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These last couple of weeks have been fashionably difficult.  Between just not feeling up to wearing anything complicated and the 90+ degree heat, it's taken

We are in the dog days of summer, and something about the heat and the sun makes me want to add a straw accessory into

Yesterday, I shared some of my third trimester bump style and with a breezy bohemian outfit, I wore these pretty and dangly tassel hoop earrings.

My bump is getting larger and larger each day and the summer temps are creeping up and up.  I have been living in non-maternity breezy shirts

When it came to the time for me to start wearing maternity clothes, let's just say I was underwhelmed.  If you've ever stepped foot into

We're headed out this morning for our little baby moon and the destination is Miami!  I'm excited to get to the beach and explore a

About a month ago, I posted my first ever fashion related post here on Earnest Home and I got really wonderful feedback and encouragement from you

We've got something new today! For a couple of years you all have been asking for outfits.  After I left my day job working in

packing for a two week trip to europe

We leave this week for our anniversary trip to Europe and I have already started my packing (total honesty, I started last week!). Packing has been a little bit of a stressor this time for a few reasons.  Firstly, because of the wide array of activities and places we’ll be during our trip.  From fancy dinners and sightseeing in Paris to hiking and paragliding (!!!) in Switzerland to wine touring in Tuscany, to bumming at the beaches in southern Italy and finally sightseeing in Rome (see the full itinerary here and here).

The second reason I was stressing a bit about packing was because I wanted to pack very light.  We’ll be staying in lots of towns where we cannot drive into the city center, so parking outside the city, then walking in will be necessary.  I am not about to be that girl dragging a giant roller bag up cobblestone steps. Not my style.

I knew I had a tall order ahead of me… I want to look so chic in Paris and Rome, but need to be practical.  I did something I’d never done before and employed help.  Local wardrobe stylists Angela and Cara of Redress Columbus came by last week to sort through my closet and pull together an amazing travel wardrobe that all fits in a carryon.  This is something I never thought I would have needed – I mean, I dress nice… I’m creative… I have cool clothes… right? (right?!) but the outfits that came out of this session were things I would have never put together and we ended up with over 35 outfits to create out of just 18 pieces not including shoes and accessories.  Here’s what we choose, a few of my favorite outfits that we came up with, and some behind the scenes action!

fur pom hat diy

Over my winter break, I did a fair amount of thinking about the DIYs that I post here on House of Earnest (soon to be something else!).  I determined that I hate the idea of making things for the sake of a post. Although I really love just making something creative for the hell of it, it doesn’t seem like a great use of resources or time. I decided that going forward (because there will, of course, be DIYs going forward) the projects and tutorials I share will be for one of two reasons.  Either because it’s something I really want/need on my body or in my house, or because it’s a new skill or technique that I’m trying to explore. I’m trying to be mindful of living simply and getting rid of superfluous *stuff*, so the DIYs will follow suit.

Today’s project is a perfect example of creating to fill a need.  I bought this slouchy hat a while ago, but it didn’t quite ‘slouch’ on me and always looked like a dunce hat or something from the movie Elf.  I needed to add some weight to the top of the hat to get it to lay properly. I had a bit of fur left over from the throw I made last month, so I decided to take action and make this hat work for me!





Making fur poms is just too easy not to put them on everything you own, let’s get going on this simple tutorial! 

no sew clutch diy

We are really getting down to the wire here, but in my mind, this is the most fun time of the holiday season when creativity and resourcefulness take center stage when trying to really pinpoint the perfect gift for someone special.  My favorite part of the gift giving is really when someone opens a gift and they LOVE it. Isn’t that the best feeling?

This gift is designed for an easy, two material way to show someone that you love them enough to hand make them something.  This is a gift I’m planning on giving to my sister and I know she will not only love it, but be so proud that it was made for her.

envelope clutch diy

I love working with leather, which is a total throwback to my corporate days working with leather goods in the retail industry, but there is something deep inside of me that just loves the texture, the grain, and the smell of leather. I bought a few beautiful metallic skins from Florence, Italy a few years ago and I’ve been doing projects with them ever since (a full skin lasts me that long!).  You don’t have to be a leather buyer, though.  There are loads of wonderful resources that I use in the U.S. who offer fabulous quality skins for crafting.  Tandy Leather Factory is one of them and ACS on Etsy is another good one.  Although a good hide will cost between $50-100 they are fairly large and you can use them on lots of projects.

This clutch was a challenge to myself to make a beautiful no-sew style.  There is one piece of leather and some ribbon involved… that’s it!


Although it’s a super easy project, there are a fair amount of photos to follow (just so that you all can get the most detailed tutorial!) 

blanket cape diy

We’re back again with another fabulous idea for a handmade gift.  Like I’ve said, my family has a $25 cap on gifts between my sisters and brothers, so I really have to get creative sometimes! This project is one of my all-time favorites.  I bought myself a blanket cape at a cool boutique a few weeks ago and when I got it home and wore it, I kind of just discovered it was a blanket with a notch cut out of it.  I was torn between feeling silly for spending big bucks on it and feeling delighted that it’s something I could easily make – and share with you!

The blanket cape trend has been around for a few years now, but it’s really starting to mainstream recently and this DIY makes it easy to make and easier to wear (as opposed to the straight-up rectangular versions).

diy blanket cardigan blanket kimono diy

I’ve worn mine belted, hanging open, or draped across one shoulder.  Its a versatile addition to anyones wardrobe and makes leggings and a t-shirt look pretty chic.

The best part of the whole project is the price!  A $19 blanket from Home Goods and a little thread was all it took.  Best yet, it’s super easy and takes a total of 20 minutes to make.  Who on your list could you see wearing this beauty?

turn a blanket into a kimono wrap

This project does require some sewing, but if I can do it, you can do it too… my sewing is an absolute atrocity.  So, if you have $20 and 20 minutes to spare for someone you love?