The List wk 12

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the list wk12

I am not quite sure how Friday got here so quickly this week.  It’s been a week of contrasts… LOTS of work during the days, but staying in and laying low at night. Eager for our vacation, but needing time to move a little slower so that I can get everything that needs to get done beforehand completed. Happy for a new little addition to our family, but sad about some other family situations.

I laid in bed last night and just felt like things were moving so quickly around me and I need them just to slow down a bit. Do you ever feel that way?  I literally felt like I could use two more days in the week before today.  Back when I worked in a corporate job, I never, ever would have taken a few more work days to my week, but somehow now, it feels like I always could use more time. My stomach literally aches thinking about how excited I am for my trip, yet everything that I should do before we leave in 20 days.  I think it’s going to be a working weekend, y’all.

There were a few little things that have been going on in my brain this week:

The List wk 12

ON MY NIGHTSTAND – in one of my mastermind groups this week, the girls mentioned the book Sprit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein and so I went and picked it up. I am so excited to dig in, but I still have to finish my current two books.  Have you read it?  If so, did you love it?

SPRING MEANS – citrus, and cocktails on the patio, and parties, and outdoor entertaining.  I can’t wait, and these lemon napkins from Serena & Lily are going to make the upcoming entertaining that much sweeter. I don’t buy pretty napkins to use as napkins, however, I usually just buy them more as decoration to line a beverage tray or tie around a carafe.  I can get buy spending less, but still making an impact that way.

FINAL TOUCHES – we only have a couple small things that still have to be done for our trip next month! We are considering a day trip to Capri (based on some of your suggestions!) and also thinking about doing a tour guide in Rome since there is so much history we want to learn about.  Any tips on those two points would be awesome!

MEOW – speaking of spring (and vacation) I picked up these Cyprus sandals from J. Crew this week and cannot wait to take them for a spin!

GIRL TO WATCH – if you guys don’t follow Lauren Kelp, you should.  I just cannot get over how talented this girl is!  She is the editor of and also Darling Magazine (which is AMAZING).  We have a little collab coming up in May which I’m pretty excited for too!

I hope your weekend is filled to the brim with wonderfulness!  Tell me, what are you up to?


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The List Week 11

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the list wk11

Happy Friday, friends!  It’s been a fabulous week over here, I feel like I’ve gotten SO much done and feel really ready for the weekend.  Last weekend, I had a lot of work to do, so I’ve really been looking forward to this one to relax and sleep in a little. So far, we have the weekend pretty free and clear of plans, so I am hoping to do some of my italian, dig into B-School more in depth, and maybe read some of my book (I’m reading Red Sparrow at the recommendation of Hitha).

The List is comprised of some of my favorite lines, items, and thoughts from the week.  I’ve been nose-to-the-gridestone all week, so my internet searchings have been little more light hearted!

The List wk: 11

ALL FOR ONE:  I have heart people talk about Dr Bronners likes it’s a miracle, but always in generalizations, and I need some real specific feedback here… I’ll be traveling next month for a few weeks and want to pack light.  I don’t want a suitcase full of bottles, but I don’t want to depend on whatever the hotels have either.  I’ve heard some people say they use Dr. Bronners for everything – hair, body, even face!  Do you have experience with it? If so, I’d love to hear!

OBSESSED: I have been slow to the clog trend, but really it’s because they’re always so pricey and I’m trying to save some moolah for our trip next month.  I stumbled upon the Esther clog and the Miranda Peep Toe – both by BRYR and I’m obsessed.  I’m going to have to make this a treat to myself at some point… Probably the peep toes!

MY UNIFORM: I am I’m usually always in one of three shirts: a chambray button-up, a silky sleeve-less with a cardigan, or a white cotton T.  I like that this cropped Mona T is a little fancier in woven cotton, but still falls into one of those things I’ll wear again and again – plus I pretty much love lots of the other stuff at Bridge & Burn too…

SIPPING SPRING: I don’t know why, but for some reason the springtime just reminds me of champagne cocktails.  I shared earlier this week a darling little treat basket for gifting a cocktail, but I’m also eager to try this Lillet Blanc cocktail from The Kitchn – doesn’t it look so refreshing?

LET’S TALK: you guys know that I don’t have children, and let’s face it, when you’re in your thirties (and have been married as long as we have), the questions really start rolling in. Now, I don’t want anyone to go around jumping to conclusions about this (family, I’m looking at you), but I found this article – via Victoria McGinley – about a woman’s choice not to have children a wonderful read.  We do plan on children at some point, but up until now, neither Matt or I have felt a tremendous pull. I know that the majority of the people who inquire are coming from a place of kindness, but there are times when I am so surprised by some of the imposing and usually quite rude questions I get.  I would NEVER ask someone, “So, why is it that you have kids, anyway?” so why does someone feel the need to pose the opposite question to me? It’s seriously mind-boggling. I have thought about writing a bigger post on this topic, but know it might push some buttons, so I’ve held off until now!


P.S. Want more?  I’m posting about some of the best window coverings for your design style today on the Bali Blog!


The List wk 10

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the list wk10

Happy Friday guys!  I hope your weeks went well? Mine was a little stressful and tight, but I made it.  I am crazy excited because I start B-School on Monday… I am not sure what to expect, but I just need to learn more about marketing my brand and lighting a fire under my goals. I have already met some amazing people.  Have you heard of our completed B-School?  I’d love to hear about your experience if so!

