The List Week 46

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Guys!  It’s November 20th!  What happened? How did we get here? Every week, I’m shocked when Friday all of a sudden arrives at my door.  I feel like I’ve just gotten really into a weekly groove, then here Friday comes saying, “it’s time to have fun!” which is both welcomed and a little premature feeling.  Does anyone feel that way?  Or am I the only crazy one?

This week, I’m kind of getting into the spirit of the holidays with a few serving pieces that would make an absolutely gorgeous table setting as well as a few little gifty things that look fun (that hat!).

Here we go!

The List Week 46

No. 1 NICE REMINDER – I love the rocky landscape print with a gentle reminder that things take time.  I’m the first one to try and rush along every aspect of my life and a sometimes a little reassurance that not everything is meant to happen at once is well needed. Print by CongoStudio

No. 2 SUBTLE GLOW – Are you into monograms?  I’m not hugely into them, but every now and then love a good strong initial. I especially like the subtle (flameless!) glow of this dot monogram candle. No ‘E’s though…

No. 3 CHIC TABLE – These embroidered napkins from Serena and Lily are so pretty!  I really love the tablescape they have set up over on their site!  Go take a look!

No. 4 MORE MARBLE – Guys… your feedback on the marble island this week was overwhelmingly kind and encouraging!  Just because I think we ALL could use more marble in our lives, I think this marble finish (faux!) platter from One Kings Lane is just the ticket.

No. 5 ALL YOU NEED IS...  Isn’t this wordy hat the cutest?!  I have one on order as we speak.  Winter needs a little bit of fun (and love!).

Have a great one out there, Friends!

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Kale, Sausage, and Cous Cous Stew

kale stew

During the winter months, I eat soup almost every single day for lunch and a fair amount of dinners as well.  Soup is such a wonderful way to get loads of veggies into a meal and it doesn’t hurt than the ‘one pot’ aspect of it is pretty appealing as well.  The last thing I want to do on a cold winter night is do a ton of dishes (dry hands!)

This soup came about totally by accident. [Read more…]

Tutorials: Hand Lettering on Photos

hand lettering

Most of you all know that I love hand writing.  I hand letter lots of my projects, but today’s tutorial is a first for me because I’m taking it digital!  I have never shared any tutorials or projects that are geared more toward tech and blogging because I don’t want to just be blogging to other bloggers and didn’t want to isolate my other readers with web or online projects.  I am sharing this project, however, because I feel that it can really appeal to anyone who does some computer-based creating.  With this tutorial, you want to add hand writing to photos for things like wall art or scrapbooks.  I know a lot of designers have tablets (like the wacom tablet) which can easily capture hand writing onto the computer, but I don’t love using my tablet.  I have one, but it makes my writing look so crazy! I might just need to practice, but in the meantime, I have created this work-around. [Read more…]

Tutorial: Fur Pom Hat

fur pom hat diy

Over my winter break, I did a fair amount of thinking about the DIYs that I post here on House of Earnest (soon to be something else!).  I determined that I hate the idea of making things for the sake of a post. Although I really love just making something creative for the hell of it, it doesn’t seem like a great use of resources or time. I decided that going forward (because there will, of course, be DIYs going forward) the projects and tutorials I share will be for one of two reasons.  Either because it’s something I really want/need on my body or in my house, or because it’s a new skill or technique that I’m trying to explore. I’m trying to be mindful of living simply and getting rid of superfluous *stuff*, so the DIYs will follow suit.

Today’s project is a perfect example of creating to fill a need.  I bought this slouchy hat a while ago, but it didn’t quite ‘slouch’ on me and always looked like a dunce hat or something from the movie Elf.  I needed to add some weight to the top of the hat to get it to lay properly. I had a bit of fur left over from the throw I made last month, so I decided to take action and make this hat work for me!





Making fur poms is just too easy not to put them on everything you own, let’s get going on this simple tutorial!  [Read more…]

Quick Tips to a Beautifully Made Bed

make your bed better

Matt kind of laughed at me when I told him that I was creating a video about how to make the bed, but I feel that a few of my tips make having a beautifully made bed much easier and quicker than most people are used to.  I wouldn’t call myself lazy, but sometimes I develop processes based off of a desire to shorten a task that I think takes too  long. Making the bed is one of them. I actually pride myself in the ability to continue with traditional housekeeping tasks in a modern, quick way.

When we got our new mattress from Tuft & Needle (which we love and I’ll discuss that more below for those of you who have been asking about it!), I felt that getting everything straight was a lot more difficult since the size of a king was so much bigger than a queen.  I used to just pull the sheet toward me and it came, but now it just caught up in the giant wasteland that is the center of the mattress.

I developed this ‘half & half’ technique to minimize the amount of time I spent running from one side of the bed to the other. This works best when your sheets are on nice and straight as well, so if you aren’t familiar with a the ‘hospital corner method’ of tucking your sheets, familiarize yourself. Re-adjust your sheets each weekend (ideally when you wash the sheets) so that maintaining the nicely tucked sheets throughout the week is simple.  I actually am working on a really short little video blurp showing my two favorite methods for getting sheets on the bed nicely.  One of my methods I’ve creatively dubbed, “Fist in Corner” method.  Just you wait for the video for that guy.

bed styling video 1

bed styling 2

throw pillows

I hope you enjoy the video and my revolutionary (haha) half & half method as well as the trick to making your sheets look really smooth and flat!

Now, for the mattress.  We got the Tuft & Needle mattress at the end of last year and talked about it here.  Tons of you emailed and commented about how you loved the idea of Tuft & Needle, since they’re much lower priced than traditional mattresses and they come all rolled up in a box that actually fit up my stairs (we never thought a king would fit!). At that point, I’d only had the mattress for about a second, so I didn’t feel that I could fully let you guys know how I felt about it. At first, I was totally worried because it was very firm.  I’d moved from a memory foam (which is a totally different beast) and getting used to a different style of mattress was a learning curve.  Both Matt and I have terrible backs, so we do require a firm mattress, and knew that if we could get used to the new mattress, it would be good for us.

I can happily tell you that three months later, I love the Tuft & Needle mattress.  It softened up a lot in the two weeks after, but still has a firmness to it that makes my back feel good in the am. It is so much cooler than our old memory foam (hello night sweats), and enabled us to upgrade to a king without spending a fortune. If you’re in the market and like firmer beds, I highly recommend it.  If you’re a feathery pillow-top kind of person, it might be too firm for you!

Sweet Dreams!


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