Day 17: Ferm Living + Son of a Sailor – GIVEAWAY CLOSED

24 merry days

It’s day 17 of the 24 Merry Days and it’s my turn to host a couple of awesome shops which have some goodies to giveaway to TWO lucky readers.

First up, the iconic string candle holder from Ferm Living has gotten so much press and it’s easy to see why.  It’s quirky, colorful, and can be arranged in a myriad of different ways.  Talk about flexible! Ferm Living is a go-to shop for Scandinavian style decor and furnishing and always one of my first stops when I’m looking for something unique.

Second, funky jewelry always catches eyes and dresses up your basics, and this necklace from Son of a Sailor is no exception.  I think it would look amazing layered up with some of your regular gold pieces.  There are so many different awesome things in the shop, though, so you’ve got to check it out!

You have a chance to enter two, but you’ve got to leave a separate comment for each entry (because that’s how we count the random winning number!)


HERE’S HOW TO ENTER – GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED and the winners have been contacted.


p.s. I tweeted about it this weekend, but I seriously don’t have enough days to post about all of my holiday tips, tricks, and projects, so I’m going to bump up to two posts a day this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!  Get ready!  Tomorrow I’ve got both a project and my front door decor to share!


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  1. Kallirroe says

    My favorite from Son of a Sailor is The Inyo (Chevron Triangle Geometric Necklace), though choosing just one piece was soooo hard!

  2. Olga says

    Son of a Sailor is my Etsy favorite, and I especially like the black and white Chevron bracelet. Ferm Living’s Square blanket has been on my wishlist for a while. Fingers crossed!

  3. Camille says

    From Son of a Sailor, I love the ‘Leather & Brass Braided Bracelet in White and Seafoam Green, “The Bohemian”‘!

  4. Amanda says

    My favorites were the Marionette Cup and the Leather & Brass Braided Bracelet in Navy and Coral. Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. Sophia says

    I love the ‘Geometric Wood Necklace with Gold Leaf and Bright Ornage Handpainted Facets, KARVE one-of-a-kind, no. 25 of 100’ from SON OF A SAILOR

  6. Steffi says

    I like Ferm Livings candleholder and there is no pillow I wouldn’t like having, but the Remix blanket is absolutely best.

  7. jenny says

    it was very difficult to choose one item, but from son of a sailor: Geometric Necklace, Brass Small Circle Stripe, The Odessa Diagonal. and from ferm: the dorm. LOVE!

  8. says

    From Fern Living, I love the Knitted Baskets, especially the large petrol. It would be a classy way to contain toys in a not so baby room.

    From Son of a Sailor, I like the long color block necklace and the one that is part of this giveaway a lot too!

  9. says

    Both shops are so pretty!
    I love the triangle-patterned cups and bowls at Ferm Living.
    At Son of a Sailor I like the colourblocked necklaces best!

  10. Audrey says

    Son of a sailor : What a discovery! I love each piece of the shop… The giveaway necklace is awesome, and I had an instant crush with the leather bracelet in tan and pink and blue.

  11. Helene S says

    Great giveaway!
    I’m in love with FermLiving!!! Their wallpapers and all the cushions, Ohhhhhhhh!
    Happy holidays!

  12. Allison says

    The Leather & Brass Braided Bracelet in White and Seafoam Green, “The Bohemian” from Son of a Sailor is gorgeous!

    • Abi says

      I also love the geometric necklaces and leather bracelets at Son of a Sailor. My sister will thank you when she opens her Christmas gift.

  13. says

    Oh my goodness, so much to love from Ferm Living. I can’t decide what I love most! I’m going to go with the Love Birds pillow…or the World Map…or the Tree Bomb… Haha, it’s all so great!

  14. Millie says

    Son of a Sailor’s”: Leather & Brass Braided Bracelet in White and Seafoam Green, “The Bohemian” is just delightful.

  15. Kath says

    I’m totally in love with the Geometric Necklace, Brass Small Circle Stripe, The Odessa Diagonal on the Son of a Sailor site – GORGEOUS!!

  16. Eddie says

    Son of a Sailor has some really neat stuff – I have my eye on the “Pink Necklace with Seafoam Green and Grey Beads, The Capella”

  17. Katie E says

    I have been to Ferm’s website about a thousand million times and love just about everything. Their home decor section gets me especially excited!

    I’d never heard of Son of a Sailor but I’m definitely adding some favourites to my etsy wishlist. Most in love with their leather and brass bracelets.

  18. says

    And from Son of A Sailor I like… everything! But actually, I really like the Bellatrix (Beaded Colorblocked Necklace in Seafoam Green, Coral and Turquoise!)

