries, I like these too much. For more handmade wall tapestries like, mandala tapestry, hippie tapestry, tree of life tapestry, elephant tapestry, Indian lord tapestry etc go here –

  • Love this! How would i hang the dowel on the wall?