Easy DIY Witch Broom

easy diy witch broom

I think there is nothing more eerie than a minimal, understated nod to halloween.  Why?  Because if you’re not going overboard, and decorations are a little more hard to spot, then it seems like part of everyday life, which is super creepy.  Like how last year, I placed simple painted bones in the cloches throughout my house.  It would take people a while to figure out what when going on, but once they did, it was like, “wait… are those bones?”.

The same thing was on my mind this year when I decided to make this really easy and rustic diy witch broom.  It looks pretty authentic and I love how simply spooky it looks just lying across the mantle. [Read more…]


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Spooky & Elegant Halloween Candles

elegant halloween decorations

Halloween decorations usually scare me, but not in the right way.  They’re scary because they’re typically void of style.  My efforts around the fall season are solely on creating some clever and stylish nods to the spirit of the season without turning my home into a haunted house (well… no more than it already is, but that’s a story for another day).  So in the spirit of an elegant halloween, I give you, the skull shadow candles.

I was thinking about this darling heart candle that’s been making it’s way around the internet for a couple of years and the idea to do a version for a creepy skull version came to me. What’s best about the project, is that it is so easy to adapt.  If you don’t like the skulls, you could do a bat or a spider or a ghost.  The sky is really the limit.  And better yet, it’s completely easy.  [Read more…]

A Weekend & A Quick DIY Wreath


This weekend, I embraced the fall weather and a few fall markets that popped up in our town.  The result was a beautiful and fragrant addition to my front door.  I love having a wreath on my front door, but I’m not a big fan of wreaths, they’re usually too cutesy or preppy or blah for my liking.  Earlier this year, I created a minimal spring wreath out of a simple and inexpensive grapevine wreath from the craft store.

For the fall, I wanted to revamp the DIY wreath with a big bunch of aromatic eucalyptus that I picked up at the market.  For a $4 bushel of euc, and a quick wire trick, the wreath turned out exactly as I wanted.   [Read more…]

The Great American Pouf Tour + A Giveaway!!


Today is a great day!  Not ONLY did my friend Anne write a book that I get to share with you, but I also get to give one lucky reader a copy!

I have known this was in the works for awhile and I could not be more excited that Anne asked me to be a part of her cross-country pouf tour.  Anne and I have been talking about it since January and now that I have my hands on this gorgeous pouf and the insanely beautiful book, my heart swells with pride for my sweet friend.  It is chalk full of amazing projects that are so ingenious it makes me want to spend my days arm knitting (that’s right, I said arm knitting).

Anne is a master of arm & finger knitting, hence the book title, Knitting Without Needles. It seems a little nutty, but then you look at the photos in the book and think, “whoa, I’m totally on board”.  I’ve got a few projects slated for myself over the next few weeks.  [Read more…]

Hexagon Marble Wall Clock DIY


Marble clocks have been cruising around the web for the better part of this year, and I’ve had it on my list of things to make for a long while now.  With the kitchen improvements we’re making, I thought it would be a perfect time to make this marble beauty in preparation for the new kitchen (I’m painting this weekend! Woo!).

The one problem I’ve had with a lot of the marble clocks out there is that they’re circles and I am not talented enough to tell time on a blank circle.  Call me crazy, but I would be thinking, “Wait, is it 4, or 5?”

So, for this quick and inexpensive project, I wanted to do a hexagon so that it would be much more apparent what hour of the day it was.  I mean, I have to know when it’s time for a cocktail and when it’s time for work.  The beauty of this project isn’t just the beauty of the project.  It’s also that it cost under $15. Let’s get started! [Read more…]