The List Week 39

the list header wk39 the list wk39

Hi Friends, it’s Friday and I’m considering myself back in action.  I spent the week under-the-weather with an illness I haven’t yet decided if I’ll share or not.  We’ll see. The good news is that I’m cleared for normal activity which is going to include happy hour tonight and a return to a normal work schedule and working out on Monday.  And maybe some brunch and some fall activities this weekend.  What is on your weekend agenda?

As it turns out, being stuck in bed has it’s perks.  I’ve found some pretty amazing little treats on the web this week.  One that is unpictured is this beauty that I bought immediately.  I mean, under $20 for something so cute?

The List Week 39

No. 1 INDIGO GLORIOUS – These series of indigo cushions at Wisteria are so pretty!  I want to buy all the patterns.

No. 2 COZY FALL – Don’t you just want to cocoon yourself up in this chunky blanket? It’s undyed, organic sheep wool and looks like one of those pieces that would last you forever.  I feel like quality hand woven afghans are a lost art and everyone needs one in their living room.

No. 3 POP A SEAT – I’ve posted a few different iterations of this stool ranging from quite pricy to downright bargain.  This fold out leather camp stool has a retro brass frame and is a deal at $129.  I’m thinking a pair in an entry way would be amazing.

No. 4 FRESH RETROThis lamp!  That’s all I have to say. It’s pretty and cool. I’m a little envious of you California peeps to get to buy it since stock for the rest of the country looks to be sold out (frown face).

No. 5 CLASSIC FOR COCKTAILS – I have this thing with buying paper cocktail napkins. I only pick up the coolest, typically with no words.  These faux weave printed cocktail napkins are so cheap, so I might grab a few packs to get me through the fall and winter.

Have a wonderful weekend out there, friend!


p.s.  gorgeous drapes aren’t just for windows!  Check out my post on dreamy drapes for beds – click here.


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The List Week 38

the list header wk 38

the list wk 38

Happy Friday!  What is on your weekend agenda?  I am scooting off to Chicago this weekend for my nephew’s first birthday party and I’m excited to get out of town even if for a little bit.  I always enjoy exploring little pieces of chi-town each time I’m there and discovering something new.  My Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law’s neighborhood is always full of fun little gems.

This week, we have a few lovely finds that are totally worth a bit of you time energy (and dare I say moolah?) Let’s go!

The List Week 38

No. 1 HALF & HALF: I just love interesting coffee cups.  It’s one of those obsessions that I really have to curb due to our lack of cupboard space. If I did have more space, however, I’d totally be into these black dipped mugs.  They just remind me of the contrast between the coffee and milk while you’re pouring it in and it’s swirling around. $5 from CB2.

No. 2 SIMPLY COOL: This graphic pillow is just cool. It’s super simple, but adds a little cool factor to the throw pillow realm. I could see it being paired with a smaller all over pattern  or a texture like herringbone or tweed.  $45 from Design Life Kids – also comes in blush!

No. 3 LEATHER LATTICE: Wow!  This leather lattice basket is just beautiful, no? At first glance my thoughts went to a DIY, but then I just figured the real thing was probably better (sturdier) and has prettier leather than I could rustle up.  $118 for the small from Terrain.

No. 4 WINE HIVE: I am usually not a huge fan of wine racks because I think they’re usually pretty cheesy, but I like this gold hive version because it’s dainty and has some structural detail. $68 from Jayson Home.

No. 5 TWIN TALK: I read this amazing article about dopplegangers on Victoria’s blog and was super interested to see if there was another Erin out there, so I signed up on Twin Strangers.  Needless to say, I didn’t find a match and most people who claim to have a ‘button nose’ really don’t. They need to come to columbus and see my little mushroom nose for a comparison!


Have a fabulous weekend out there! See you back here on Monday!

The List Week 37

the list header wk37

the list wk37

Wow, it’s been quite a week over here. How about yours? Getting back into the groove after a long weekend is always a little difficult, and for me, it was compounded by a mega drive back from my girls’ trip in South Carolina on Monday.  It’s been a wonderful week in other ways, however.  I’m back with Matt and we’ve been spending our evenings alone together just cooking and relaxing.  I started working out again (true to my promise in last weeks’ list!!).  The first week of Bikini Body is kind of kicking my butt annnnnnd I’m not even that out of shape! Regardless, I’m confident that I’ll be ship shape (literally) by our sailing adventure this December in the Caribbean. I’m still working on picking out my pirate name for the occasion.

Ok, onto prettier things!

The List Week 37

No. 1 LET THERE BE LIGHT – wow, this sconce is a beauty, no?  All things considered, it isn’t a terrible price either.  I’ve seen some in the same style ranging in the $500’s, but this Flynn Sconce is $195 from Serena and Lily.

