Easy Christmas Champagne

champagne cocktail

I love a good champagne cocktail as much as the next girl, but sometimes, since they can’t be made ahead and have to be assembled on the spot, it can get confusing if guests need to make it themselves or if you’re not around to tell people how it’s made.  When I know I’ll be busy greeting people or cooking, I just love serving bubbly straight up. It’s simple, crisp, and can be beautiful too.  Dressing up simple champagne is so easy, but looks very impressive.




All I do is rim a few glasses with a damp towel, then dip into colored sugar (in this case, red, but gold would be beautiful too).  Add a sprig of rosemary into each glass ahead of time and you’re done!  Not only do they look gorgeous on the bar, there is no question about recipes or proportions, friends can just serve themselves!  The added touch still makes everything look and feel so special without having to do too much prep work.  It’s a perfect balance!



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Colonial Christmas Dinner with Zazzle

Colonial Christmas Table

In past years, we’ve hosted a cocktail party on Christmas Eve for our friends and family.  The friends who (like us) don’t have children usually stick around pretty late playing games and spending time with each other.  This year, we’re spending Christmas Eve with my in-laws, so we’re enjoying the Christmas with our closest friends on Christmas Eve Eve (tomorrow night) and I’ve worked with Zazzle to create a modern table which reflects this years’ Colonial theme.

Modern Colonial Christmas

I was originally a little worried that I wouldn’t find just the right pieces for the table that I had been thinking in my mind.  I’m sure you guys have experienced how it’s always harder to decorate when you have something very very specific already in mind.  I had worked with Zazzle on lots of other projects (mostly paper goods for my wedding) and was excited when they introduced me to their tabletop pieces.  Now, I get to design exactly what I want… win, win. There are a ton of little ways that we’re carrying on our take on the Colonial theme for this party, but they’re not just specific to our decor scheme, lots of these ideas can be utilized for whatever style you’ve got going on this holiday. I’m sure there will be a few cute ideas you could put to use!  [Read more…]

Kahlúa Peppermint Hot Chocolate

peppermint hot chocolate cocktail

You may have seen a few tweets or photos on instagram from me about my love for peppermint hot chocolate, so I thought it was high time to give you guys the scoop on what I’m sipping on this holiday (and winter!) season.  I add in winter because this is actually my favorite drink to warm up with after a long day on the mountain (which is typically in January or February).  A side note: friends and family already know this about me, but here on House of Earnest, I don’t know that I’ve ever shared how much I love to ski.  Someday I’ll tell you guys the story of when Matty and I moved in together and our adventure living in Vail, but today, let’s just say that I love to ski and after a day of skiing, this is my number one apres ski cocktail.

I usually have to direct the bartender in exactly how I want it made, so it’s nice to have all of the ingredients at home this Christmas to be able to whip up a batch for a snowy evening.

For this particular post, I decided to take the cocktail one step further and make some homemade peppermint chocolate marshmallows.

peppermint and chocolate marshmallows


Homemade marshmallows really kick this drink into treat territory and are as pretty as they are delicious.  I love how the soft pink color looks melting in a sea of chocolate.  I challenge anyone not to smile while drinking fluffy pink foam.


Keep reading for the full recipes! [Read more…]

5 Awesome Christmas Cookie Recipes


Wow!  It’s been a big few weeks for us.  If you didn’t see our big announcement yesterday, check it out.  For today, though, We’re sharing five(!!) different types of cookies for your holiday and all of the work was totally worth it.  I’ve been snacking on these lovelies for the past couple of days – testing each recipe and ensuring that they’re good enough to share.  I made a variety of flavors – chocolate, spice, nutty, creamy – and a variety of types – sandwich, drop, sliced.

There is a little something for everyone and I’m so excited to share all of these cookies with you!  [Read more…]

Wrap Gifts Better

christmas wrapping

We are in the thick of the holidays and I am enjoying every moment.  We could use a little snow, but other than that, everything is right on schedule. I spent the weekend making Christmas cookies, which I’m sharing tomorrow, and wrapping presents!

Present wrapping is literally my favorite part of the whole season.  I absolutely love spending time with each gift and making it as pretty as I humanly can.  This year, I am trying to do my best to stay true to my colonial theme and I choose a really cute navy blue antler paper and a plaid with red, green, gold, and navy. I loved both of the papers, but at close to $9 per roll, I was going to make sure they could stretch as far as possible.

Early on in my wrapping, I would spend almost as much money on the paper, bows, and tags as I would on the gifts.  Over the years, however, I’ve developed a system which saves a ton of money and makes the gifts just as beautiful.

cheaper ways to wrap gifts

easier gift wrap ideas

Aside from the cost of tags and ribbon, nice paper also seems to cost a boatload.  My beautiful $9 paper had just 3 yards on the roll, which is crazy!  You can only get 3 gifts out of that!  Although I obviously still buy the beautiful paper, I’ll share my secret for making it last.

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