Friday Faves 4.26

friday faves 4.26

ONE painted silhouettes might be the best idea for mothers day, but given their custom made 4 week lead-time, you should probably go ahead a get one for father’s day. Starting at $85 from Vonjet Silhouettes. TWO a high back woven chair for the outdoors, but it’s beautiful enough to be inside too. $466.00 from Crate & Barrel. THREE I love Mara Hoffman’s resort and swim collections, so when I heard she was doing a collab with Havaianas, I was pumped.  Flip Flops are $48/pair, but will keep you styling all summer long. FOUR I pretty much love every rug that gypsya has, this blue, coral, and white geometric flat weave rug is just one of many gorgeous examples, $288 for a 4′ x 6′. FIVE cute little patterned plates from H&M home for just £4 are a steal! (check out the pink ones too!). SIX ceiling mount lights can be so ugly, but this $79 geometric diamond light from the Young House Love for Shades of Light collection makes up for all the others.


It’s been a wonderful week in Hong Kong!  I’ve had a ton of great meetings, solidified some pieces for the Grandiflora fall collection, and had a chance to relax a bit too. I hope you’re been enjoying my fashion challenge so far!  I’ve loved sharing with you guys and being as strategic as possible with my creations.  Today’s outfit might be my favorite (until tonight that is!) so be sure to hop over to Instagram to follow along!


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Friday Faves 4.11

Friday Faves 4.11

ONE the perfect spotted pillow isn’t too wild, but is just the right bit for a subtle hint of glam.  $45 from Society Social.  TWO Crane flower candle from Voluspa mixes grapefruit, geranium, lavender, and nectar inspired by the bird of paradise flower… to me, it just spells like a heavenly vacation.  $38 from Anthropologie. THREE a nice little reminder from Sugar Paper to sit above your desk or display in your bedroom.  The gold foil print is 11 x 14 and is $50. FOUR handmade and so pretty, this gold border ring dish from The Object Enthusiast is lovely and makes a gorgeous gift at $34. FIVE how darling is this mini bow cord keeper? I want one for every charger in my arsenal, and at just $6 from Oh Hello Friend, I can afford to!


Happy Friday friends!  You know those weeks when you feel energized, optimistic, and on top of all your ‘to-do’s’? Well, it’s been one of those weeks for me.  I’ve been able to think ahead on some projects, get a couple fun dinners in, and overall just breathe a little.

How has your week been?

Friday Faves 4.4

Friday Faves 4.4

ONE just last week I shared Joy’s line for Target, then this week she surprises us with a line for Land of Nod.  Not only is the line gorgeous, but I’ve begun thinking that Joy is my newest business idol.  #isthereanythingshecan’tdo? This floral doodle art is so pretty, and at $20 who wouldn’t want this – kids or not!? TWO how am I just (this week) finding out about Block Chromatics? A mid-century german line that is colorful and too cute. This site has a set of six mugs for $75. THREE Have you seen Rebecca Atwood’s newest?  The Williamson collection is full of bright tangerine cushions, which I love starting at $150 (shown is $225). FOUR this simple black and brass sconce is high on my fave list… now just for someplace to put it! $110 from onefortythree.  FIVE is it possible to fall in love with a rug? That is clearly what’s happened to me.  This silver metallic border jute rug from Serena & Lily is my favorite thing I’ve seen all year. and maybe last year too.  Starting at just $48 for the 2×3, this will make an appearance in my home, and stat!

Wow!  Happy April, guys! Can you believe it?  I’m so so so so happy that spring is finally coming out to play.  This week I even drug out my patio furniture! Goodness knows, there are still cold days and rain in our future, but things are definitely looking up!

Today I’m in Kansas City at Go Blog Social speaking on DIY blogging!  Follow on Instagram for tons of glimpses of the event and if you’re in the area, hit me up!

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Friday Faves 2.28

Friday Faves 3.28

ONE the most fun little woven basket from Leif is made in Senegal and is just $20. TWO personalized stationary that isn’t the least bit stuffy from Rifle Paper Co. $130 for 50 custom cards. THREE a Dulce de Leche recipe with labels made using Makr! FOUR I’ve been eyeing this Kilim pouf from Target, and now its on sale for $56. Woo! FIVE have you seen the Oh Joy! for target line?  I love every single piece.  These wall decals are just $7 for the pack of four. SIX a cotton hammam towel could double as a warm springtime wrap, $28.


Happy Friday, guys!  Did you have a good week?  I was super busy, but all around had a great one.  I got a lot done, had two fun dinners with friends, and started working out again.

This weekend, I am going to try my hand at some relaxing.  We’ll see how this goes!

What is on your agenda?

Friday Faves 3.21

Friday Faves 3.21

ONE a new take on inspiration prints.  Some of us more *ahem* uptight people might need a push in the ‘why the hell not’ direction.  Prints start at just $18 from alphonnesine. TWO I’ve been working on some robbery replacement shopping and want this leather cosmetic bag from Mark & Graham.  I totally know that white is the wrong choice for a cosmetic bag, especially at $79 but refer to number one.  Maybe I’ll use it for a travel cord bag (I keep all chargers, wires in a pouch when traveling – you should try it!). THREE little colorful bowls are one of my weaknesses!  These gems from Paper Source were taunting me all day Wednesday, but I was shopping for work, so I had to keep myself in check… but at $8 each, I might have to go back and snag a few… for styling posts, of course! FOUR this chair will be my downfall. I have at least 6 magazine pages torn out of homes with this beauty and until this moment didn’t know where it was from.  Enter, the $1500 woven chair by Ralph Lauren. The price is ridic, but boy is it gorgeous!  Maybe one day… FIVE I’m not a huge pink person, but I love how this Roger Rug from Lulu & Georgia is more of a subtle blush.  It would look really great in even neutral modern homes.  It also comes in lots of other colors! What I love about Lulu & Georgia’s rugs is that the come in every size possible, so anyone can add a little fun to their floors without completely re-doing a room.


Happy first Friday of SPRING you guys!  Who’s excited?  It’s been such a long long winter, I couldn’t be happier to see the sunnier, warmer days on the horizon. This week has been a long one.  I do some freelance styling work for a local company and have had the majority of the week devoted to sourcing props and shooting an upcoming campaign.  So this weekend, I am going to be hunkering down and finishing my closet, doing laundry, getting the house put back together after the closet reno, and hopefully reading my book!

What’s on your agenda?