Style Evolution

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With a birthday coming up this weekend, and the changes taking place in this blog space soon, I’ve been thinking a lot about the evolution of myself and my style.  In a world where our senses are constantly hit with the new, the trendy, and the cool, it’s easy to kind of lose yourself in the excitement.  I mean, it is exciting, after all. But to think back on some of the things I pin, or buy, or wear, I often know in hindsight that those things aren’t me. I want to like them, but it just doesn’t fit. I used to beat myself up about not being cool enough for a certain look, but now I know that maybe I’ve just evolved past it.  It’s comforting to know that my style is evolving and becoming more true to my nature.

This evolution is true with the blog as well.  I was working on the direction of the new site and really wanted to pinpoint who I am as a blogger and as a designer (I actually hesitate to even call myself a designer at all because it seems a bit presumptuous, but really, there isn’t much else to define what I do). Anyway, I wanted to really pinpoint what makes me tick. What do I love?  What makes me feel something?  [Read more…]


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Winter vs Christmas

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I’m always a little sad the day that I take down my Christmas decorations and this year was no different. The tree, garlands, and wreaths had been deconstructed and our tree had been planted (we buy a bulb tree with the roots in tact so that we can add it into our one day wooded land). When I was finished putting it all away, it felt stark and without personality.

I remember thinking about when we lived in Vail, Colorado and the cozy feeling of Christmas would stay with us throughout the winter.  Snow stuck around until May and with it stayed the twinkling lights and lush greenery.  I got to thinking about winter decorations vs Christmas decorations.  What is it that keeps us feeling cozy and wintry and keeps spirits bright and warm throughout the coldest months of January and February?

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A quick scan of Pinterest showcased some of my favorite winter looks.  Lots of white, twinkling candlelight, natural branches, antlers, and sheepskins.  In my house I began pulling out the sheepskins and draping them on furniture. I put lights under a cloche instead of on a tree.  I removed the tartan ribbon from by boxwood wreath only to replace it with an oat colored one. A feeling began to come together that was decisively non-hoiday, but was still warm and sung. I honestly don’t even think that having a couple of small evergreens flanking the door would be off base.

There was something about living it the mountains that made all that woodsy decor totally ok during the non-holiday months.  I miss that mountain feeling and throughout this week will still make some changes to implement it in my house.

I told you in a previous post about my love for boozy hot chocolate that one day I would tell the story of Matt and My adventure moving to the great west. Today seems like a perfect opportunity because each year the post-holiday time period has me totally missing the mountain life.  [Read more…]

Happy 2015 + Looking Back

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Happy 2015 everyone! I’m back after what has been the longest (and only) break I’ve ever taken from this blog.  During the holiday break, I spent a lot of time with friends and family, watched more TV than I probably have cumulatively in the past year, and actually spent one full day laying in bed and reading. I’ll admit that the first few days of the break I was a little restless and still jumped up and wandered around my office looking for stuff to do (not that I had to look hard, when you own a business, there is always stuff to do), but then after Christmas, I really felt that I could decompress without guilt. Yesterday, Matt said he’d never seen me be so still for such a long period of time.  I took that as a sign of a successful break.

During this time off, my mind (which is usually a constant flurry of buzzing ideas and thoughts) was able to settle as well.  I was able to take a step back and really look at the year, but also at my full career as a blogger and think about what 2015 has in store and what shape this blog will take as we advance into the next phase. I’m so so excited about where it’s headed, but it took a bit of looking backwards to understand where to go in the future. Let’s look back and this blogs history, shall we?

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Merry Christmas + Happy New Year!

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It’s almost like a whole month has been leading up to this.  It’s finally Christmas and we’re spending it the best way we can imagine – with our families.

This week, for the first time in the whole four year history of this blog, I’m taking a break. I’ve never taken one day off posting in the past four years.  There have been some days where I’m in the air between Ohio and Hong Kong and my posts got a little disheveled, but never a vacation or holiday went by that I didn’t continue to post. I really struggled with whether or not to take some time off.  I was actually nervous to write this post… like you guys would all jump ship if I didn’t post for a week.  But, after blogging twice a day for the month and gearing up for some changes we have coming to this space in the new year, I needed some time to let my brain breathe.

I’ll be thinking a lot during my blog break about the changes that are coming to House of Earnest.  They’re going to be pretty big and I’m both excited and nervous about the steps I need to take over the next few weeks.  I’m sorry that I have to be so cryptic, but you guys will be the first to know when more details are nailed down. I am still going to be working hard during the break on upcoming ideas, projects, products, and posts, so don’t fret, I’ll be back!

In the meantime, have a wonderfully fulfilling, intentional, and loving holiday with your family, friends and everyone close to your heart.

See you guys back here on Friday, January 2nd!


Happy Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving

I am so very thankful for you, my dear readers today!  I wouldn’t have this fabulous of a time blogging if it wasn’t for you!

I hope you all have a wonderful, delicious, and safe holiday!  See you back here tomorrow for some killer deals in a special ‘Black Friday’ edition of our faves!