The List Week 35

the list header wk35 the list wk 35

Guys, fall is in the air… do you smell it? It feels kind of like we never had a summer here in Ohio, but if it means we get a longer fall, than I’m game!

This week was a mixture of busy & slow.  Our internet was out here and there which forced me to do non-computer work, like cleaning my office or shopping for tonight’s event. It was a nice balance!

I’m off to start prepping food for tonight’s Marriage is Funny event that I’m co-hosting!  We’re doing a Mediterranean spread and I’m excited to style it all!

The List Week 35

No. 1 Geo Gem – this geometric wreath is perfect for the entire year!  Imagine sticking some little seasonal flourish into the frame as the months change! It’s a little pricey, but with the $50+ you could easily spend each season for a new (nice) wreath, it might end up being the economical choice.

No. 2 Enamel-ly Awesome – could this pendant be anymore gorgeous!  I absolutely love that it’s covered in white enamel which gives it a bit of a victorian industrial vibe which I try to capture in my house.  I think it’s going to the short list for our kitchen re-vamp.

No. 3 Tassel Time - I am not a huge earring person, but I like a statement earring for fun nights out.  Anything with tassels is A-ok in my book and these graphite colored leather tassel earrings are calling my name!

No. 4 Texture Heaven - I love textures much more than pattern when trying to add character to a room.  Sometimes for a room to feel cozy and brought together, you need a good dose of texture. This ‘textura’ rug is a perfect mix of pattern and texture to help any room feel complete.

No. 5 Let’s Talk - Victoria is the master of collecting stats and then presenting them in fun, easy to digest ways.  She’s currently doing a survey on personal finances, and I cannot wait to see the results (go over and take the survey in the meantime, so she can get some serious data!). Piggy bank from Z.Gallerie.


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What do YOU have going on this weekend?  I want to know what you’re up to!


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The List Week 34

the list header wk34 the list wk34

It has been a bear of a week for me, how has yours been?  I have been up to my ears in work for my new online workshop and it’s not looking to settle down anytime soon.  I am happy about the hard work, however, because this is something I believe makers & creators will really benefit from.

This weekend, I am really going to get outside, get moving and hopefully go a bike ride (which will be the first this summer and the summer’s almost over!!) What is on your weekend agenda?

The List Week 34

No. 1 SUMMER TRANSITION: I don’t wear a TON of scarves, but I do get one each year to transition me in the spring and fall seasons.  I usually wear it more as a cape or a shawl over tanks and this year, I’m eyeing this pretty city-scape wool scarf from Madewell.

No. 2 SIMPLE BEAUTY: Wow!  This directors chair is absolute perfection! Sleek, but warm and aged.  This is going high (high!) on my wish list!

No. 3 SOFT BLACK: Black dinnerware has been all the rage recently, and although I like it, I prefer this soft, organic feeling black dinnerware from World Market.  Plus, it’s on sale!

No. 4 SUBTLE STRIPES: I like stripes, but usually they’re a bit preppy for my taste, so I always love finding a subtle version like on these metallic stripe linen napkins.

No. 5 CHIRP CHIRP: How cute is this little gold grasshopper?  He might be a welcome addition to some bookcases in my living room that haven’t see an update in years.


Have a fabulous weekend, friend!  And don’t forget about the virtual happy hour tonight!! More info here.

The List Week 33

the list header wk33 the list wk33

Happy Friday, Friend!  I’ve been doing some volunteer work building a website for my local Mayoral candidate, and everything I’ve been seeing the last few days has been red, white, or blue, so I clearly was drawn to the color-less today! After I put these together I look at everything and thought, “whoa, I was on color overload this week and needed a break!”

This weekend is going to be full of nose-to-the-gridstone work for me.  My other business, helping indie designers create product lines, has a big milestone next week in that we’re having our first ever live broadcast webinar (something I’m totally new to) and this weekend I’ll be preparing the content that I’ll be teaching.

No more talk of work, though!  On to the LIST!

The List Wk 33

No. 1 OLD MEETS NEW: This marble and matte black lamp is so so lovely.  I saw it on pinterest and was impressed when I saw it was from West Elm.  I thought it was going to be one of those lighting sites where things are like $400 for a candle sconce.  Even though it’s a desk lamp style, I think this would be most perfect taking center stage beside some amazing art on an entry table or console in your main living area.

No. 2 PRETTY + PUNK: Ummm…. I’m obsessed with these earrings.  I’m buying them today and wearing them forever.

No. 3 TOTALLY COOL: This cooler diy by creative maven, Molly, is totally up my alley.  Matt’s ugly lunch cooler is getting the royal treatment this weekend.

No. 4 B+W AT IT’S BEST: Sometimes black and white can be so stark, but this Sula mirror with it’s texture, worn wood, and geometric pieces is warm and intriguing. Sure, it’s $998, but it’s giant at almost 5 feet tall!  Make a statement in any room with this guy.

