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This post is sponsored by Cambria

In our house, summer is best spent outside.  Partially because of the gorgeous weather, and partially because in our century-old house, there is no a/c and most of the time, it’s cooler outside in the shade of our wooded backyard. Regardless of my reasons, I think we can all agree that outdoor parties are part of what makes summer summer.

You guys have seen that I host sit-down dinner parties pretty often, but the majority of the parties we have start small. One friend stops by after work, then another sees some cars in the driveway and stops by, then before you know it, we’ve got anywhere from six to fourteen people pouring drinks, the music is pumping and the grill is firing up something we’ve pulled out of our fridge.


I’ve been waiting for this day all week because I finally get to share the wine pairing party I had last weekend! I shared with you all last week that I am so so honored to be asked to work with Cambria on a series of posts sharing how I make entertaining with wine easy and non-intimidating.  If you’re someone who gets nervous when it comes to hosting a party or thinking about pairings, you’ll love this post.

The really special thing about this party is that the entire thing was based around Chardonnay.  So instead of thinking of multiple wines and different foods and how it all works together, I’ve taken a huge chunk of the guess work out of planning this dinner by downsizing my wine list to one. Yes, one.  And I severely downsized my food offerings too.  This might seem crazy, but it works wonderfully… hear me out!

**UPDATE** This event has been put on hold for the time being.  We're working on the best ways to bring you this information and will