The List Week 47 – Black Friday Deals!

the list header wk47

the list wk47

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!  I spent the day with my family eating, playing cards, and chatting.  I especially loved the hour I spent with my grandma talking about our family history (I’m a closet junkie) and discussing how we’re related to Abraham Lincoln (he’s a distant cousin).

Today, and all weekend really, you don’t even have to leave your house to get in on some of the amazing black friday deals out there.  My favorite shops are all offering great discounts, so I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite selections – holiday & everyday – to get you in the shopping spirit!

The List Week 47

No. 1 BOTTLE OF CHEER – Carafes are so great for entertaining because you can have a gorgeous table or bar without all the labels (because some aren’t pretty!) or you can premix your cocktails so that you aren’t spending time making a new one for each visitor.  This white bottle with a cork topper is gorgeous and on sale for the holiday! REGULAR $59, NOW $29.  See the whole collection or shop other Macy’s goodies all for an extra 20% off with Promocode THANKS

No. 2 PRETTY UNDER FOOT – This black and white reversible rug runner is SO cute and it’s quite large at 2.5 x 6′ (although there are smaller sizes)!  And it’s a 50% off! Get it now for $25 or shop all of the cozy and cheery home deals at H&M with free shipping using promo code 3265

No. 3 SIMPLE HOLIDAY – I love a simple understated tree.  Usually good looking faux trees are pricey, but this one is 20% off with free shipping, so get it today for just over $30 and you’ll be holiday ready in no time! OR shop the entire giant sale at Nordstrom and get an extra 25% off certain sale items!

No. 4 COZY ON THE MANTLE – I have to stop myself each year from buying new stockings because they just keep getting more and more adorable! Isn’t this chunky knitted cream stocking just the cutest? and TODAY ONLY every single item at Anthro is 25% off with promo code SHOPTOIT

No. 5 POM WONDERFUL – ok, because the 25% off everything sale at Anthro is so good, I’m going to throw in a throw pillow. This grey and cream pom pillow has been on my wish list for a while, so today might just be the day to make it happen.


Guys!  These sales are only good for a limited time, so get out there and take advantage today! Happy Shopping!


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The List Week 45

the list header wk45

the list wk45

Are you as glad about it being Friday as I am?  It’s been a long week for us.  Long nights of work and lots of gym time mean that I’m tired, sore, and ready to relax this weekend!  BUT all that work paid off and a ton of great stuff happened on the business front this week, so I’m glad I burned the midnight oil a few times.

This week, I pretty much love everything on the list.  I am definitely buying the lamp, door mat and blanket.  I’m 50/50 on the art and the bag is too pricey for me right now, but beautiful none the less.  Let’s dig in, shall we?

The List Week 45

No. 1 BRIGHT IDEA – isn’t this lamp everything you dream of?!  I saw it on pinterest and thought, “oh that’s lovely, but must be $300…” Nope.  This marble and brass beauty is from Target and it’s $55. Score.

No. 2 COME IN! – I love how sweet this ‘gather’ doormat is!  Perfect for the holiday’s and just $12.

No. 3 CARRY IT ALL – I think a really stylish carry-on speaks volumes.  If you’re in need of one, this laser cut leather and suede bag is not only gorgeous, it’s hand made.  $309

No. 4 CHUNKY COZY – I could use another throw in my life.  This chunky cozy plaid blanket would be perfect for the Christmas changes I have cooked up for our living room. PLUS it’s only $34.

No. 5 TORCHED – I have been looking for some art for my dining room and this ‘Torched’ art by Kaydi Bishop just might fit the bill.  I wanted something abstract, but not too out there.

Which is your favorite?  Tell me below and have an awesome weekend!


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The List Week 44

the list header wk44

the list wk44

It’s FRIDAY! Are you excited?  It’s been a jam packed week over here, but such a great one too.  Some projects were completed with others just launching, so it was a wonderfully fulfilling week.  Of the projects that are complete, I have spent the last 6 months working behind the scenes in web development and social media on a local mayoral campaign and I’m happy to say that my candidate WON, so I am finally relaxing a bit. That was a load of stress that is hard to describe and I wasn’t even the one running for office!

Of the new projects, I am launching a new e-course for people who want to design their own product lines and the big kick-off for the launch is today! Head over here to get my new video, The 10 Step Product Line Jumpstart.  It’s geared toward creatives who have always wanted to design/launch a product but just don’t know where to start.

Ok, onto this week’s list!

The List Week 44

No. 1 HANDMADE BRILLIANCE – It’s hard to describe how beautiful the tiles are from Fireclay.  I’ve got a big soft spot for this star and cross design in a deep chalky gray and the hand painted styles are NOT to be missed.

