The List Wk 21

the list header wk21 the list wk21

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you’ve got a wonderful long weekend planned!  Is there anything exciting on your agenda?

We’re planning on doing a lot of work outside, relaxing and even doing a little brunch and pool time on Sunday (Sunday-Funday anyone?).

I’ve been seeing lots of summery gorgeousness on the web this week and luckily (!!) there are a ton of Memorial Day sales going on too.

The List Week 21

No. 1 Citronella Perfect – Pretty little bowls are perfect for making my DIY citronella candles AND Nordstrom is having a big half yearly sale (up to 40% off), so jump on this deal.  They’re just $21 for a set of 6!! No. 2 Beach ReadyThis bag is so pretty and so perfect for the summer trips AND J.Crew is having 25% sales today! No. 3 Chic Dip – I thought I was pretty ‘over’ the dipped utensils, but these copper and white dipped utensils are too gorgeous not to share. No. 4 Summer Safari – I feel like lawn chairs are always so ugly, but not anymore… these safari camp chairs are beautiful AND a steal!! No. 5 Shine Bright – The lurex woven right into this Shimmer Rug from West Elm is a perfect neutral statement.

Have a great one!  I’ll see you back here next Tuesday after our long holiday weekend!!


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The List Week 20

the list header wk20

the list wk20

It’s been a quite a week around here!  First, we had a wonderful Mother’s day and had a cookout with both Matt’s parents and mine. Secondly, we celebrated our Grandmother’s 95th (!!) birthday.  If you read last week’s list, you know that she is in the hospital and we’re working on some long term options for her since Matt and I aren’t able to care for her anymore in her current situation. If anyone has dealt with finding nursing homes for someone they love, you know how much it sucks, but sometimes it’s just necessary. The rest of the week I chauffeured Matt to and from work since he was still recovering from eye surgery and in between driving Miss Daisy, I really dug into work. I am almost ready to share a new project I’m working on which has literally nothing to do with this space.

This weekend is going to be all about FUN!  Today, I’m headed out to the Springfield annual flea market with a friend and I’m eager to see what I find…  Follow along on Insta for peeks! Then, tomorrow night, we’re going to see TV on the Radio.  Saturday, I’m having a party at the house (which will be on the blog next week!).  Sunday, I’m helping Matt’s mom and her new husband plan their honeymoon to Paris.  Jam packed, but all fun stuff.

What’s on your agenda?

This weeks LIST!

SCENT SAMPLER – I love travel candles because I don’t have to commit to a big candle if I am unsure about a scent.  I heard about these mini Simple Curated beauties from Victoria and I can’t wait to get mine in the mail!

SITTING PRETTY – I love the natural bamboo style chairs that are everywhere right now and am thinking about this guy for my house since the price is perfect and the style is spot on.

PALM CHIC – Isn’t this clutch the perfect summer statement?  I can see it paired with my black jumpsuit and gold accessories.

PITCH PERFECT – Has anyone seen it yet?!  I cannot wait to get to the theater to see it asap.  I loved the first one and listen to the soundtrack on repeat.  I’ve got a pretty jam packed weekend, but sunday afternoon is looking like a contender. picture source

BRUNCHING – My friends Kelly and Ashley put together the most gorgeous brunch, you’ve got to see every last detail (especially the “avocado” donuts)!


Have a great weekend, Friends!

The List Week 19

the list header wk19 the list wk19

This week has been a bit rough for us.  A lot has been going on.  We came right off a whirlwind return from our vacation and went head first into my Mother-in-Law’s wedding for which I did the flowers (to be shared soon!!) and was also a bridesmaid. Then, just a day after the wedding, Matt’s grandmother went into the hospital.  At 95, nobody is super surprised when she has health issues, but as her primary caretakers, we have spent a lot of time this week trying to figure out what the next step is for our living situation.  We still don’t have a solid plan, but it’s something we’re hoping to work on this weekend with her expected return home. I definitely plan to share more with you guys at some point since I feel that there are probably many of you out there who are dealing with or will be dealing with caring for an aging parent (or grandparent) in the future.

Aside from all of that (as if there needs to be anything else!), Matt had surgery yesterday on his eyes, so I’m working on nursing him back to health. He had been living with a cornea issue for the last ten years and hopefully he’ll be able to see clearly in a few days!

As not-fun as some of this week was, we’re looking forward to a fun weekend!  We’re having happy hour at our house tomorrow and will be celebrating a wedding shower and a close friend’s birthday on Saturday. On Sunday, we’re going to celebrate both of our Mothers with a little cookout over at our house after we work on our vegetable garden.

I’m looking forward to life normalizing a bit in the coming weeks, so we’ll see if that happens!!

Today, I have a few things that caught my eye throughout the week:

The List Week 19

S’Quiela – I was wandering around the grocery store waiting on the pharmacy to fill all of Matt’s post-surgery scrips when stumbled upon the prettiest bottles of grapefruit soda.  Then I looked closer and realized it was alcoholic grapefruit soda… even better! I picked up a few bottles to give a try this weekend.  I’ll let you know how it is.

