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turned wood candlesticks

I’m always looking for a cool, casual set of candle holders for my dinners that aren’t imposing or fancy whatsoever. When I spotted these furniture feet (yes, from the hardware store) I immediately thought they’d make some modern, but pretty candle holders for a mantle or for my winter dinner table.

modern cross stitch pillow

I love a good modern take on a traditional project.  This idea had been brewing in my mind for a while now and this weekend I just grabbed a plain pillow cover out of the linen closet, threaded up my needle and went at it to create this modern cross stitched pillow.  As I was going, I kept getting more and more excited about how it was turning out.  It was fun and simple to do, but produced a pillow that I feel like you could snag in the hippest of minimal Scandinavian design shops.

top ten layout short

The numbers don’t lie, you guys!  There were some very very clear winners for the top posts you loved this year.  I took both stats and comments into account when tabulating this list of the top ten blog posts, projects, and tutorials that you devoured this year.  Since I know that not all of you have been around the entire year (welcome!!) I wanted to dig back through 2015 to showcase what you guys resonated most with this year. Ready? 

Some gifts are so hard to wrap, either because they're oddly shaped or because they're super small - like jewelry or gift cards.  I

printed balsa wood gift tags

If you loved the printable gift wrap from last week, then you’re also going to love these adorable transfer print balsa gift tags.  Remember the Thanksgiving centerpiece?  Well, I had a fair amount of balsa wood on hand from that project (it was a temporary centerpiece), so I thought about the best way to use the balsa wood again for Christmas.  These tags are the perfect use… since one piece of balsa makes sixteen (!!) tags.  That’s about $0.14 each.  Nice, right? Especially in a world where a pack of 8 tags can cost you $10.

They’re easy as every too… Just a pair of scissors and a home printer is all you need.

buffalo check christmas stocking

Ok. So, this isn’t a DIY, but just a little makeover trick that I’ve employed in the past to save some cash and wanted to share with you today.  I’ve talked at length about how and why I use a theme each Christmas, but part of the challenge for me is to do everything I can to use what I have before buying anything new. This year, I used our existing stockings and put a little B&W spin on them with the ol’ cuff trick.  What’s the ol’ cuff trick, you ask?  Well, I’m about to show you.

diy christmas ornaments

Each year as my Christmas theme changes, I always make a few different types of DIY ornaments to layer onto the metallic and neutral base.  This really reinforces the christmas theme without a total overhaul each year which would be wasteful and expensive.  I love getting out my gold and silver glass ornaments that we bought early in our marriage and bring in the fun with some easy and inexpensive DIYs.  I find they go fairly well all working together.

This year, I’m adding a graphic touch with some message ornaments and a bold modern spin with color blocked wood ornaments.  See the process for each fun (and cheap!) DIY ornament below!

print it yourself giftwrap

I’m loving all of the black and white christmas we have going on!  Are you?!  It’s really simple, streamlined, and cozy looking – especially with the fun I have in store for you today! I was on the lookout for a big buffalo check paper and after searching far and wide, I came up empty handed.  So I took matters into my own (empty) hands and just made my own.

Although the DIY gift wrap ‘making’ started out totally different than how it ended up… Let me explain

handknit christmas garland

Eee!  Do you ever have one of those projects that you just love to death?  I made this gorgeous fluffy fingerknit garland this week and adore the way it turned out. I got the idea because I have some yarn ball garland I’d used on my Christmas tree in previous years, but it didn’t match my black and white color scheme… So, I had to think of something else to use.  

kilim upholstered dining bench

You know the feeling when you have something big coming up and you’re against the clock trying to get everything done?  We’re having Friendsgiving at our house this weekend, so I’m in a big push to get a lot of the half done projects complete.  This feeling to complete everything is less because my friends care what my house looks like and more because all of the half done projects are living in the dining room, in the exact spot where people are going to need to eat!

One of the smaller projects was this bench that I’ve been working on since August.  Yes, over three months ago.

If you’ll remember, I was near complete with this bench, when I hit an unfortunate snag.  The snag being that the entire thing fell apart. I had used pine wood not thinking about how soft the wood was and how easily it splinters. As soon as I put the weight of the top on the bench, the entire thing collapsed. 

christmas tree forest advent calendar

Eek! Christmas prep is in full swing over here at EHC and I have been SO excited to share this advent calendar with you!  Can you believe that this is the FIRST advent calendar I have done on this blog?  That’s five years of blogging and not-a-one. Until now…

I got this idea because it’s easy to do and is such a pretty mantle arrangement as well, so it pulls double duty.  Keep on reading and get the easy tutorial for this Christmas forest advent calendar DIY!