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Ok, don't get too excited (but get a little excited) because although this tile isn't installed yet, it's done being painted and I LOVE it.

Happy hump day, friend!  How is your week thus far? All I can say is that the forecast shows sunny and 70's for the remainder

I love a good trinket tray.  I firmly believe that not having anywhere to stash little clutter items - like your desk-side USB collection or

With all of the indigo that I'm planning around here, both in the nursery and in the living room, I have been looking around the

These beautiful swirled eggs may not be candy, but the look as good as the sweet stuff.  I was toying around with some shea butter

I'm going to start off by saying that I am not a big monogram person.   I very rarely (if ever) opt for the monogramed

A week ago, I was thinking, "why in the world is everyone getting all Easter crazy so early this year?" Well, it's because Easter is

heart mittens knit easy

I am not the kind of person to embellish things with hearts.  Let me start out by saying that.  It takes every fiber of my being to wear a color other than black, white, gray, or army green.  Although I’m certainly not a frivolous dresser, I have a soft spot for cute mittens, hats, and scarves… why?  Mostly because it’s winter, everything’s a bit drab, and something a little quirkier than my typical winter uniform makes me smile when all I really want to do is hop the next plane to southern California and live out the rest of my days in the sunshine.  Let’s notice, however, that the mittens are still gray and black, however.  A girl has her limits.

why i diy

A few weeks ago, the five year anniversary of this blog came and went and I discussed the reasons why I blog (because I find the need to re-affirm myself every so often), but blogging is just part of the story.  It’s getting work out into the world, it’s sharing, it’s the way I make my living.  But one can blog about a whole lot of things.  I could have chosen travel, fashion, cooking, or mini farming.  I got to thinking this weekend however, while making brownies from scratch, why it is that I DIY… that is, do things myself.

First, let’s evaluate DIY… because a lot of people get it wrong.  

diy mudcloth pillow

In recent months, I’ve seen mud cloth really taking off, replacing (or adding to) a lot of the shibori patterns we’ve been seeing everywhere for the last few years.  Although I certainly love the look of vintage mud cloth its ridiculously expensive.  I found one yard of mud cloth fabric at a Paris flea market last spring for $299 euro! Yikes!

What is so beautiful about the patterns is the raw textures and dying in super simple shapes.  It’s a very graphic, but organic addition to the rest of the patterns in our homes.  I’ve seen mud cloth in various shades of black, brown, tan, and cream – with the basic black and white being my favorite. I thought it was about time I gave this trend a little DIY treatment with my favorite go-to method. 

valentines heart wreath diy

I may not be the biggest fan of Valentine’s decor, but I AM a big fan of getting some greenery into my life by any means possible throughout the cold, dark winter months.   I thought it would be a cute little nod to the romantic holiday we have coming up to create a heart out of said greenery rather than just throwing them in a vase.  Also, the heart wreaths (yes, I made multiples) are able to go on the doors and mirrors throughout the house, cheering the whole place up significantly.  Plus (and I just had this thought), these would make adorable gifts for Valentines day, no?

It’s pretty easy and the materials you need are fairly simple,  Let’s get to it, shall we?

turned wood candlesticks

I’m always looking for a cool, casual set of candle holders for my dinners that aren’t imposing or fancy whatsoever. When I spotted these furniture feet (yes, from the hardware store) I immediately thought they’d make some modern, but pretty candle holders for a mantle or for my winter dinner table.