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I’m kind of to the point where I just skim the top of all of the wonderful things there are to do in Nashville.  I lived there for four years through college and still today (10 years later!) half of my family and a good seventy five percent of my friends still live there. I’ve done and seen a lot of the action, so when I go now, I lay pretty low.

There are so many fabulous things to do, but this holiday weekend was spent mostly with family – floating around in our Aunt and Uncle’s amazing pool, sipping on cool drinks, and eating about once every two hours. We left the house three times.  Once to go to the Loveless Cafe (where I can’t help but get fried chicken and sandwich it in their famous biscuits with some strawberry jam); another outing to go downtown to Tootsies, Roberts, and the Stage where we listen to young musicians all trying to make it big; then another time to get brunch with my college girlfriends and catch up on life.

It’s totally an indulgent weekend, and after over a month of being on the road, it was nice to relax a bit.  I even found a pair of pretty amazing cowboy boots which are bound to be my new favorites (now just to break them in!)

I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend as well!  Did you travel?  OR stay right at home?

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  • Sounds amazing! I’ve only been to Nashville once, but I would love to go back. My weekend was spent relaxing at home. Not the most exciting 4th of July adventure but a little r&r never hurt nobody.

  • I’ve never been but it looks like so much fun!!

    x Lily

  • love it all! loveless is the best.
    the weather was perfect here this weekend, right?!

  • I’ve been interested in visiting Nashville and imagine will do so one day. Also I totally understand the appeal to laying low on vacation, especially to place that’s so familiar!

    We had a great Fourth and attended a couple pool parties but also spent a lot of time at home. Makes for coming back to work on Monday a bit difficult.

  • my friends and i did Nashville 3 years ago for Memorial Day and had a blast. I cannot wait to go back as there is so much else to do (even thought we did alot!) – including Loveless!

  • I would know that pool anywhere! It was nice meeting and chatting with you. I hope y’all had a had a fabulous 4th.