Summer Challenge: Update #3


Happy Monday Morning!  Can you believe we’re already at the 3/4th point of our summer challenge?  I for, one, cannot. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to learn how to play the Ukulele (trying being the key word) and a lot of you have been trying your hand at other skills as well.  I know that Instagram follower Pin is also learning to play the Uke while we have TWO Sarahs learning photography (here and here), Ashley is working on tabletop styling, and we have way more people out there learning skills from pickling to watercolor painting.  How fun!!

Today’s update (shot this morning) is kind of a combination of where I am currently in my playing as well as a few words on the point in the learning process where most people give up (but not us!!)

I embarrass myself yet again with another 7am video after a long (LOOONG) weekend of physical labor at our rental property (which you would have caught if you follow on Snapchat @earnesthomeco).

Onto the video!

I hope you all maybe had a laugh at my expense or picked up that learning something is two fold – the learning and the practicing.

Our next (AND LAST!) update is Monday, Sept 7th!  Be sure to convene back here and give me the 411 on how your challenge went and where you currently are in the learning curve!  I cannot wait to see!

Please comment below letting us know where YOU are in your challenge.  If you have a blog, link back and I’ll be sure to share on my next update and be sure the use the hashtag #earnestchallenge if you post about your progress on social media!

Have a happy week!


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As Soon As Syndrome

life lately

Today, I’m heading back home from a wonderful weekend in Nashville and I find my fixating already on what needs to be done as soon as my feet pass through my door.  This coming weekend, I have the floral design for a big wedding and I (of course) want it to be perfect, which means that every moment from now until the moment the vases are picked up after the wedding, I’ll be anxious and preoccupied. I realized in this moment that I find it so hard to focus on anything other than the current job at hand… life included.

So, I sit here mentally preparing for the week, finding myself thinking past the wedding already.  Finding my mind hoping that I’ll get a chance to relax/settle down/focus on x,y, or z… as soon as this job is done.  I say to myself, “If I can just get through this week, things will be fine”.  It’s not just this wedding, however, it’s every big event or job in my life.  It’s the house next door that we have renters moving into in 3 weeks and it’s a wreck… or it’s the vacation that I have planned, or it’s the post that I have a deadline for.  I find myself jumping from deadline to deadline telling myself that it will all be alright once this deadline is past.  The most dangerous part about this mindset is that I’m wishing away time just to get through the next deadline and I’m missing life that’s occurring in-between.   [Read more…]

Summer Challenge: Update #1

first update photo

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  Ours was a little rainy, which really put a damper (literally) on the Moroccan dinner party we had scheduled for Friday night. We ended up doing it last night and have photos to come this Wednesday! I can’t wait to show you all how it turned out.

Today, I’m giving you all a little update on how my Uke playing has been progressing for our Summer Learning Challenge, for which I challenged you guys to learn something new this summer and keep me and the Earnest Home community up to date on your progress!  I will mention, that I posted this today, TOTALLY blanking on the fact that our scheduled update is actually next week (July 6th)… not this week…I totally jumped the ukulele here.

While I’ll still hold you all to the official schedule (below), I’ll still share how my progression has been going (and I’ll share again next week to get myself back on schedule).

I have always loved ukulele songs and have a soft spot in my heart for Hawaii, so I thought it would be a nice summer project. I’ll preface this first video by saying a few things… 1) This was filmed at 7am this morning when I just woke up, pardon my appearance. [Read more…]

Work with your hands


This weekend was so full and so empty all at once. It actually felt like living… and not like hustling. Usually when I work on the weekends, I’m behind a camera or my computer putting together the posts for the week or designing new items for my brand. I’m rushing off to this coffee meeting or another happy hour or trying to quickly fit in a round of golf before I have to change and head out to a wedding shower or baby shower, or birthday party.  This weekend however, we worked with our hands, and we worked slowly.  We spend the whole weekend working, and it felt good.  It felt so satisfying to spend hours doing something so mindless, but still very productive.  At the end of the day, we would just clean ourselves up, sit out on the patio, and play with the dog.

And the contrasts between the work were something I was reflecting on last night. While half of the weekend was spent tearing something apart, the other half was spent cultivating something new. [Read more…]

A Great Need for Nothing

flea market

Last Friday I spent the day digging though treasure and junk.  I was at one of the countries largest flea markets in Springfield, Ohio and being my first time at this renowned event, I was so excited to seek for something really wonderful to add to my old farmhouse.  I walked through rows and rows of antiques, salvaged goods, handmade furniture, and relics, yet walked away with none of it.  Why?  [Read more…]