Motivational Gold and Lucite Desk Tray DIY

motivational desk accessories diy

I hope you all have been having a great week!  I am excited to be sharing this super easy catch-all project with you today!  I have gathered together with several of my favorite bloggers to share fun DIY ideas to ‘Dress your Desk’ with using some of our favorite goodies from The Container Store in celebration of their annual Office Sale (going on now).  The links to all of the participants posts are at the bottom of this post, so you can head there after!

You guys know I know to keep it pretty minimal in my office.  I just shared our new double work space last month and there were a lot of very simple lines, natural colors, and clutter free areas for getting work done. One of the BIG ways I keep my desk clean is by enlisting a catch-all.  It’s kind of like the ‘junk drawer’ mentality where if even the totally random little tid-bits have a space, the desk can stay clear.  In my catch-all I keep everything from binder clips to zip drives, to hand lotion to sticky notes.

For this project, however, I wanted to give the desk a little extra motivational umph! I scanned a handwritten version of my favorite mantra, “dreams don’t work unless you do” and turned it into a vinyl decal and adorning a lucite tray.  I have the whole step-by-step coming up next, so let’s go!  [Read more…]


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Modern Spring Wreath DIY

minimal spring living wreath

Happy St. Patricks day!  I have a little green for you today!  Over the past few weeks, spring has been inching closer and closer.  Yesterday’s 70 degree temps in our area had me thinking about landscaping, cleaning off the patio, and getting things ready for outdoor entertaining. Are you there yet? I know we’re still a bit far out, but I wanted a little taste of spring in my life this week, so I made a wreath which captures the essence of this season so beautifully. I also wanted something that was a little more modern than what you can typically purchase at the store.

When you live in the woods, it’s easy to love spring.  The buds on the trees all start growing at the same time and the bright, new green almost starts to radiate around you. It’s almost like you can feel life starting to grow all around.  I wanted to capture this feeling in a modern way with my wreath and I also wanted something that would look pretty for a long period of time, so I chose to make a ‘living’ wreath out of air plants and moss… both of which can be spritzed with water to keep them looking fresh all spring long. I’m not a huge fan of air plants because they’re kind of desert-y for my taste, but surrounded by more vibrant, lush moss, the variation looks beautiful.  I also added in some birch and feature accents just to really push the forest feel. Let’s get on with the tutorial for this modern spring wreath DIY!  [Read more…]

Spring Monogram Loafers

monogram smoking loafers

I made it back from Las Vegas late last night and now I’ve got spring on the brain.  Although it wasn’t characteristically warm there, it was a hell of a lot warmer than in Ohio and it gave me a taste of the spring weather to come, which was a total tease.

I have been seeing a lot of really cool & chic monogrammed loafers (or slippers, whatever you call them) around recently, from the iconic Stubbs and Wootton to the chic parisian brand Chatelles. I had this image of the Chatelles in my mind one day when I happened across some plain loafers at Old Navy. I picked them up and got to brainstorming about how I was going to get some letters on them.  [Read more…]

Rose Gold Leather Mousepad DIY

rose gold leather mousepad

Happy hump day friends!  How is the work week going?  Mine has been fairly busy.  I’ve decided to take a last minute trip to Las Vegas this weekend to de-thaw myself after what has been the coldest week on record in Ohio. Matt was headed there for work anyway, so I am just tagging along.  I have a video to shoot while I’m there, so I am hoping to find some fun locales for a few shots.

Around here, I’m still making a few changes to settle into my office. I love the rough, farmhouse look of the table, but realized that when I use my mouse, it’s a little bit of a bumpy ride.  I haven’t used a mousepad in years since they moved to lasers, so I kind of laughed to myself when I realized that I needed one.

I knew that I had enough on hand to create a pretty rose gold leather mousepad. Originally, I was just thinking that a piece of leather would do just fine, but it was a little to light to lay flat and kept shifting around, so I made a few updates and was surprised how easily it came together with a few simple steps [Read more…]

Easiest DIY Wall Hanging

diy woven wall hanging

I really struggled with a name for this post.  Easy DIY wall hanging is exactly what it is, but it’s a little less of a DIY than it is just a straight-up ‘hack’.  But we’ve talked about my distaste for the word hack, so easy DIY wall hanging it is.  Let’s move on.

Do you guys have those things that you buy all the time regardless of whether or not you have a place in your home for it? For me, it’s rugs.  I love cool rugs, but my home really doesn’t have enough wood floors to justify my constant purchase of them. I usually stick to buying 2′ x 3′ varieties and just swapping them in and out of the bathroom and kitchen. That is, until this week.   [Read more…]