DIY Mini Wooden Succulent Planters

wooden succulent planters diy

Last week, while I was shopping for wooden ‘feet’ for my whitewashed trunk, I saw these mini wooden ‘bun’ feet and thought they’d make adorable little planters.  I have a few succulents left over from the wedding flowers I did a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted a cute way to plant them.  You see a lot of little planters like this in trendy shops and they’re always a bit more expensive than I think they should be. With just $2 for each wooden foot and $4 for a drill bit, I had 6 little succulent pots for under $15.  I would say that is a deal.

They’re pretty easy to make as well.  Just remove the original screw and drill a hole big enough to plant the succulents and that’s it! And best of all, I have the complete step-by-step project documented below, so you can make your own and we can be succulent planter twins.  [Read more…]


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Before + After: DIY Whitewash

whitewash finish diy

Usually, in a good before and after post, I would show the ugly ‘before’ at the very beginning of the post and then tease with the promise of a stunning ‘after’, but this post is a bit backward.  I couldn’t bear to put the ugliness on the front page in this case, which I suppose makes me totally shallow, but I’m owning it.

I have had this very cheap teal trunk in my dining room for about 7 years.  I’m pretty sure I got it at Hobby Lobby or Michaels for about $50 back in 2008 when my dining room looked like this.  Every time I look at the trunk, I think about how much I hate it, but for whatever reason, I never felt compelled to do anything about it.  I kept thinking I’d just take it to goodwill, but the lack of another piece to put in that space rescued it every time.  Well… not this time… I have had enough.  [Read more…]

Kilim Style Pitcher DIY

global pattern pitcher diy

I love a good kilim rug and I think a lot of you do too.  I’ve incorporated these flat-woven rugs (traditionally from the area surrounding Turkey and Kurdistan) into my home in the form of rugs, pillows, textile stools, and table linens.

A couple of weekends, however, I was having a party and needed a pitcher for some lemonade and realized I didn’t have one. I went out the next week to get one to prepare for a summer of parties and entertaining and suddenly realized why I didn’t have one… because they’re all a little boring.  Most were glass and had an old kool-aid style shape.  I wanted something that was somewhat cool (can a pitcher be cool?) so I kept looking.  I finally bought a white ceramic one from Target for $14, but still wasn’t thrilled with it.  It sat on my counter for a week, still in the bag.  I was going to take it back and go splurge on something from Anthro, when I got the idea to try and save money… and rescue the boring pitcher. I’ll do a little pitcher diy.

I then bought some ceramic paint and got the brilliant idea to paint some sort of Moorish geo pattern on it.  After sitting down, paintbrush in hand, I realized that it would be a disaster.  I needed something a little less freehand.  Something with a pattern.  [Read more…]

Giant Tassel Fringe Rug DIY

giant tassel fringe rug

If we made a list of things I loved, we all know neutrals would be on one hand and on the others… tassels.  Goodness, I love tassels. I have scarves, kimonos, necklaces, and napkins all with tassels.

I picked up this textured jute rug at World Market last week just because it was beautiful and only $24. I knew right when I saw it that I ‘d be fastening tassels to its edges and calling it mine. I feel like I’ve seen several other designs at super high prices, yet this one cost just under $30.  That is a win.


DSC_0318_1 DSC_0309_1

I think we all know that sometimes the prettiest things are those that we create, and especially when they’re this inexpensive. Are you ready for it?  [Read more…]

Why Your Citronella Candles Don’t Work

homemade citronella candles

Last weekend we had our first outdoor happy hour with some friends and just like every year, once the sun goes down the mosquitos come out.  And, just like every year, I light up my citronella candles only to be baffled by why they don’t seem to work.

Then, just this week, I realized that the candles I bought didn’t repel the mosquitos for a very obvious reason.  They were citronella, after all.  They touted mosquito repelling qualifiers on the packaging, but one very important factor was missing.   [Read more…]