The List wk 8

the list header wk8 the list wk8

So, it’s a little mean to post a predominately Friday column on a Thursday, but I’ll assure you, it is actually not Friday yet.  We are doing our office reveal tomorrow, so I’m posting The List today! I am pretty excited for the weekend, however.  Aside from the excitement surrounding the office reveal, I am happy to have absolutely zero on the schedule.  I am going to dive into more italian lessons and a few online business courses I’m taking.  This week, A few things caught my eye!

The List wk 8

TAXES:  I used to be like, “what’s the problem” when people griped about tax season, but now I’m a griper too. Before owning my own business, I would just send away my w-2 and wait for the check to hit my bank account.  Now, I have a gazillion forms, receipts, papers, charts, whathaveyou.  I really enjoyed this post by Mike Gilger of Wild Measure & The Fresh Exchange which talks throughly about taxes for creative entrepreneurs.  If you need some solid guidance, give it a read.

WINTER TEXTURE: you guys know I love my neutrals, and I find that differentiating between summer and winter is all about texture for me. I like how this slightly nubby rug from Anthropologie is done in all cream giving it a cozy, snowy vibe.  I know I just confessed my thing for rugs yesterday and I already have a nubby cream rug, but this one is different, I swear.

APP-MAZING:  I’m not sure if you guys have seen this app yet, but I love it!  It’s called Felt, and you can create and hand write notecards and photo cards, plus handwrite the envelope and send it all through the app.  It’s a wonderful idea and might just encourage me to be better about sending cards.

PERSONALITIES & BUSINESS:  So, I mentioned an online business course earlier, but during one of the webinars, they were speaking about Meyers Briggs personality tests and how they apply to you as an entrepreneur.  I hadn’t taken one since high school, but I hopped on and took it.  It was crazy to see that I’m exactly the same type I was back then.  Pretty much an exact split between ESTJ and ENTJ… An interesting fact is that the majority of US presidents who’ve taken the test are ESTJs.  Maybe I missed my calling!  What are you?

SCALLOPED PERFECTION:  I saw this mirror in a bathroom on Pinterest this week and just love how simple it is and how much interest it still offers.

Have a great one, friends!  I’ll be back tomorrow with the office reveal!  Eee!


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The List wk 7

the list header wk 7

the list wk7

Happy Friday, guys!  The week flew by for me, so I’m not really ready for the weekend yet, to be honest!  I still have a ton of things on the list for this week, so let’s hope today is productive so that I will feel relaxed throughout the weekend.  Today, I’m restocking some local boutiques with our designs, helping my sister-in-law prepare for a baby shower, and having valentines day dinner with my husband’s whole family.  I am actually so excited about next week because I have the office reveal (!), a first look at some of our spring prototypes, as well as a fun new project that I made and I am eager to share the technique with you all.  This week, there were a few things that I was carried away by…

The List week 7

SIMPLY COOL:  I was on the hunt for the perfect gift for someone and happened upon this darling ‘Y’ shaped necklace. It’s simple, delicate, but still cool.   If you pop over to the shop, you’ll get a zoomed in view, but I fell in love with it.  So much so that I also bought one for myself. One for you, one for me! I’ll  be posting a photo later on Insta!

V-DAY OR BUST:  Most of what is popular for Valentines day isn’t my jam.  I can’t even tell you the last time we did anything to celebrate.  In college, Matt actually gave me a pocket knife one year for V-day, which was totally random and made me like him even more for being so oblivious to how strange that was.  I was laughing at some of these very bad v-day experiences and feeling grateful that I’ve never had anything that bad happen – even though getting a knife for a gift could have gone wrong quite easily!  Tell me, do you celebrate the holiday? What do you usually do?

FRESH FIND: Why is everything Nate Berkus does for Target so on-point? I love the current collection (surprise, surprise) and especially think I’m going to grab this tassel pillow… or I might just end up attaching tassels to something I own.  It’s a toss up… haha (I literally laughed at myself while I was typing that).

