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Hey there!  Happy Tuesday to you!  Sorry I was MIA yesterday, I got home from a weekend away in Atlanta and literally just hit the

I hinted a little bit last week about a change in rug plans, so here it is

Happy Monday to you.  We've been hard at work still getting the house back together nearly three weeks after finally getting our carpets installed.  Over

Happy hump day, my friends! It took everything in me not to share this little project in collaboration with Framebridge before the time was right.

One thing that really sucked about the whole carpet debacle was that it pushed my timeline back for a lot of the projects I was

I might have also posted about this 'Stay Awhile' Print yesterday too, but right now it's living in my dining room until I get everything

I have the best news today!  Finally, FINALLY, we got our carpet installed!  We worked all weekend to try and get things back to normal around

You guys heard my lamenting on Friday about the flooring situation in our home, but it is still far from complete

I spent part of the day on Saturday hunting around a large neighborhood garage sale in search of the perfect mid century dresser to be

I've got good news and I've got bad news.  Bad news first, the carpet didn't happen.  Our 'carpet guy' cancelled on us and moved the

This is going to be a long post, so settle in!  I have lots to share and lots to do when it comes to our

I have always thought nurseries were a little much.  So often, they look like a different universe within a home.  When I began thinking about