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Mixing neutrals has long been my strategy when it comes to decorating my house or dressing myself.  I love mixing camel with black even though I grew up thinking that brown and black shouldn’t be in the same palette (dress, home, or otherwise).

As an adult, however, I find that the combination of lovely natural neutrals is timeless and chic.  This fall, I’m throwing in a bit of vibrant moss green into the mix for some added interest and just another nod to nature. Are you in agreement? Or do you cringe to see blacks and browns paired?

Have a PRETTY Thursday!


photo via interiors porn


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  • Beautiful combination! Strange, I also used to think brown and black couldn’t go together.

  • I too used to think browns and black couldn’t be paired, but now I love it and I do it all the time in my wardrobe. I think black, even just small bits, really pulls a space together and gives it a little edge. Even when paired with shades of brown 🙂 This is an amazing color palette — really love the green.

  • I used to think that you couldn’t do black and brown together but after seeing it done in more recent years I love to wear black and brown toether. I love the look of the splash of green on your counter mixed in with the neutrals. You’ve got yourself a winner here.

  • That room looks beautiful, the colors complement each other. I think like everything else if well done it will always work.

  • Yep, didn’t use to be a fan of brown + black until I realized that both chetah and leopard (animal) prints are brown and black, and they are exotic and luxe. With brown + black I like adding (some or all) white, tan and gray. Adding that pop of green to the mix makes me think of Kate Spade’s packaging, so definitely in good taste. I’m actually using the brown, black, white, tan and gray palette + pops of color in my kitchen “face lift” I’m working on. Robin

  • Gorgeous and fresh color combination…especially for the kitchen! xx

  • I’m also a huge fan of neutrals, and I mix camel and black all the time (for outfits and home interiors). I think the key is making sure that the brown/camel isn’t too dark so that it clashes. Taupe is also well-paired with black.

    Love that color palette you picked. The green keeps it fresh!

  • I love this color scheme! We just bought a house and I’m mixing blacks, browns, greens and whites… with a touch of gold. We actually just finished up our entryway and definitely mixed black and browns, and I think it works!

    Your summertime decor post that had pops of green in it definitely served as inspiration, I loved it. Thanks for the amazing inspiration!