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I know I just posted about Halloween yesterday, but this weekend, it’s going to be an early Christmas at House of Earnest.  When I arrived home from work on Monday, there were four giant packages on my porch from Home Depot filled to the brim with Christmas decor products to prepare for their Holiday Style Challenge. Starting bright and early Saturday morning the H of E team is going to start transforming our home for the challenge and a little holiday shoot.  The Home Depot’s Apron Blog did a similar challenge earlier this year for outdoor spaces, but for this season, it’s all Christmas.

In addition to that, I’ll be working on some gift guides for Etsy over the next couple weeks, so if you have any favorite shops, let me know!

Although it’s totally off calendar, I’ll be getting in the Christmas spirit this weekend and am so excited to (in a couple of months) share the holiday DIYs, gift guides, and decor schemes that will fill my home this holiday season.

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Have a MERRY Thursday!

photo credit: IKEA

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  • I know it’s 3 months away… but I’m excited for Christmas too! Looking forward to seeing your designs:)

  • I was actually staring at my boxed up Christmas tree last night and wondering…when is it appropriate to put this tree up? 🙂

  • Christmas can never come too early! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Yay, can’t wait for this! I am FINE with Christmas coming early!

  • How fun! I’m looking forward to seeing your Christmas decor.

    I just bought a gold initial necklace from this etsy store, and I love it. Something for your gift guides, maybe? Perfect for typography and jewelry lovers!