The Happiest Hour

the happiest hour

Last Thursday, I shared a few happy hour recipes with you and made mention of some reasons why happy hour is my favorite thing.  Of course, one of the more obvious reasons is because happy hour really celebrates a few things I love, mainly wine, cocktails, and snacks.  In fact, I am one of those people who would forgo all square meals and eat snacks exclusively if it was socially acceptable.

But, there is another reason why I love happy hour.  There is another reason why this time of day – the magical time when the sun is shining, but work is complete – is the happiest hour in my life.  [Read more…]


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Earnest Challenge Update #4

uke update

We’re here for another #EarnestChallenge update! My ukulele playing is coming right along and I hope that whatever skill it is that YOU’RE devoting some time to learning is progressing nicely as well. Let’s finish strong!

My progress has been a little slower than I’d hoped.  I am not musical whatsoever, so picking up an instrument has been a little bit of a learning curve for me.  I learned during these last few weeks that practicing a string instrument hurts your fingers! Ouch! I actually bandaged my strumming finger up because it was getting so raw (I know, I’m a total weenie!).

Like always, I have a little video to share my progress.  [Read more…]

Guilty Pleasures + Life Abroad

southern france

I bet you have a guilty pleasure? Right?  I think it’s pretty normal.  For some of us it’s gossip magazines or bad reality TV.  For some of us, it’s cruising social media and for others its playing that one song on repeat in the car over and over again.

For me, it’s scouring international real estate listings. I search in all of the areas that are a romantic notion to me – Florence, Rome, Paris, Provence, and every now and then, Amsterdam. I dig into the sites, compare square meters, prices, if this one has a terrace or how close that one is to the city center. I speak about them and think about them like I’m really in the market. [Read more…]

Summer Challenge: Update #3


Happy Monday Morning!  Can you believe we’re already at the 3/4th point of our summer challenge?  I for, one, cannot. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to learn how to play the Ukulele (trying being the key word) and a lot of you have been trying your hand at other skills as well.  I know that Instagram follower Pin is also learning to play the Uke while we have TWO Sarahs learning photography (here and here), Ashley is working on tabletop styling, and we have way more people out there learning skills from pickling to watercolor painting.  How fun!!

Today’s update (shot this morning) is kind of a combination of where I am currently in my playing as well as a few words on the point in the learning process where most people give up (but not us!!)

I embarrass myself yet again with another 7am video after a long (LOOONG) weekend of physical labor at our rental property (which you would have caught if you follow on Snapchat @earnesthomeco).

Onto the video!

I hope you all maybe had a laugh at my expense or picked up that learning something is two fold – the learning and the practicing.

Our next (AND LAST!) update is Monday, Sept 7th!  Be sure to convene back here and give me the 411 on how your challenge went and where you currently are in the learning curve!  I cannot wait to see!

Please comment below letting us know where YOU are in your challenge.  If you have a blog, link back and I’ll be sure to share on my next update and be sure the use the hashtag #earnestchallenge if you post about your progress on social media!

Have a happy week!

As Soon As Syndrome

life lately

Today, I’m heading back home from a wonderful weekend in Nashville and I find my fixating already on what needs to be done as soon as my feet pass through my door.  This coming weekend, I have the floral design for a big wedding and I (of course) want it to be perfect, which means that every moment from now until the moment the vases are picked up after the wedding, I’ll be anxious and preoccupied. I realized in this moment that I find it so hard to focus on anything other than the current job at hand… life included.

So, I sit here mentally preparing for the week, finding myself thinking past the wedding already.  Finding my mind hoping that I’ll get a chance to relax/settle down/focus on x,y, or z… as soon as this job is done.  I say to myself, “If I can just get through this week, things will be fine”.  It’s not just this wedding, however, it’s every big event or job in my life.  It’s the house next door that we have renters moving into in 3 weeks and it’s a wreck… or it’s the vacation that I have planned, or it’s the post that I have a deadline for.  I find myself jumping from deadline to deadline telling myself that it will all be alright once this deadline is past.  The most dangerous part about this mindset is that I’m wishing away time just to get through the next deadline and I’m missing life that’s occurring in-between.   [Read more…]