Today’s LIST includes a few fun articles and things that have been on my mind this week.

THE PERFECT BUCKET: Bucket bags are big this spring, and this particular style from Madewell has caught my eye… but then again, everything at Madewell catches my eye these days.

ALL ABOUT THAT BASS: If you thought guys were just driven by desire, think again, this article argues that there is a scientific reason why men love larger booties.  I think we have to take this as truth, I mean, It’s science.

EMOJIS FOR EVERYONE: Last week in the newest IOS update, they introduced updated emojis with various hair colors, skin tones, and more.  My most commonly used emojis are the red wine glass and the ‘see-no-evil’ monkey, so I don’t think that will change much with the update.  What is your most used?

FRESH SCENT: These candles from Wildfolk are so pretty and the scents look amazing.  I am grabbing the Lemon Myrtle one for an herby spring smell.

CULTURAL PREP: I’ve been chatting with a native Italian speaker (Hi Elisa!) to practice for my upcoming trip, and just generally because I want to learn Italian, but I’m trying to dig deep into some cultural but light and roamy things to do in Paris and Rome.  So far all I have on my agenda is eating and drinking and seeing old buildings. I have decided to put a visit to Shakespeare and Company on the agenda, but have you any other suggestions?


Have a great weekend!

The List wk 9

the list header wk9 the list wk9

Happy Friday from Las Vegas! I got in yesterday, midday and it has been so refreshing just to walk outside in the warm weather.  I am so looking forward to spending the weekend soaking it all in.  Tell me, what do you have on your agenda?

From my week, there are a few things that stand out:

The List Week 9

LE BRALETTE – I know bralettes aren’t a new thing, but I’ve recently decided that I need way more pretty delicates (rather than functional ones) in my life. Roseline from This is Glamorous always posts the most beautiful lacy things on Instagram which is what has inspired me. This gorgeous piece is from Free People, and is pricey, but gorgeous!

LIFESAVER – I have been living by this almond shower oil for the last two months.  It doesn’t sud up a lot, but after using it, my skin is so silky and moisturized. $25 for the large size.

NEW & NOTABLE – I love the fairly new-on-the-scene Shinola watches for their rustic simplicity – and they’re all made in the US. The Runwell is my favorite style.  Isn’t it beautiful?!

SIMPLY GORGEOUS – This cut-out mirror from Anthropologie is one of my new favorites because it’s got a lot of great detail, yet is still so simple and understated. $428.

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS? – I am not so into the regular vegas scene, so I was looking for some off-the-grid activities, like hiking or horseback riding.  Any suggestions in this totally crazy city? I do have a mystery novel in my bag and I still might just hunker down and the pool and read my weekend away, but I’d be curious if anyone has a ‘must-do’.

There are a few other things that are notable around here:

– If you are local to Columbus, ReDress Columbus is hosting a spring even and I am going to be participating by sharing spring home trends and having my product line there for sale.  The event is on Tuesday, March 3rd- details are here – and I would LOVE to see you there!

– Second, House of Cards starts today… do you watch?

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

The List wk 8

the list header wk8 the list wk8

So, it’s a little mean to post a predominately Friday column on a Thursday, but I’ll assure you, it is actually not Friday yet.  We are doing our office reveal tomorrow, so I’m posting The List today! I am pretty excited for the weekend, however.  Aside from the excitement surrounding the office reveal, I am happy to have absolutely zero on the schedule.  I am going to dive into more italian lessons and a few online business courses I’m taking.  This week, A few things caught my eye!

The List wk 8

TAXES:  I used to be like, “what’s the problem” when people griped about tax season, but now I’m a griper too. Before owning my own business, I would just send away my w-2 and wait for the check to hit my bank account.  Now, I have a gazillion forms, receipts, papers, charts, whathaveyou.  I really enjoyed this post by Mike Gilger of Wild Measure & The Fresh Exchange which talks throughly about taxes for creative entrepreneurs.  If you need some solid guidance, give it a read.

WINTER TEXTURE: you guys know I love my neutrals, and I find that differentiating between summer and winter is all about texture for me. I like how this slightly nubby rug from Anthropologie is done in all cream giving it a cozy, snowy vibe.  I know I just confessed my thing for rugs yesterday and I already have a nubby cream rug, but this one is different, I swear.

APP-MAZING:  I’m not sure if you guys have seen this app yet, but I love it!  It’s called Felt, and you can create and hand write notecards and photo cards, plus handwrite the envelope and send it all through the app.  It’s a wonderful idea and might just encourage me to be better about sending cards.

PERSONALITIES & BUSINESS:  So, I mentioned an online business course earlier, but during one of the webinars, they were speaking about Meyers Briggs personality tests and how they apply to you as an entrepreneur.  I hadn’t taken one since high school, but I hopped on and took it.  It was crazy to see that I’m exactly the same type I was back then.  Pretty much an exact split between ESTJ and ENTJ… An interesting fact is that the majority of US presidents who’ve taken the test are ESTJs.  Maybe I missed my calling!  What are you?

SCALLOPED PERFECTION:  I saw this mirror in a bathroom on Pinterest this week and just love how simple it is and how much interest it still offers.

Have a great one, friends!  I’ll be back tomorrow with the office reveal!  Eee!