The List Week 42

the list header wk42

the list wk42

Whew – this week’s been a doozy.  It was fast and slow at once with me never really being able to pinpoint what day it was.  Monday felt like Wednesday and Thursday felt like Wednesday. I’ve been pulled in lots of different directions this week for projects, volunteer work, and work work, so it’s just been a bit of a whirlwind, with a slow whirl.  Does that make sense?

Anyway, this weekend, the whirl continues.  Matt and I haven’t had much time to enjoy the fall weather these past few weeks, so today we’re playing hooky and heading out to a little chain of 4-5 wineries in eastern Ohio.  Follow along on Instagram for beautiful foliage and flights of the good stuff.

The List Week 42

No. 1 FOR A GOOD CAUSE – I was catching up on some blog reading this week and saw the absolutely gorgeous party produced by Joy Cho… Not only was it beautiful, however, it was also for a great cause – to benefit the FEED project and to teach kids about giving back as well.  Fabulous idea.

No. 2 REAL STEAL – This graphic black and white cushion is so pretty I was actually surprised when I saw it was from Target! It’s definitely on my fall wish list.

No. 3 WINE & BUTTER – So, we’re headed out to (Ohio) wine country today, and I discovered after a little research that there is actually an apple butter festival in the town we’ll be in. I’M SO IN. For your fix, try this salted carmel apple butter.  Mmmm…

No. 4 A FOX, SKIP, AND A JUMP – Nothing more to report here than I just like this watercolor meets woodlands art from Crate & Barrel.

No. 5 LET’S HAVE A SEAT – I thought this black rattan stool was something adorable to share (and it was cheaaaap) but then it was snatched offline while I was typing this post.  So although this exact stool isn’t available, black rattan is still hot and you can get it in the form of a table, loveseat, chair, or trunk.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

p.s.  for those of you who have interest in starting a product line – I am doing a workshop next week!  It’s 3 action packed hours and we’d love to have you!


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The List Week 41

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I’m a little late on the draw this morning.  This week has just been one of those weeks… you know?  It started out totally on track then a last minute project totally threw me off schedule. But guess what?  There’s next week to try it again! How was this week for you?  Any fun plans for the weekend?

I’m clearly drawn to warmth this week in The List.  Warm colors, textures, and materials. There is a lot of great stuff here, so let’s dig in!

The List Week 41

No. 1 CHAIR PERFECTION – I about jumped through my computer screen when I saw this chair from Spence & Lyda.  It’s just perfect!  I love how the rattan is a little vintage, but with the color blocking it leans a little modern.  Lovely, right?

No. 2 SIMPLE CERAMICS – Ikea’s new Sinnerlig collection is totally on point.  The simplicity and deep colors of these ceramic pitchers is just beautiful and the price is pretty perfect too… and while we’re talking about Ikea, if you haven’t seen this video yet, you must.  I about choked on my lunch when I watched it for the first time.

No. 3 SPOOKY CHIC – My friend Brittany from The House That Lars Built came up with these really pretty halloween plaques! I might have to make a few!

No. 4 COZY FALL – This cozy geometric pillow just really jumped out at me this week and I want to buy it so badly!

No. 5 SPECKLED – I am really captivated by all of the speckled stationary over at Evermore Paper co – from the stickers to the journals to the notecards.  They’re all pretty beautiful and unique!

I hope you have a fabulous fall weekend!

The List Week 40

the list header wk40 the list wk40

Happy weekend! It’s felt very long for me, what about you? Fall is creeping into the air over here and I’m excited to revel in the autumnal feelings over here.  I have a yoga class tomorrow morning, then plan on trekking up to some fall flea markets.  Tomorrow evening we have dinner out with some friends and Sunday I plan on relaxing and finishing my current book.  What is on your agenda this lovely first weekend of October?

Here are some current goodies that are catching my eye…

The List Week 40

No. 1 ALL MINE – I love this copper cube candleholder for my fall table! AND it’s only $20!  Can you believe it?

No. 2 SOFT STRIPES – soft indigo striping is one of my favorite things. These linen coasters are pretty high on my wish list right now for fall entertaining.

No. 3 BETTER THAN BEFORE – So, I shared a few rug selections with you guys last week, and one of our readers, Barb, actually introduced me to another source that is AH-mazing.  The prices are great, the selection is never ending and they have free shipping.  If you guys haven’t checked out esale rugs, do it now and you can thank Barb later.