No. 2 SIDEKICK – I have told you all here before that mid-century isn’t my fave, but I’ve noticed recently that I’m drawn to a lot of little pieces and accents to maybe just support my current style.  This Ventura bedside table is among the few.  It’s simple, beautiful, and handmade.

No. 3 CHEESE PLEASE – New in the shop!  The Lotta Marble Cheese Board is beautiful addition to your happy hour (and mine, I’ve already used it last night at dinner). Get yours over in our shop with my other exclusive designs.

No. 4 AZURE DREAMS – these washed out blues are really calling to me.  This rug Geo Kilim Rug comes in everything from 2′ x 3′ up to 8′ x 10′.  I would like to get my hands on one later this fall for a new revamp to our guest room (it always needs help!).

No. 5 MORE CHEESE PLEASE – I mean, I just love cheese.  These mirrored gold cheese markers look expensive but are just $18 and are mirrored acrylic!  You can use a dry erase marker with them and to ensure everyone is very cheese-aware.

I hope these lovely picks have you inspired this beautiful late summer weekend!  See you back here on Monday with a little KITCHEN update!  (yes, already!)

The List Week 36

the list header wk36 the list wk36

Happy Friday, Friend!  I made it to South Carolina yesterday, and today I’m soaking in what feels like the last of summer’s rays with my girlfriends.  If you have any Charleston recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

For this week, I really took a turn in my house to focus more on fall and it inevitably arrives (regardless of the fact that summer didn’t quite make an appearance yet…)

The List Week 36

No. 1 IN GREAT SHAPE – the shape and scale of this hexagon mirror from West Elm is just wonderful.  I love how simple and understated it is.

No. 2 COMING SOON – The new Sinnerlig collection from Ikea (due out in October) is absolutely gorgeous.  Simple lines, organic materials, and such a gorgeous color palette.  I love everything.

No. 3 THROWBACK – There is just something about marbled enamel that makes me feel way more autumnal. It’s a throwback to the 19th century, but I still love the campfire feeling it evokes! A few pieces around the house like this marble enamel pitcher in this neutral brown will be perfect for fall.

No. 4 FALL GOALS – I need to get back in shape stat. I am going to start doing yoga with my mom (this beautiful yoga mat might help me get motivated and I’m also going to start the Bikini Body program right after this long girls weekend (I need to get ready for our December Caribbean trip!!)  Has anybody done this program before?  How do you feel about it?

No. 5 UMM APPLES – This week I made this sweet and savory apple tart and it turned out wonderfully!  It’s so easy too. I cut a round of puff pastry and curled up the edges to create a crust. Then I topped the raw tart dough with a mixture of oven roasted apples & shallots (1 apple and 1 small shallot, sliced thin, then coated in olive oil, S&P, and fresh thyme, then baked at 400 for 15 minutes)  Once the roasted apples/shallots were on the dough, I dotted it with blue cheese and sprinkled a little more S&P and thyme.  An easy and delicious pre-fall snack!

I hope you all have a great long holiday weekend ahead of you too! See you here next week!

The List Week 35

the list header wk35 the list wk 35

Guys, fall is in the air… do you smell it? It feels kind of like we never had a summer here in Ohio, but if it means we get a longer fall, than I’m game!

This week was a mixture of busy & slow.  Our internet was out here and there which forced me to do non-computer work, like cleaning my office or shopping for tonight’s event. It was a nice balance!

I’m off to start prepping food for tonight’s Marriage is Funny event that I’m co-hosting!  We’re doing a Mediterranean spread and I’m excited to style it all!

The List Week 35

No. 1 Geo Gem – this geometric wreath is perfect for the entire year!  Imagine sticking some little seasonal flourish into the frame as the months change! It’s a little pricey, but with the $50+ you could easily spend each season for a new (nice) wreath, it might end up being the economical choice.

No. 2 Enamel-ly Awesome – could this pendant be anymore gorgeous!  I absolutely love that it’s covered in white enamel which gives it a bit of a victorian industrial vibe which I try to capture in my house.  I think it’s going to the short list for our kitchen re-vamp.

No. 3 Tassel Time – I am not a huge earring person, but I like a statement earring for fun nights out.  Anything with tassels is A-ok in my book and these graphite colored leather tassel earrings are calling my name!

No. 4 Texture Heaven – I love textures much more than pattern when trying to add character to a room.  Sometimes for a room to feel cozy and brought together, you need a good dose of texture. This ‘textura’ rug is a perfect mix of pattern and texture to help any room feel complete.

No. 5 Let’s Talk – Victoria is the master of collecting stats and then presenting them in fun, easy to digest ways.  She’s currently doing a survey on personal finances, and I cannot wait to see the results (go over and take the survey in the meantime, so she can get some serious data!). Piggy bank from Z.Gallerie.


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