Best Brass Kitchen Hardware

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How was your weekend?  Mine was just what the doctor ordered (kind of – I don’t think any doctor would support a weekend full of drinking, but it’s what I felt like I needed after the misery of last week).  We hosted happy hour on Friday night then went out and did a little day drinking for the Ohio State football game on Saturday.  Sometimes drinking a cold beer outside on a sunny Saturday is just want you need… right?  Sunday we cleaned the house, got our lives back in order, and binge watched Blacklist (have you seen it?? I’m loving it).

We’ve got more kitchen mania today as I press onto kitchen hardware.  You all may remember from the original kitchen project post that I want to go with brass hardware. I’m loving a mix of pulls and bars and bins, but that is about as far as I’ve gotten. In an effort to really dive into what I want, I decided to do a ton of research and see what’s out there first.  [Read more…]


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A Spot of Color in Denmark

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There are so many things to love about this room. In fact, the combination of color and wood finish reminds me of what I’m trying to achieve in my kitchen.  But then the stunning light fixture and the half painted black walls makes it more modern than rustic. Overall, this dining room really has my heart.

Once I found the dining room, I was compelled to click through and discover the rest of this gorgeous home. I found that the mixture of modern and rustic is balanced throughout this inspiring Danish home.  [Read more…]

5 Great Sources for Cool Rugs


Firstly, I know I left you all hanging yesterday, and I’m sorry about that! I am a little under the weather this week and the doctor prescribed lots of rest.  I’ve been hanging out in my bed with my furry assistant, Perry, who is more than happy to comply with the prescribed care.  Although a few of the DIYs I had scheduled may be pushed out, I’m more than capable to search the internet and find beautiful things… so it might be that kind of week.  But enough of that downer.  Onto rugs…

When I started researching rugs for my kitchen remodel, I started at all my typical spots, Urban, Ikea, West Elm, etc. I soon realized, however, that I needed to expand my rug reach if I was going to find a rug that not only met my exact requirements, but that also wasn’t splashed across every blog, magazine, pin out there. I wanted something with a flat weave and a unique look, but in a more traditional neutral/warm color in a turkish or persian style pattern.  Nothing too crazy geometric or trendy and nothing too colorful.  BUT I do want some color, not just black and white.

As I expanded my search, I found five great sources that had what I felt was a really expansive selection where I could just keep hitting ‘next page’ to search for my perfect kitchen rug.  [Read more…]

The Best Creamy Gray Paint

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Hey there!  I’m glad you’re here! Today, I am waffling over paint colors for my kitchen redesign and looking for the best creamy gray paint.  Yesterday, I shared the updated light fixtures, and today, we’re narrowing down the creamy gray paint colors that have made the top of my list.

I am going to admit that I’ve painted my kitchen twice already in the last 8 years.  This will make 3 times.  I actually like the paint color it is, but it just doesn’t mesh with the end look I’m after, so a change is in order.

I will be adding in some upper cabinets that will be black and also adding some gold hardware, so I want a paint color that is light gray, but with a subtle creaminess.  So not cream.  And not gray.  But a warmer, creamier version of the standard gray (not specific at all, right?).  When it comes to the colors that topped my list, I have a few favorites that stand out.

I am specifically using Benjamin Moore paint (because it goes on like a dream) and have only investigated their colors.  After getting all of these colors together, I’m liking the ones that have less green in them – Alaskan Husky, Sheep’s Wool, and Owl Gray.  I’m leaning the most toward Sheep’s wool.  The name of it says exactly what I’m trying to achieve.  Natural, grayish white with a hint of warmth.  I think I can probably depend on the people who named it that we’re on the right page here, right?  Ha!

So, you know where I’m leaning, but if any of you have experience with any of these colors, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Or, if you have another favorite gray, let me know!

Have a fabulous day!

Farmhouse Kitchen Redesign: Lighting

farmhouse kitchen ceiling fan

I’m going forward full force on this farmhouse kitchen redesign, and today I have the first little update for you all – the lighting! Not only did we update the main light and ceiling fan, but we also updated the light that is in the adjacent ‘sink room’.  Our sink room is a separate little room off the main kitchen.  Since our home was built in the late 1800’s, it wasn’t build with indoor plumbing and the room with the sink was added later down the road (you can get a better view of it in the photo below!).  Regardless, we have both lights replaced in today’s kitchen update!  [Read more…]