Rustic Mid-Century Mash-up

mid century + rustic global mashup

At the flea market last week, I kept finding myself drawn to mid-century pieces, even though it’s a style that I consistently feel doesn’t really suit me or my house.  I would ask myself if I could envision the item in my home and the answer was always no.  This bothered me, however, because if I liked the pieces themselves, and was drawn to similar shapes and styles over and over, then there must be some common thread between my style and mid-century style, right? So I decided to try a little harder, open up the designer side of my brain and see if I could really make the mid-century vibe work with in my minimal rustic farmhouse. Once I got home (and out of the frenzy mindset of the flea market) I turned to Charish.  I worked to pair a few mid-century pieces with items I already have in my living room, and to my shock, surprise, and delight, I think it works.

A few things helped the pairing of these pieces with my own, mainly, that I stuck to neutrals, I minimized the amount of orangey oak that usually is so prevalent in mid–century pieces, and I focused on clean lines. Now, I’ll have a guide when I’m out and about to know what meshes well with my style and that I can open up to mid-century after all. I know a lot of you are probably already into mid-century, so tell me… How do you mesh it with your style?

The Guide

No. 1 Staredown Wall Art from Minted No. 2 Brass Pendant from Charish No. 3 Vintage Clamshell Rocker from Charish No. 4 La Brisa throw from The Citizentry No. 5 Kilim Square Pillow from Earnest Home co + Tribal Cotton Pillow from One Kings Lane No. 6 Axis Slipcovered Sofa from Crate & Barrel No. 7 Ebonized Dresser from Charish No. 8 Marble Topped Coffee Table from Charish No. 9 Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow – DIY from Earnest Home co.


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3 Bookshelf Styling Problems and How to Solve Them

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styling a pretty bookshelf without a lot of books

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I’ve run the gamut on how to avoid these problems and how to take the guess work out of creating beautiful shelf vignettes.  Ready? Let’s go!

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Classic yet Totally Cool West Village Home

ali cayne for domino 1

Happy hump day, friends!  Boy, do we have a treat today! Never in my life have I ever found a home that so wonderfully captures the exact esthetic that I look for. This home is the perfect combination of way cool and also true to the bones of a turn-of-the-century home. Living in a victorian home myself, it’s often hard to combine a typically ornate and feminine foundation with a minimal, modern, and slightly rustic feel.  Everything from the artwork to the textiles is perfection.

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A New Life for an Old Rug

kilim upholstery diy

If you’re here, you probably have a pretty similar design esthetic to me and would agree that the rug pictured above is wonderful. Look at those shapes!  Those colors! The perfectly worn condition! It looks like you could just plop it in a chic white washed California ranch with rustic minimal decor and you’ve got a winner! While that is definitely what it might look like to an outsider.  To me, it started fairly differently.

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5 Ways to Feel the Spring

5 ways to feel the spring

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In our farmhouse, when we’ve been through a whole winter without much airflow, I am always so ready for spring to come and give us a bit of fresh air. There are a few other ways, however, that I like to really ‘feel’ the spring in my house.

SWEET SCENTS – I swap out all of my heavy, cozy holiday scents for something very herb-y and fresh smelling.  The smell of gardenia makes me think of a fresh spring garden, and the Lafco scents are to die for… they can really infuse a room quickly.

FRESH & GREEN – Green plants and flowers are always the very first thing I think of when spring starts to, well, spring… I’m terrible, however, at keeping houseplants alive, so I’ve opted for a living wreath for the door and a faux plant just to make it look fresh in the house (the scent of the candle will cover for where the fake plant lacks).

CLEAR THE CLUTTER – I have these spring visions of crisp, clear countertops just ready and waiting for all of the bright berries I’ll slice and cocktails I’ll make.  I like to clear off anything old or unused from the counter top and just add back in some white, simple kitchen accessories to help get the vision across.  Plus, a clean marble cake stand is perfect for displaying candles or flowers when not in use for cookies and cakes.  cutting board is $38 in our shop

LET LIGHT IN – the number one way to get more sunlight into the house is to clean the windows.  It’s shocking what a big difference this makes.  I have this on the agenda for today.

GET OUT – Even though it might be muddy out, a nice walk definitely helps to really feel the spring. I like to take the same route throughout the spring so that I really notice when things start blooming and changing.

So, it’s your turn!  Tell me, what are the ways that you get that spring feeling?