Breathe it all in

breath it all in

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Spring has officially sprung and I am wasting no time to embrace it.  Flowers in every room?  Check.  Open windows? Check. Spring Cleaning? Semi Check!

I wrote last year about de-wintering vs actual spring cleaning and that mindset is still very helpful in the way I go about preparing for the big clean.  During the winter, dust, smells, who knows what else accumulate in our homes and as soon as it’s warm enough to get the air circulating, I jump at the chance for a clean start.

This year, Caldrea and I were working on a great way to share their new spring line with you, and I thought about addressing the smells in our homes, what we can do about correcting them, and my selections for scent pairings!  I have narrowed some stinky areas down to four: stale closet smell, inky kitchen sink smell, the bathroom ‘you-know-what’ smell, and the mildew towel smell.  All my least favorite smells. Actually, the mildew towel smell is the bottom of the barrel for me, there is just nothing worse than getting out of a shower to wipe your face with a mildew towel.

So now, I’m tackling each smell, what to do about it, and how Caldrea can help.  Are you ready?

smelly closet solves

Stale Closet
Scent pairing: Rosewater Driftwood

I’m so so bad at the stale closet smell.  I swear it comes from the dry cleaner… I clean my delicate blouses regularly, so why do they all still smell so… off? It has to do with the way our body oils mix with the synthetics in the fabric and then mix with the chemicals in the dry cleaning fluid, gross, right? I’ve literally found that a mixture of sachets and soft scented linen spray is the best mode of operation.

We have three more to go!  [Read more…]


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Spring Spa Day

spring spa day

You know the feeling when you get a surprise in the mail and you’re oddly more excited than you should be about something small and frivolous? Well, upon my return late Sunday night from one of the most tiring weekends ever, I had a pretty box on my stoop full of springy goodies from Illume.  In the past, I’ve bought the holiday scents and the Coconut Milk Mango everything, but was glad they sent some of the new scents to try out. Yesterday, the weather was sunny, and I was feeling like I needed to take a second to myself, so I put these goodies to use and pampered myself a bit with a long soak.

spring spa day - new illume 2

spring spa day - new illume 3

spring spa day - new illume 4

Did you notice my little pastel tumbler in there?  I can’t tell if I’m happier about the packaging or about the actual product.  Does that ever happen to you?  Something is almost too pretty to open?  Almost…

Although I loved trying out the new scents, but I’m still a total sucker for the Coconut Mango Milk.  It makes me feel like I’m on a tropical vacation.

What do you guys like to use when you have a bit of an at-home spa day?



*Illume kindly provided the products to create this post.  Thank you for continuing to support the sponsors that help me bring new ideas and content to you each day.

Shopping it Simple for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Shopping


ONE rosewater driftwood kitchen set from caldrea TWO petit four plates from BHLDN (come in a set of eight) THREE glass dome serving tray from red envelope FOUR kristen kern journal from minted FIVE litho print from sarahandbendrix SIX coconut milk and mango candle from illume SEVEN initial bracelet from Nordstrom EIGHT ridged tin vases from BHLDN NINE State of Wonder by Ann Patchett.

Mother’s day is always a fun holiday to shop for because you can buy pretty, extravagant, things to light up mom’s life.  I like sticking to fun, indulgent goodies.  Sometimes that means stuff mom needs (but is still a little frivolous) like a sweet scented cleaning set or something totally fun like the dessert plates (SO cute, right?)

Guess what? One of my top picks is available for you to WIN.  My mother’s day gift list is all rounded up on Keep , and if you make a similar round up on Keep, you’ll also be entered to win the Caldrea gift set that I have on my board. Here are the rules:

1. Hop on over to and sign up

2. Create a Mother’s Day  board

3. ‘Keep’ the Caldrea gift set off of my board (so I can track it).

4. ‘Keep’ at least 9 other things (10 total)

All of the boards created by the end of today will be entered to win the Caldrea kitchen set!  You guys are gonna become addicted to Keep.


*all products can be found here


Sometimes I Cheat

 I create soups and stews from scratch all of the time because it’s a good way to use what’s in your pantry. This, friends, is one of the best creations and it only has three ingredients. It is so downright easy I consider it cheating on my personal mission to make our meals homemade each night (even though it really isn’t).

Here are the three things you’ll need:

  • cooked rotisserie chicken, shredded
  • can of black bean soup
  • corn salsa (trader joes has THE BEST one which I consider essential)

I mix these all together in a large pot with about  a cup or two of water depending on the consistency of the black bean soup (I use Amy’s or Trader Joe’s Brand by the way).  I don’t love to rave about my cooking, because it isn’t my strongest suit, but I cannot emphasize enough how amazingly delicious this stew turns out. 

Have a WARM Tuesday!

One, Two Step

If you’re hosting an event this holiday, or just enjoying some of the beauty of the season, these flowers will transform your tabletop.

There are only two ‘ingredients’, which make it an easy arrangement for anyone, and the contrast of deep green against the bright white is striking enough to turn heads. Lilies are classic for Christmas and, combined with evergreen, they offer the perfect delicate feminine twist.  This entire arrangement cost under $10 and it looks so chic!

The secret to an arrangement like this is to cut the stems short (about 2 times the height of the vase) and to add 1/2 the greenery first, and 1/2 last.

If you start by making a grid with four sprigs of greenery, you can then wedge your flower stems within the green and fill in any blank spots with the remaining greenery after you get your blooms where you want them.  Done!

I hope your Thursday is wonderfully relaxed and festive!


P.S. The title of this post may or may not be paying homage to my first Dave Matthews Band CD that I accidentally broke this week.  I got it as a Christmas gift from my older brother when I was in middle school and although I haven’t listened to it in years (maybe a decade!) it made me a little sad.  Goodbye Under the Table and Dreaming. he he!