No. 4 DID YOU HEAR? – Did you hear that you’re amazing?  And you can do this?  If you need a little pick-me-up, go ahead and click over to the pep talk generator. You’re welcome.

No. 5 A QUICK FIND – I like having a keychain that is easy to fish for in my purse, but I don’t love giant, obnoxious baubles that take UP the whole purse.  This tassel key fob by Spring Finn & co is perfect.  The long tassels would make it easy to grab & find while it is’t too big.

Enjoy these little bits of the internet and have a great weekend, guys!

The List Week 39

the list header wk39 the list wk39

Hi Friends, it’s Friday and I’m considering myself back in action.  I spent the week under-the-weather with an illness I haven’t yet decided if I’ll share or not.  We’ll see. The good news is that I’m cleared for normal activity which is going to include happy hour tonight and a return to a normal work schedule and working out on Monday.  And maybe some brunch and some fall activities this weekend.  What is on your weekend agenda?

As it turns out, being stuck in bed has it’s perks.  I’ve found some pretty amazing little treats on the web this week.  One that is unpictured is this beauty that I bought immediately.  I mean, under $20 for something so cute?

The List Week 39

No. 1 INDIGO GLORIOUS – These series of indigo cushions at Wisteria are so pretty!  I want to buy all the patterns.

No. 2 COZY FALL – Don’t you just want to cocoon yourself up in this chunky blanket? It’s undyed, organic sheep wool and looks like one of those pieces that would last you forever.  I feel like quality hand woven afghans are a lost art and everyone needs one in their living room.

No. 3 POP A SEAT – I’ve posted a few different iterations of this stool ranging from quite pricy to downright bargain.  This fold out leather camp stool has a retro brass frame and is a deal at $129.  I’m thinking a pair in an entry way would be amazing.

No. 4 FRESH RETROThis lamp!  That’s all I have to say. It’s pretty and cool. I’m a little envious of you California peeps to get to buy it since stock for the rest of the country looks to be sold out (frown face).

No. 5 CLASSIC FOR COCKTAILS – I have this thing with buying paper cocktail napkins. I only pick up the coolest, typically with no words.  These faux weave printed cocktail napkins are so cheap, so I might grab a few packs to get me through the fall and winter.

Have a wonderful weekend out there, friend!


p.s.  gorgeous drapes aren’t just for windows!  Check out my post on dreamy drapes for beds – click here.

The List Week 38

the list header wk 38

the list wk 38

Happy Friday!  What is on your weekend agenda?  I am scooting off to Chicago this weekend for my nephew’s first birthday party and I’m excited to get out of town even if for a little bit.  I always enjoy exploring little pieces of chi-town each time I’m there and discovering something new.  My Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law’s neighborhood is always full of fun little gems.

This week, we have a few lovely finds that are totally worth a bit of you time energy (and dare I say moolah?) Let’s go!

The List Week 38

No. 1 HALF & HALF: I just love interesting coffee cups.  It’s one of those obsessions that I really have to curb due to our lack of cupboard space. If I did have more space, however, I’d totally be into these black dipped mugs.  They just remind me of the contrast between the coffee and milk while you’re pouring it in and it’s swirling around. $5 from CB2.

No. 2 SIMPLY COOL: This graphic pillow is just cool. It’s super simple, but adds a little cool factor to the throw pillow realm. I could see it being paired with a smaller all over pattern  or a texture like herringbone or tweed.  $45 from Design Life Kids – also comes in blush!

No. 3 LEATHER LATTICE: Wow!  This leather lattice basket is just beautiful, no? At first glance my thoughts went to a DIY, but then I just figured the real thing was probably better (sturdier) and has prettier leather than I could rustle up.  $118 for the small from Terrain.

No. 4 WINE HIVE: I am usually not a huge fan of wine racks because I think they’re usually pretty cheesy, but I like this gold hive version because it’s dainty and has some structural detail. $68 from Jayson Home.

No. 5 TWIN TALK: I read this amazing article about dopplegangers on Victoria’s blog and was super interested to see if there was another Erin out there, so I signed up on Twin Strangers.  Needless to say, I didn’t find a match and most people who claim to have a ‘button nose’ really don’t. They need to come to columbus and see my little mushroom nose for a comparison!


Have a fabulous weekend out there! See you back here on Monday!