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Happy weekend guys!  I was a little overwhelmed this week with random crap and ended up missing a post, but I'm sure you all forgive

Guys, it's week 44.  Do you know what that means?  Seven weeks until Christmas is what that means.  Since I got to fall a little

Oooh boy, did Fall come full force this week or what?  It's been gorgeous here in the midwest with cool and crisp temps and

On one hand, I'm glad it's Friday, but on the other hand, I haven't gotten nearly enough done this week.  I'm finding that this

I don't quite feel like it's Friday.  Ever since having the baby, my work has been at odd days or hours, working mostly around

This week just kind of flew by for me

It's one of those weeks where I thought it was Friday on Thursday and then finding out the truth was a huge let down.  Weekends

Hello, friends! Are you so happy it's Friday? I certainly am.  Matt went back to work this week, so I'm glad it's the weekend and

Well, by this time if you follow on Instagram (@earnesthomeco_) you'll have seen that we had our bundle of joy! We're just getting settled

Are you glad it's Friday? It's been a long week for me, but I'm glad the weekend's rolled around and will be enjoying the