No. 5 MORE MINIS (please): Guys, I have a problem, keep me away from the mini bowls!! Just kidding, let me buy these slip porcelain faceted mini bowls first! At just $12 each, they’re affordable art in bowl form!



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No-cricut-needed geometric glassware

Bachelor Pad Bedroom Before & After


p.s.  If you or anyone you know has always dreamed of starting a product line, please check out  I’m hosting a live webinar next week (sign up here) to talk about creating your own line and this week on the blog in celebration of the webinar, I’ve been counting down the top 10 ways to get started TODAY with your own line. This is something readers, blog colleagues, and friends have been asking me for, and I decided it was time to give the people what they want! :)

The List Week 32

the list header wk32

the list wk 32

Wow, another week has just flown past. Matt and I have been almost wondering what to do with ourselves after finishing the rental house renovations.  Luckily, I have a big course launch over on which is coming up at the end of August, so I thankfully have something to consume my time (that’s partial sarcasm).  Right now, I’m sipping my coffee and thinking that a trip to the pool might be in order later this afternoon… but for now, I’ll try to get all my work done so that I can be without a worry later on.

This week I have managed to spend a bit of time on the line, and I wanted to share a few of the lovely little things I found!

No. 1 BEAUTIFUL BRASS – This new little marble and brass side table from West Elm is the cutest!! I need another side table like I need a hole in my head, but I’m sure one of you need it?!  Right?!

No. 2 MODERN MEDITATIVE – I really really love hand-blocked prints, but find that they don’t usually fit into my style, so I was really happy to find these prints from Susan Connor which kind of meld traditional Indian patterns with modern layouts.

No. 3 HAPPY HOUR READY – Did you guys know that I’ve been hosting Instagram happy hour over on the Cambria Wines Insta account this summer?  Well, if not, you do now!  Follow @cambriawines and @earnesthomeco_ to see the snacks that I pair with a different drink each Friday evening! All I can say about tonight’s pairing is that there is truffle salt involved… Mmmm.

No. 4 SEW CUTE – You guys know I HATE to sew, but I came across this tutorial for a twisted top bikini and I might just break out the machine.  I’ve been looking for a cute twisty top in black that isn’t a bazillion dollars, so I may give this a go!  Tell me, do you sew?  Have you ever tried swimwear?

No. 5 GEO GEMS – Aren’t this vases pretty?  I pretty much love everything from Convivial Production – its all simple ceramics in a milky white finish.  Definitely check out the hexagon bowls too!

Well, I’m off to jam through some end-of-the-week work before taking a load off and enjoying some me-time!  I’d love to hear what you’re up to this weekend!  Let us know below in the comments!

The List Week 31

the list header wk31 the list wk 31

Wow, I thought this day would never come.  We’ve been working like dogs next door in the rental to get it ready for the renters who move in tomorrow.  It’s been scraping wallpaper, painting, sanding, staining, replacing electrical & you name it every night for the last several weeks. Matt and I are exhausted!  Today is the final push and all I have on my agenda is to put in new shower heads and clean the porch. I can see an end in sight.

We’re celebrating the completion of a monster project by doing a beer tasting tomorrow and getting massages on Sunday.  I can’t wait to finally have a weekend that doesn’t involve heavy labor.

This week, I’m inspired by the clean palette we’ve been creating next door and I’ve fallen in love with a handful of inspiring little bits from the web.

The List Week 31

No. 1 GETTING ARTSY – I realized this week, after buying art for a design client, that I need some art in my home.  I have mirrors and small photos, but I don’t really have any compelling art.  Let me ask you – do you have art in your home?  How did you choose it? Where did you buy it? I love the natural looking ‘Rinse and Repeat” by Susie Allen.

No. 2 H2O ON THE GO – I am trying really hard to drink more water, but I’m so bad at it!  I think maybe this beautiful water jug would really help. I always find myself inspired to do things I’m slacking on when the accessories are prettier (we’re looking at you work-out wear!).

No. 3 IDEAL GETAWAY – After this renovation, Matt and I are ready for a relaxing vacation.  We are scheduled to hit the Caribbean in December, but I feel like everyone is taunting me online with beautiful pictures from Tulum.  We love Mexico, so I’m going to put it on the short list for next year. (photo: Coqui Coqui)

No. 4 B&W BEAUTIES – I need another set of mini bowls like I need a hole in the head, but aren’t these hand painted Moroccan bowls from West Elm just perfect?

No. 5 CONCRETE MATTERS – I am not a huge fan of concrete home accessories, but this pendant light struck a chord with me.  It’s minimal, but still has a bit of flair and glamour.


I hope you have something fun or relaxing planned for this weekend! Just like every Friday this summer, I’m taking over the Cambria Wines Insta account to share my happy hour sips and snacks! Come over to @EarnestHomeco_ on Insta to link up & check it out!

p.s.  I’m starting a Q&A Monday over on, so if you’ve EVER had any questions about creating a product line like I did with Earnest Home co, pop it in the comments below and maybe I’ll choose it on Monday to answer!