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color palettes holiday table decor

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner which kind of blows my mind… how about you?  Usually after a few months of football and the darker nights, I start to get into the spirit.  This year, however, it’s been so warm and sunny, that Thanksgiving snuck up on me!

While I don’t host my family, I do host our annual Friendsgiving celebration, so after the realization that this holiday really is on the horizon, I decided to jump headlong into some research.

While scouting out possible ideas for my decor, I stumbled across some less than typical color palettes that I though would make my Holiday table really stand out this year.  See if you can spot my fave!

While pumpkin has been the darling flavor of fall these past few years, I think we absolutely need to give the apple a little more credit.  I mean,


Summer, for me, is all about the happy hour. I have a post planned for next week which goes a little more in depth with the ‘why’ I’m happy hour crazy, but in the meantime, let’s just enjoy a few drinks, shall we?

I am not sure if you follow on Instagram (if not, you should, click here), we’ve been having some amazing fun over there this summer, and it’s been going on every Friday.  And if you’re a fan of happy hour, like me, it’s something you shouldn’t miss.