No. 2 PAY IT FORWARD – I received the sweetest tea towel in the mail this week from my friend Kelly.  I got to reading the attached tag and realized that it was a style she herself had designed for FashionABLE, a brand devoted to empowering women through creating jobs locally and around the world.  Read up on the brand and get Kelly’s towels here!

No. 3 LEATHER POWER – this leather bound mirror is so pretty!  I love leather anything, so I was drawn to the simplicity and the warmth of this piece.

No. 4 I’VE GOT A PROBLEM – I love buying mugs.  My mug cupboard overfloweth, however.  These stoneware beauties from Crate & Barrel actually have me considering getting rid of some old ones so that I can buy these!

No. 5 REPLACEMENTS – I lost my little garden snippers like a year ago and still haven’t surrendered to the fact that they’re really lost.  I just need to get over it and get some new ones.  I love this adorable little twine and scissor bundle from (local Ohio!) shop Frog Goes to Market.


Other bits of amazing…

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Movie Night!

The List Week 44

the list header wk44 the list wk 44

I am so happy it’s Friday… but more than that, I’m so happy that election day is Tuesday. I know this sounds super strange, but I’ve been volunteering on a local Mayoral campaign team and it’s been…intense. Mark my word, I’ll never run for public office.  Ever.

Ok, now that that rant is over. How was your week?  Mine was full of work.  Packing and shipping orders, creating a new shop site (which isn’t live yet), and working out.  I’ve got to get ready for our trip to the caribbean in December!  Today we’re headed to Chicago for my brother-in-law’s birthday and I’m excited because it’s a costume party!  I will show picks on Insta, but warning… my costume will look oddly familiar.

Today’s list is rather black and white, but as I look down at my outfit, it’s also all B&W… so maybe I’m just having an anti-color moment.

The List Week 44

No. 1 CASUAL SNEAK – I used to hate wearing sneakers, but I’m warming up to them.  These cool kicks top my list.

No. 2 SIMPLY COOL – I love how simple and minimal this lamp is. And the price isn’t half bad either.

No. 3 I MUST GO – It’s strange how as soon as the weather cools off I start dreaming of the mountains.  We just booked a February ski trip, so I’ll have to wait a bit, but I’ll be surrounded by the rockies before too long. This mug has topped my favorites list for a while now.

No. 4 MAD PLAID – This plaid pillow has a fuzzy cozy quality that I just adore.  I think my couch needs it.  (I just talked in last week’s faves about my need for some new throw pillows!).

No. 5 KIND WELCOME – Adorne your door with a cute and understated door mat this holiday season.  Let everyone know that they’re both welcome and will be missed.


Have a great one guys!  I’m of to Chi-town!

The List Week 43

the list header wk43 the list wk43

Are you guys happy it’s Friday?  I am… although I have a lot more to do tonight until I get to kick back!  It’s been a full week with meetings and my big workshop, which means we’ve had a lot of crockpot meals.  Aren’t they they best when you’re so busy?

This weekend, we’re headed to go see my grandparents and celebrate their 60th (!!) wedding anniversary plus my grandfathers 80th birthday. They’re such amazingly loving, hardworking people and I’m excited to spend the day with them. My grandmother actually reads this blog, comments all the time, and gets involved with the topics I share. I’m always blown away by her tech savvy ways.

Anyway, onto the list!

The List Week 43

No. 1 MARBLE & MORE – I am always so happy for emerging designers who take the plunge and open their own shops.  (that’s actually what my workshop is all about!!)  Savannah Hayes has been a long-time Earnest Home co reader and I was thrilled when she launched her shop this month.  It’s filled with marble goodies and loads of beautiful textiles in her original patterns. Go check it out!!

No. 2 WASHED OUT – This traditional yet eclectic rug is beautiful for it’s toned down qualities and it is becoming a contender for the kitchen rug that I need to purchase.

No. 3 SOLID SEATING – I just love a good side table/stool don’t you?  The simplicity and warmth of this reclaimed wood hourglass stool is quite cute!

No. 4 TINY SPECKLED TREASURE – Who doesn’t love little containers to put things in?  I know that is so general, but it is so true.  I remember a little rant my dad went on one time when I was young about how I wanted so many containers and then I wanted stuff to put in all my containers.  An organizer from a young age! Anyway, this adorable little ceramic speckled pot could be used for just about anything (small, that is).

No. 5 PILLOW TALK – I was just evaluating my living room this week and came to the conclusion that I need some new pillows.  Mine are years old and smushed in all the wrong ways.  I like the new pieces by Lenny Kravitz for CB2 and this earthy hued geo pillow is calling my name!


Have a great one, guys!