Love & Marriage – I was pretty excited to discover that one of my favorite people – Jessie Artigue of Style + Pepper is starting a podcast!  She and her husband are in it together and they’re talking about marriage.  The podcast is titled, “Marriage is Funny”.  I can’t wait until it comes out!

More Mudcloth – I love the simple graphic patterns of African mud cloth, but it can be pretty pricey!  These Kuba Cloth pillows are still $175 each, but that’s a lot less than the $250 Euro price tags I saw in Paris.

Obsessed – I pretty much love everything by Ulla Johnson.  Her feminine chic boho style is right up my alley. I am especially obsessing over these gorgeous tassel d’orsays. (Check out the Jaipur dress too….love)

Just My Style – I found this photo by Kate Zimmerman while browsing around the web the other day and just love how summery it made me feel.  It’s still pretty neutral and natural, but a bit more playful than what I currently have going.  The southwest boho vibes are spot on for a new project I’ve got brewing.


Let me know what is on YOUR weekend agenda!  Have a great one, guys!

The List wk 14

the list header wk14

the list wk14

Happy Friday guys!  The countdown is really on for me… one week from today and I’ll be jet-setting off to Paris. I can’t wait. This week was full of shipping our new spring designs and hustling to get more of the most popular styles made.  I am really looking forward to the downtime from the internet I’ll have while abroad so that I can brainstorm some designs for upcoming seasons, gaining inspiration from the natural and romantic surroundings.  I definitely think it’s the perfect place to go to replenish design inspiration.

Onto this week’s list!

The List Week 14

DATE DRINKING: A super funny article about how and what to drink on a date.

BEAUTY & FUNCTION:  Probably the most beautiful kitchen accessories and tons of other minimal, artsy goods from home to fashion.  The name of the shop – spartan – says it all.

MESSINESS WELCOMED:  If you’ve never had an outdoor rug before, make this your year.  They look like chic flat-weave rugs that you’d put indoors, but they’re usually made of plastic fibers and can just be hosed off outside.  I bought one for my patio this year, but I used to have one in my kitchen and in my entry.  I hope to get a new one for indoors soon and this beauty from One Kings Lane is high on my list.

INSPIRATION UNLIMITED:  I discovered homify this week, and subsequently, I’ve been ogling gorgeous European homes.  If you love getting inspiration from across the pond, this is the place to do it. I love this warehouse-turned apartment and think it might inspire a few decision in my future home (black-cased windows, I’m looking at you).

IT’S TOPS:  If you don’t have a panama hat yet, it’s time.  This one from Cuyana is my favorite and looks good on everyone.  Go ahead, treat yo’self.


Around here this week:

Beautifully minimal black and white Easter eggs

A chic wine pairing party

What to do with an old rug?

The prettiest home I’ve seen in a while

The List wk 13

the list header wk13

the list wk13

It’s the weekend!  I am quite excited for a few things we have going on, mainly having a little pasta party tomorrow night with friends (recipes to come!) and seeing our newest niece, Alice on Sunday.  We had our first run from a new factory in Atlanta arrive yesterday and everything looks so awesome, it makes me so happy. Previously, our new spring walnut items were made local in Ohio, but we have a good friend and woodworker who runs a larger operation in the ATL, so we’ve utilized his talents and I’m glad I did.

Also this week, I did some wedding flower mockups for a May wedding which went beautifully (see the photos on insta!!).  The wedding will be the week I get back from my Europe trip, so I already know it’s going to be crazy, and I’m just preparing for that.

Here is what tops my list this week!

The List Week 13

TASSELS FOR DAYS – I love tassels and pretty much every necklace I wear is some sort of dangly vehicle for more tassels.  I’m working this into some summer additions to the shop. Don’t worry! In the meantime, I’m eyeing this beautiful charm and tassel piece from Honeyrose&K, a local Columbus company!

GET IN MY HOUSE – what do I love more than gray + white?  Gray + white + global.  This rug from Dot & Bo is so amazing, it makes me consider buying it for a future room in a future house (one that isn’t carpeted like my current one).

GILDED GREAT – I love when I look at something and automatically start to think about how I can make it.  That is exactly what happened with this Lily Brass Pendant, but if you’re not the DIY type, just buy this fabulous new arrival from Boudie & Fou.

RUNNING WILD – I’ve been on a bit of a wild sandal kick trying to use sheer will to get spring to arrive.  Also, I’m looking for something I can wear on my trip to Europe that will be cute and comfy.  These embellished ankle wrap sandals are definitely both and they’re just $22… so there is no reason not to buy them.

WHAT’S IN A NAME – I found this page via Kelly and my name is SO me… like scary me. Matt laughed out loud when I read it to him.  I have a hard time believing that all Erin’s are like this, but maybe it’s just a coincidence for me!  What does your name say about you? Wooden letters from anthro

other goodies:

A couple of my suggestions when it comes to window treatments in the bathroom.

A VIRTUAL wine tasting with me, next week… be there.


Have a great one, friends!