LET’S CHAT:  This week, I really up’ed the ante on my italian.  I’ve been doing close to an hour and a half each day of lessons.  I have come across two roadblocks, however.  First, for the obvious reasons of practicing my speech with a native/fluent speaker, but also because there are grammatical things I encounter that I don’t understand why something is said this way or that way and I need to ask a human.  For instance – Potere vs Sapere? Or Sono vs Sto? I am reaching out to you guys because I’d LOVE to find someone who speaks italian fluently who can be my ‘chat’ buddy.  Maybe to Skype once a week or every other week and generally be a mentor? If any of you would be interested, shoot me an email! The adorable Italian take on ‘Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers’ – Oh Cara, cerchiamo di essere avventurieri-  is by Dovetail Goods.

STILL WINTER: It’s going to be winter for a while.  I woke up this morning to a white-out.  Even though it’s NYFW and people are releasing all of their spring collections, I still am going to need some good sweaters in my life for at least the next two months.  I love how Lou & Grey’s spring collection is very approachable and warm looking.  Especially this sweet sweater with darling details.

Around Here:

This week I shared the second DIY I took on for my office,

A quick and easy way to customize gloves (because let’s face it, you’ll be wearing a little longer)

Week #2 of my european adventure (and the reason I’m learning italian)

The List wk. 6

the list wk 6 header

the list wk6

Happy Friday, Friends!  Usually my weeks just fly by, but this one seemed to last a little longer.  Probably because I was working so hard on the office and because Matt was gone, which makes things drag a little. I am really excited to relax a bit this weekend and definitely need a Netflix show to binge watch under a warm blanket.  Any suggestions?  I have picked up a lot of little favorites this week, here are just a few!

The List wk. 6

COVER STORY: I always cycle through different spotify playlists, but this week the Acoustic Covers list has been playing on repeat.  My two favorites from the playlist have been Joanna Wang’s (pictured above) rendition of Wild World and Willie Nelson’s version of Just Breathe.

BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT:  While I was in Utah for Alt Summit, I met Eva Jorgensen of Sycamore Street Press and although I’d always loved her work, it was so wonderful getting to know her a little bit (like the name of her company is from time spent in Columbus!!).  Then this week, I received the sweetest note and package from Eva with a ton of her beautiful art cards.  Aren’t they stunning?

AMAZING TECH:  Also while in Utah, we always meet so many start-up companies from creatives and I was most impressed by this amazing new app called Hive.  It’s an app that syncs & controls electronics in the home (like your baby monitor, existing security system and your Nest…) but what I was most excited about was the whole home speaker system.  After our holiday party when I was trying to use multiple bluetooth speakers all controlled by different iPhones in the different rooms, this seemed like a dream.  They are small speakers that plug into an outlet. You can use them in multiple rooms and they all play music from you phone via bluetooth.  You can either play the same song on all speakers OR different ones.  I don’t know why my mind was so blown by this, but we’re getting it asap.  Oh, it also has an intercom system… “Matt, I need wine upstairs, please”  Go ahead and watch their kickstarter videos and tell me you’re not impressed!

LIP SERVICE:  Edible gold?  Yes, please!  Ashley of Sugar and Cloth created this adorable lip printed mugs with edible gold… so, no need to permanently dye your best mugs for a special occasion.

HEART & COZY: I recently met Kim, the dynamic and amazing shop owner of Design Life Kids.  I checked out her shop immediately and even though I don’t have children, I found myself wanting pretty much everything in her store, including this cozy heart knit blanket.  So chic, no?


Have a fabulous weekend!

The List wk 4

the list header wk4 the list wk4

Happy Friday, Friends!  I was MIA yesterday and a little late on the draw today, but for good reason!  I’m currently in Salt Lake City at the Alt Summit conference and I’ve been busy socializing, networking, and having a good time with my fellow creatives and bloggers.  It’s my fourth year here and just like every other years it’s a total whirlwind filled with fancy parties, insightful panels, and inspirational speakers.

I am working on a little round up for next week to share the highlights, so stay tuned!