  19. says

    oh boy oh boy! all kitchen stuff in ferm living is AMAZING.
    son of a sailor is as exciting and hard to choose from, my take would be Leather Bracelet in Tan with Pink and Blue, “The Pecos Handpainted”.

  20. Kate says

    I *love* Ferm Living. So much. I’ve had my eye on their spears shower curtain for a long time now. The colors are so perfect.

  21. Kate says

    And Son of a Sailor – what a great new discovery! I especially like the Geometric Brass Oval earrings. The entire shop has such great color and design.

  22. Luisa says

    I love the Geometric Earrings, Brass Oval Hand-Stamped Earrings, The Enif from SON OF A SAILOR and the Remix Blanket from Ferm Living
    Thannks for this giveaway!

  23. Katie says

    ‘I just entered today’s #24merrydays giveaway on @houseofearnest! 24 days 24 blogs 24 giveaways’ <—-what I just tweeted. :)

  24. Katie says

    I really liked the Geometric Necklace, Brass Small Circle Stripe, The Odessa Diagonal from Son of a Sailor. :) (Does this count as an entry for that giveaway?)

  25. Katie says

    Hi! I just commented, but I thought I’d come back and leave a comment with my Twitter and Facebook info just in case you needed to make sure my claims were true. :) My name on Facebook is Katie C. and my Twitter username is KateBMe57. Thank you again, and Happy Holidays!

  26. Sarah says

    I love the large geometry pillow in curry from Ferm Living and the Leather Bracelet in White with Mustard Yellow Chevron, “The Pecos Handpainted” from Son of a Sailor!

  27. jenni says

    At ferm living I LOVE the clint box! From Son of a Sailer I ADORE Geometric Necklace, Brass 3D Geometric, The Sabine Chevron!

  28. Shay says

    I really liked the leather tote from Ferm Living. And I loved the heart necklace from Son of Sailor. Thanks fro the giveaway!

  29. Emily K. says

    I love the Gray Remix blanket from Ferm (and basically everything else from them too…). Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  30. Susan says

    My artsy daughters would love any of the geometric necklaces from Son of a Sailor! Thanks for introducing me to this shop!

  31. jennifer banando says

    i love the wooden dollhouse on ferm living and the beaded geometric lariat necklace from son of a sailor. pretty !!

  32. Angela says

    I’m loving the Leather & Brass Braided Bracelet in Navy and Coral, “The Bohemian” from Son of a Sailor and the Branches Wall Sticker from Ferm Living. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  33. says

    amazing shops! i love the chevron bracelet from son of a sailor and ahhh..soo many things from ferm–the mountain neon cushion caught my eye! thanks for the chance to win!

  34. says

    My favorite item from Son of a Sailor is their ‘Leather & Brass Braided Bracelet’ in White and Seafoam Green, and the ‘Triangle Tea Cozy’ from Ferm!!

    Let’s all cute-ify ourselves at these shops!

  35. gabrijoy says

    love the son of a sailor shop! such beautiful pieces. my fave is the Geometric Necklace, Brass 3D Geometric, The Sabine Chevron I. thanks for the great giveaway!

  36. Alena Belausava says

    Love the Copenhagen print at ferm living, and all their display boxes are very lovely, I’d make the whole display wall out of them

  37. Jade says

    Love the geometric necklace from son of a sailor, and pretty much love EVRYTHING from Ferm living, especially the geometric items and the grey tray!

  38. says

    I like the Spire tins from Ferm Living, I always need more storage in the kitchen. The Brass Oval Hand-Stamped Earrings from Sons of a Sailor are really cool and not like any earrings I own.

  39. Selah says

    Beautiful items in both shops! From Son of a Sailor I fell in love with the black and white leather bracelet. Stunning! (Looks like that one’s pretty popular here, lol.) And I love just about all of the home goods that Ferm has, but the Geometry kitchen stuff is near the top. I also am very curious about their organic bath towels – If they’re as soft as they look, they may well become must-haves for my home. Thank you for participating in this giveaway!!

  40. IOANNA K says

    My favourite item from Ferm Living is the “Whale Cushion”!!!
    It’s super cute and it would fit perfectly at my home!!!

  41. says

    In just under the wire! I love Ferm Living’s storage containers, they’re on my Pinterest boards :) Son of a Sailor makes beautiful leather bracelets.

  42. says

    My favorite item from ‘Son of a Sailor’ is the Leather & Brass Braided Bracelet in Navy and Coral, “The Bohemian”.
    From Ferm Living, I love all the wall stickers: the cactus is so funny while the to-do list will be very useful.


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