On My Radar: Map Walls


Vintage maps aren’t new on the decor scene, but recently, I’ve been seeing them used as full statement walls, which I LOVE.    I’ve seen my fair share of brightly colored walls and designer wallpapers, and although I am quite fond of a lot of those, they may not be for everyone.

map wall statement

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 8.30.05 PM

Vintage maps do lend a more casual, rustic vibe than a lot of statement walls that I see and in all of my scouring, Wallpapered has the best selection of maps that I’ve seen out there on the interwebs. I think that this is an awesome solution for the biggest home decor question I get from people. [Read more…]


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Cane Chair Revival

pair of cane chairs
I don’t know if you guys have ever snatched something off the side of the road, but this was a first for me.  A few weeks ago, I was driving home from work and saw a set of four chippendale cane chairs sitting out with someone’s trash.  At first I drove by, processing what I’d seen, but then, about 2 miles later, I decided I wanted them.  I’d been inspired by the gold cane chair that Carmel had painted, and the image of that entry popped right into my head.

When I pulled into the driveway of the house that had thrown away such beauties, the woman of the house was outside.  I walked up and asked her if she’d mind if I took a pair of the set of chairs out of her trash. She seemed so happy that I wanted them.  She had kept them for years, hoping to revive them herself, but just didn’t do it.

Well, I’m here to give these girls a new life.

Now, restoring furniture isn’t my favorite thing to do.  I enjoy it more than say, sewing, but it takes a lot of patience, and patience is something that I’m working on.  Looks like these chairs are just the beauties to give me a little practice.

I know I want to paint the frames gold.  Similar to my inspiration, I know the gold will pop right off the navy walls I’m planning in my entry. The seats are a different story.  They’re currently (broken) cane, but I have thought about switching them to upholstery to get a little pattern into my life. The whole scheme of my entry will be navy, white, black, and brown (not your average combo, but you’ll see…), so something in a simple black and white is what I’m after – if the gold came doesn’t win out…

cane chair options

There are several different styles in here, I know.  Classic, quirky, sweet, and tribal… but I really like all of these fabrics and can image them on a golden frame of cane!  I’m leaning heavily toward two (plus the gold cane) so three… but I’m putting this up for a vote.

I will finish this chair in whatever you guys pick out. I repeat – I will go with a reader’s choice on this one! Keep reading to vote for your favorite, [Read more…]

Fashion or Forever

fashion or forever

When sorting through a CB2 catalogue the other night, I spotted a pink couch for just under a grand that was just darling.  It quickly got me to thinking about the idea of ‘fashion furniture’ and why we separate it so starkly from fashion clothing.

I see tons of women with shoes and bags – all of which won’t be worn for more than a year or two – that ring in at well over a grand.  This season’s booties or ‘it’ bag can quickly make a home in our closets.  But why is it that furniture seems to be something we are fixated on needing to use forever.

I love the idea of a pop colored sofa or a really quirky chair, but when it comes to actually putting cash to counter, purchasing a piece that I love right now, I stop short.  I ask myself, [Read more…]

This week’s flowers – four ways

flowers four ways - fall

It’s probably no surprise that I have fresh flowers in my house at all times.  Working with flowers for weddings and events so often, I just cannot be without a bouquet divvied up around the house. People always comment that keeping blooms around would get expensive, but it doesn’t at all if you follow my plan.

Every other week, I purchase one BIG mixed bouquet from Trader Joe’s (which costs just $9) and another smaller bouquet of just one type of flower (sunflowers in this case).  I take the big bouquet apart and make four arrangements.  Two small ones (in mini bottles) for the bedside and the bathroom, one medium sized one (in a drinking glass) for my kitchen island, and one larger one (tutorial here) for my entryway.

flowers 4 ways - fall
fall flowers four ways

As you can see, not all of the arrangements have a sunflower, the bathroom arrangement just has some simple greens and a trimming off the mums.  The bedside and kitchen bouquets just have one of the sunflowers and then the big arrangement gets the balance sunflowers and the rest of the big bouquet.

Choosing bouquets with mums, flowering greens, sunflowers, peruvian lilies, daisies will ensure that your bouquet lasts almost the full two weeks.  If you like more delicate flowers, just ensure to remove any leaves that fall below the water line and change water often (every 3-4 days).

It will seem like you’ve always got fresh flowers sitting around and for the cost of a trip to Starbucks (for two)!

Any tips you use to keep your flowers going?


p.s. The pumpkin candle from illume is fantastic – not to spicy, not to sweet, just very pumpkin-y.

Vintage Oil Painting with Humor

vintage framed oil painting

I had a painting commissioned a few years ago for Matt’s birthday to celebrate his two favorite dogs, our Miniature Schnauzer, Perry, and our (now passed) English Mastiff, Zeus.  I thought it would be hilarious to have a very serious historic painting rendered with the faces of our two furry children.

The painting sat, rolled in a tube, for a few years because I had no clue how to handle an unwrapped canvas. Then came a long an opportunity for me to test out the custom framing at my local Michaels store.  I jumped at the opportunity to have my painting framed.  I’d always envisioned it to have a very traditional, almost vintage treatment to go along with the style of the painting (minus the two animals).

custom framed oil painting

michaels framed oil painting

I was really happy with how the framing turned out.  I would have never thought to do an inner and outer frame with the matting in between, but it was suggested by Rob (my friendly neighborhood framing expert at Michaels) and I love the double strips of gold.

Soon, I’ll have the absolute perfect spot to feature such an ironic work of art.  We’ve got changes in the Souder house coming down the pipeline that will make a lovely home for this piece.

Do you love the juxtaposition of serious and humorous? I understand it’s not for everyone!

disclosure: I am being gifted the frame mentioned by the lovely people at Michaels for my honest feedback on their framing service. All expressed opinions are my own.