Chic & Casual March Madness Party

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skip the march madness spring party

I have a confession to make.  I hate March Madness.  Actually better put, I hate basketball.  Each year when the tournament rolls around and I get emails and texts inquiring my level of interest in filling out a bracket (zero), I remember my distaste for the whole event.  I have realized over the years, however, that I will not beat March Madness and my love for my friends and for entertaining is much, much greater than my hatred for the game.

So, being the entertainer that I am, I cannot ignore that throughout the month, the people congregating in my house will, indeed, be watching the games and I will carry on doing what I enjoy doing most, throwing a party.

When I say the word party, you should know that I say that loosely.  In my house, where three or more are gathered, a party exists and this weekend was no different.  It wasn’t necessarily planned, but that is what I love most about entertaining and with a few small tricks up my sleeve, I was able to pull off a pretty great march madness party with little prep. [Read more…]


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Spread the Spring

springy limoncello blush cocktail basket

Although it doesn’t quite feel like spring here in Ohio, I did smell the first signs of it this weekend with our 40 degree weather!  It’s a cool, but fresh smell with a hint of sweetness.  Do you know what I mean?  Matt and I always talk about how we can smell a season before it arrives.

I know that spring is indeed coming, so I’m busy preparing for the sparkling sunshine and colorful flowers that are right around the corner. After returning from Las Vegas last week, I got a little dose of what’s to come, and felt a need to share it with friends who are still working to get our of their winter funk by delivering little doses of spring.

I got started on thinking about what exactly it is that makes me feel the spring.  Do you know what it is for you? I know exactly what to put into a basket to help ‘Spread the Spring’ and even made a video to show you how to do it.  [Read more…]

New Year’s Eve Confetti Poppers

new years eve confetti poppers

I know, I know, I know!  It’s a bit early for new years eve projects, but I need to post this early for two reasons.  First, this uses the empty insides of a wrapping paper roll (so go ahead and keep those!).  Secondly, Ill be taking a brief blog break from Christmas through NYE and wanted to get this one in before I take off!

I originally was going to do confetti filled balloons that everyone can burst and there would be a fortune inside, but I’m pretty terrified of bursting balloons, so the logistics behind that post just weren’t going to work out, but as I lay in bed and run my mind through the action of projectile shooting confetti, this simple use of a balloon came to mind. I was happy when it actually worked!



confetti popper balloon confetti tutorial

ONE use a very hearty wrapping paper roll and slice it in 4″ segments using a serrated knife. TWO cut a balloon just about 1 cm above where the curve begins. THREE get your fingers in the neck of the balloon and stretch it to the size of the wrapping paper roll.  FOUR stretch the balloon around the roll, leaving about a quarter sized opening.

fill your confetti popper

Just fill up the popper with confetti, then wrap it with our pretty PRINTABLE PAPER WRAP!

It’s a pretty quick project that can easily be made with things from the grocery store.  We just made the confetti by using a hole punch on silver paper.  It worked perfectly!

Have fun with this one!

Easy Christmas Champagne

champagne cocktail

I love a good champagne cocktail as much as the next girl, but sometimes, since they can’t be made ahead and have to be assembled on the spot, it can get confusing if guests need to make it themselves or if you’re not around to tell people how it’s made.  When I know I’ll be busy greeting people or cooking, I just love serving bubbly straight up. It’s simple, crisp, and can be beautiful too.  Dressing up simple champagne is so easy, but looks very impressive.




All I do is rim a few glasses with a damp towel, then dip into colored sugar (in this case, red, but gold would be beautiful too).  Add a sprig of rosemary into each glass ahead of time and you’re done!  Not only do they look gorgeous on the bar, there is no question about recipes or proportions, friends can just serve themselves!  The added touch still makes everything look and feel so special without having to do too much prep work.  It’s a perfect balance!


Colonial Christmas Dinner with Zazzle

Colonial Christmas Table

In past years, we’ve hosted a cocktail party on Christmas Eve for our friends and family.  The friends who (like us) don’t have children usually stick around pretty late playing games and spending time with each other.  This year, we’re spending Christmas Eve with my in-laws, so we’re enjoying the Christmas with our closest friends on Christmas Eve Eve (tomorrow night) and I’ve worked with Zazzle to create a modern table which reflects this years’ Colonial theme.

Modern Colonial Christmas

I was originally a little worried that I wouldn’t find just the right pieces for the table that I had been thinking in my mind.  I’m sure you guys have experienced how it’s always harder to decorate when you have something very very specific already in mind.  I had worked with Zazzle on lots of other projects (mostly paper goods for my wedding) and was excited when they introduced me to their tabletop pieces.  Now, I get to design exactly what I want… win, win. There are a ton of little ways that we’re carrying on our take on the Colonial theme for this party, but they’re not just specific to our decor scheme, lots of these ideas can be utilized for whatever style you’ve got going on this holiday. I’m sure there will be a few cute ideas you could put to use!  [Read more…]