The List week no. 4

FRANÇAIS vs ITALIANO:  I am pretty obsessed with learning new languages.  Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I’m always trying to teach myself a new one – Spanish, German, and Mandarin have been a few of my past endeavors.  Now, with our upcoming anniversary trip, I’m turning my sights to either french or italian.  I have been bouncing back and forth between the two because I just can’t choose, but the bouncing means I don’t learn a good amount of either.  French sounds so beautiful, but I feel like I’d be better at Italian, so I’m stuck. Do you speak another language?  Do you have experience with either french or italian (or speaking them in their home countries) that you could share?

SUNDANCE: Each year during Alt Summit, the Sundance Film Festive is also going on up in the mountains.  This is the first year that I’m actually headed up and I am going to try and do a little celebrity spotting!  I’m headed up with the team who is here from Airbnb and I couldn’t be happier to be spending the evening with them. I am not quite sure yet which film we’ll be seeing, but I’ve read this list of the top films for 2015 and am looking forward to catching a few.

CHIC READ: I’m sure you’ve heard lots about How to be Parisian Wherever You Are and I just finished it on the flight to SLC.  It was a quick, fun read that had me laughing out loud at certain parts.  It’s one of those books you could pick up and put down and always go back and just read little excerpts when you need a little dose of witty female humor.

HOT & DELICIOUS: Being up here in the mountains makes me always want to indulge in rich, hot  drinks.  This nutella hot chocolate from Lark & Linen looks amazing!

LET’S TALK: I am so so excited to be speaking at a panel this year and feel honored to be speaking alongside some other brilliant women!  I’m speaking with Alexis Mattox, Ali Edwards, and Caitlin Wilson on how to launch a product line.  We all have very different takes how to take a design or concept and make it a reality.  This is obviously a topic I’m passionate about since launching my own shop and I LOVE talking with other people about it!  I’m going to record the talk and will share some tidbits with you all!  Anything in particular you’re dying to know? Darling grey spotted pillow by Caitlin Wilson. 

Friday Faves 11.28

Friday Faves 11.28

ONE gold and gingham are great together.  C.Wonder Mug at Shopbop.  Shopbops always has amazing sales and for this Black Friday (and entire weekend) they’re offering:

15% off orders of $250+
20% off orders of $500+
25% off orders of $1000+
Includes All Full-Price & SALE Items
Use Code GOBIG14 at Checkout  – SHOP THE SALE

TWO we all know that I love Lulu and Georgia and this Jordan Carlyle Cushion from their site is topping my list right now.  Their black friday sales are great if you’re looking for a larger investment piece like their amazing rugs and furniture.

20% off orders of $250+ using code PUMPKINPIE20
25% off orders of $500+ using code PUMPKINPIE25
30% off orders of $1000+ using code PUMPKINPIE30
Includes All Full-Price & SALE Items – SHOP THE SALE

THREE mini topiaries from Grandiflora Home + Decor are so cute for the holidays.  wrap in mini lights and decorate everything from a mantle to the bathroom vanity.  The Grandiflora sale is good on the entire collection and is great if you’re planning to buy some big pieces!

$25 off when you spend $250 using code BFRIDAY25

$50 off when you spend $500 using code BFRIDAY50

$100 off when you spend $1000 using code BFRIDAY100

Includes all Full-Price & Sale Items – SHOP THE SALE

FOUR stock up on hostess gifts this black Friday at World Market where these monogram jute wine bags are just $2.50… You’d be crazy not to!  The rest of their site (and in store) as some pretty amazing deals too including some Buy-one-get-one!!  SHOP THE SALE

FIVE a chunky knit throw is always the perfect gift for yourself or for others.  This sandy colored knit variety is on sale for $46 down from $78!!  The rest of Nordstroms sale is pretty great too.

They’re offering 20% off select sale items (in store only) and all sorts of sweeping deals online.  SHOP THE SALE.

SIX I love the simplicity and rustic feel of this marble topped side table from Anthropologie.  Today only for black Friday they’re offering 25% off everything in the store!  SHOP THE SALE



There are lots of great sales going on today!  Make sure you check out my top picks if you’re shopping from the comfort of your computer like I will be!  I have never really gotten into the black friday shopping bonanza mostly due to the high value I place on my sleep and sanity!

What about you? Do you get out there early for the deals?  Or sit back and just enjoy the turkey coma?