House Envy: Four Story Vintage in Ohio

I had a friend clue me in on this beautiful four story house here in our piece of the country.  It’s owned by Monique and Keith Keegan who live in nearby Granville, Ohio.  The home is such a nice mixture of vintage, industrial, and modern; filled to the brim with collectible pieces, antiques, and memorabilia.

I love trying to look past the big picture and focus on the individual pieces and how beautifully worn they are.  There is a lot to take in!

*bathroom photo by Enjoy Co, all other photos by Emily Winters on Houzz.

I just love soaking in all of the various color, texture, and surfaces.   What’s more is that they also own a beautiful shop, Enjoy Co, which sells some of the amazing things that you see in the home.

It feels comfortable and inviting – what do you think?  Love it, or no?


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House Envy: A Beautiful Way to 'Eat-in'

It appears to me that an eat-in kitchen isn’t something that you see too often anymore.  I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t have children (for whom I would need dedicated kitchen space), or if they really are less popular than they once were.  People have islands with bar stools, or a breakfast nook, but a true eat-in doesn’t pop up all that often (or blow by mind when it does).

This kitchen is amazing.  I would take it in a heartbeat.  Although it is all white (surprise!), it has a stunningly down-to-earth quality with the cream subway tile and worn wooden floor.

*photos from Alvhem

Do you love like I do?  Or, do you have an eat-in kitchen at home? Tell me about it!

Have a FABULOUS Thursday!

P.S. Check out the rest of the house also- there is even more amazing that I didn’t share!

Open Air Everywhere

It’s the first of September and this is the perfect time of year for some open doors and windows.  It is cooler, but still sunny, humidity is decreasing and the fresh fall air is creeping in. There is always a time of the year in both the spring and the fall which I dub ‘open window weather’ (creative, I know).  This is a time when there is no heat, no a/c, and windows stay open! Get a fan if you have to, or get a blanket if you must, but all of that fresh air is required!

I dream of large open windows or french doors. Unfortunately, the only way I’ll achieve that is if we blow out the back of the house. I live in a home that has some windows which are painted or caulked shut.  It’s pretty hilarious when people say, ‘so you don’t have air conditioning, and your windows don’t open?’ Haha… it’s funny because it’s true.  I did go around one day with a box cutter and open the windows that could be pried, but in a 120 year old house some windows are just not suitable to be fussed with.  So we live with it until the day we decide to break down and put all new windows into this house.

Oh, and in the kitchen too!  This is just fabulous.  Both the fresh air that french doors bring in as well as the access to the patio, either way, I’m loving this.

Even a large window with panes that swing open would be so wonderful! The few times I’ve been to Europe, this is one thing that sticks with me – all of the wonderful windows which just swing open and grant you instant access to the beautiful and fresh outdoors (or on my last trip to Italy, the windows of my Florence hotel room swung open and granted me instant access to the Louis Vuitton across the street – sweet!).

If this was where I woke up to this morning, I’d be waking up in heaven!

What are your thoughts? Some people control their HVAC so meticulously that there is never really a ‘windows open’ period for them!  Are you one of those people?


*photos: 1/ Bosworth Hoedemaker 2/3/4/5/6/ Journal de Maison

Spotted: Maskros Pendant Lamp


I’ve been seeing a lot of the Maskros Pendant Lamp recently from Ikea ($50), and thought we should talk about it.



*photos via restyled home and a good chick to know

At first, I thought it was absolutely nuts- not only is it super huge, but it looks like some sort of explosion.  Honestly, however, as I see it more and more, my thoughts begin to change.


Above in the house of Jessica and Ash Betteny via Design*Sponge

What used to look like an ocean anenome, now brings interest and life to a room. The floral-esque globe suddenly seems fit to be the perfect finisher in a variety of decor schemes.

*photo wendyj via houzz

I think I love it the most here on Young House Love. What are your thoughts?


Love it or Leave it?

Have a SPLENDID Tuesday!

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Facelift: Front Porch

Spring has sprung and my yard is looking mighty fine thanks to my green-thumbed husband.  Flowers are coming up, breezes regularly frequent my front porch, and the sun is shining well into the evening.  Spending more time outside is just such a mood boost, and I found myself eager and bouncy when I decided to do a couple of simple updates to our front porch.  A few thoughts on front porches:

1. Don’t ignore me. 

Your front porch is just like your face, so put your home’s “best first impression” on your list of updates for this summer!  Your guests will come on in for summer cookouts and they’ll leave the same way, with the porch light shining.  The porch is the first and last thing they see.  And, at our house, we stand there waving until the cars disappear from sight.  That’s the Southern goodbye my Mama is famous for, and I intend to carry on the tradition.

2. Get inspired!

Start with your front door.  Could you use new hardware?  Or how about a new paint color?  There are some very serious opinions out there about the color you present.  See more here!  Be STILL my heart over black front doors.  My traditionalist roots are ablaze.  Crisp white homes with black front doors make me go weak in the knees… see…  I find it sassy and bold.  And I like sassy and bold.  A lot.



3. Do your research.

I like to strike a balance between Craig and favorite retailers sometimes (sorry Craig).  Ballard Designs has some front porch treasures that make me throw my head back.  I need this…


and one of these…


*While some things are just plain dumb to leave behind when they’re a steal, it is imperative that you remember to love it.  If it is cheap and you only like it a little, or you are trying to expand your comfort zone to make it work, it probably will not.  Disclaimer:  this rule has a very important exception clause that takes precedence, occurring only when you surprise yourself by proving you are in rehabbing/restoring/repainting/reclaiming.  Feeling iffy suddenly turns to glee.  Go you!  You make your own rules. 

4. Bring on the green(ery).

Nothing is prettier than freshly potted flowers or plants.  Try not to clutter though.  I do believe in good energy surrounding the entrance to your home.  Carry that concept on into your home as well by using the same type of plant or different flowering plants in the same color family.  Going Green extends beyond your recycling bin.  Plants in your home are just plain good for your health.  This is pretty interesting!  There I go again… back to the porch…

Here is my little baby house!  Oh you’re just a baby with some much growing to do!  Much love and care and you’ll be a big, grown-up house!

Here is the front porch I’m working with here.  (I got my black front door!)


Note:  Never use chemical stripper on a metal front door.  And it is a project that will absorb your whole weekend.  And don’t spray paint it.  This one actually needs to be rolled for a smooth, even finish.

Now we’re talking. Quick paint job= new wicker rocker.


God bless America!  And black front doors.


Behr Paint + Primer: 1 pint $15

Black shutters, Go Craig-ing!: $15 for the set

Small urns, ivy plants, three cans of spray paint and yellow beauties: $60 at Home Depot

Hanging Basket, Southeastern Salvage: $8

Wicker Rocker: with love, from my Mama

Are there any other porches out there getting a face lift this year?