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gorgeous LA homes classic cool 1

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not an L.A. kind of person. I’ve tried several times and each time I leave with a ‘this isn’t real life’ kind of feeling. I know plenty of ‘real’ and wonderful people who live there, so it’s making me think that maybe I’m just not in the right places when I go.

Regardless, it’s not often that I find a house that really hits me on all levels.  If you’ve noticed in my own home decor, I really love classic and clean design with a touch of rustic and global influences.  Usually homes are strikingly classic or strikingly rustic, but getting a really wonderfully classy mix is the unicorn I chase. This house, totally does it for me.

It’s so classic on one hand, but really cool and relevant on the other.  A woman who lives here would wear the most basic oxford shirt in the most minimal designer chic way… you know?

gorgeous LA homes classic cool 2 gorgeous LA homes classic cool 3 gorgeous LA homes classic cool 6

To some, this might just look straight up formal or classic, but I urge you to look a bit further.  Look at the casual, natural fabrics mixed with textured cane, kilim rugs, found objects, and interesting light fixtures.  These are the elements that add personality and depth to a home. Do you love it?  It’s totally clear that I’m obsessed.

gorgeous los angeles home tour 1

The thing that really got me was the vibrant rugs mixed with the dark flora and white woodwork.  I am in love with this mixture.

gorgeous LA homes classic cool 9 gorgeous los angeles home tour gorgeous LA homes classic cool 8

The bathroom is very glam, but isn’t that wonderful quality in a bathroom?  If it were my house, I might throw some penny tile or pieced marble hex tile in there instead of all the solid marble, but I wouldn’t ever want to come across as not loving all of this carrera!

Give me your thoughts?  What is your favorite part?


Photos from Burnham Design

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Latest comments
  • The kitchen is stunning! I love this big red containers – this house is insane! A girl can dream 🙂

  • I love how everything is clean and white and then BAM–navy built ins!! Stunning! The rugs add so much too.

  • Oh man, if that were my bathroom I would be one VERY happy lady! Great find Erin!

  • This house is totally me! I love the rounded ceiling in the bathroom and how clean and simple it is.

  • I just flat out want to see more. Stunning!

  • Wow that home is an absolute dream! Just plop that baby down in South Carolina for me and it would be perfect.

  • Stunning! Wow! I love this home, I love looking inside people’s home- please feature more of these!

  • This really is an awesome combo of classic and modern — gorgeous pictures!

    x Lily

  • I have always loved the southern california style. Simple, neutral, natural, sleek. Beautiful.

  • Lovable interior designing and interior furnishing!

  • I simply love this bathroom. It is so simple and in the same time so unique. I like how the mirrors at the opposite walls make it look bigger, the white tub, the flower and the rug. The marble floors and the same as the countertops. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • This is just so pretty, and it definitely has that balance between modern and rustic. I love the striped rug below the coffee table!