Everything But the House – A Giveaway!


It’s a wonderful Thursday, guys! I have a really fascinating giveaway to bring to you from Everything But the House.  I wanted to share this one with you guys because it’s new, unique, and it’s heavily concentrated in my area, although they do ship nationwide.

People always ask me where I shop for antique or unique odds and ends around Columbus, but truth be told, I don’t go to many stores, I mostly scour estate sales and garage sales.  Here is where Everything But the House comes in.  It’s an online estate sale with bidding/auction type style which I’ve found very fun. You can place your starting bid and the highest you’re willing to pay and then their system bids for you – within your price range.

So, onto the fun part!  Here are the items I’ve either recently won (Eee!) or am currently bidding on (fingers crossed!). Sometimes it’s hard to envision someone else’s stuff in a more modern or cool way when it’s surrounded but other pieces that aren’t your cup of tea, but just like at a real estate sale, you’ve got to look past the life the item used to have and look at how it could be.

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How do you guys like my picks!?  Entry is just a click away: [Read more…]


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Makeover Madness

pair of cane chairs before copy

Remember this blast from the (not so distant) past?  We’ll I’ve got some exciting news and I need your help! I’ve been selected to participate in the Better Homes and Gardens Makeover Madness challenge and the chairs from this post were entered into the first round of the contest! Today is the only day you can vote for me, so please hop over and vote if you can!  If I make it to the final four, I get to participate in a craft challenge at the BHG headquarters and if I win that, my project will end up in the magazine!  I’d love love love to represent the House of Earnest community, so help me out!

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A billion thanks for your help!

Remembering 2013 + a giveaway!

life in print pictures

Let’s try this again! My apologies that this giveaway went awry last week.  I had some issues and was at a photoshoot all day without my computer, so I had to take it down until it could be revamped. Anyways, we have an even better prize for you today, so let’s get started!

Before I went to Alt, I had a bit of an issue with space on my phone.  It was all taken up with photos, none of which I wanted to delete from my phone, or download to the photo abyss of my hard drive. So many of the photos I love are on Instagram (do you recognize these?) but I wanted to get them off my phone and get them into my hands.

In this digital age, we share, tweet, and tag photos online, but how often do we actually print them out? When’s the last time you’ve printed photos? I can honestly say that (until now) I hadn’t printed out photos since college (wedding prints excluded).

paper photos

We’re going to change today, however. The folks at Printic were kind enough to offer me some free prints, so I wanted to extend the offer you guys also (yay for really fun free things)! You can simply comment below to win a full box of 50 free prints… AND there will be TWO WINNERS and everyone else will get 1 print free with their next purchase with the code: 757369 (minimum 3 print order).

I hope you have fun with it!

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24 Merry Days Giveaway: Lowe’s Accent Chair

24 merry days - lowes giveaway
It’s the first day of December, and you know what that means – the beginning of 24 Merry Days of giveaways!  I am the first in line to kick off this merry month with an accent chair giveaway from Lowe’s!  I LOVE this chair and am so so excited that one of you will be winning it! If you follow Jordan from Oh Happy Day, you’ll know that she recently featured this chair in her holiday guest room that she designed for the Lowe’s holiday look book.  Isn’t it such a modern classic piece?

lowes accent chair giveaway

Well, if you love it, then enter to win it!  We’re running the giveaway for just one week, so let’s go!
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**For US residents only.  Sorry for any inconvenience** 

Be sure to bookmark the 24 Merry Days site because we’ll be unveiling special prizes every single day for the next 23 days right up until Christmas. That’s a whole lot of merry!


*don’t forget to check out the rest of the amazing giveaways – Chelsea from Lovely Indeed has an amazing one for you tomorrow as well!

Ready for Company + a JR Watkins Giveaway

clean holiday with JR watkins

A little secret about me is that absolutely detest cleaning.  Matt does most of the dishes and laundry and a cleaning lady does the rest.  I know nobody loves to clean, but I’m just one of those people who prefers organizing over actual cleaning.  I’ll clear out a closet and reorganize the contents until the cows come home, but wiping down baseboards? No thank you. When I do have to clean (because I’m an adult and I have to do things I don’t want to do sometimes), I always get really pretty products to help me turn the chore into more of a splurge… like a spa for my kitchen if you will.  I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging which led me initially to J.R. Watkins products when I was in college, and I still use them to this day.

College days aside, as I’ve been getting ready for guest to start rolling into town and for the biggest feast of the year, I was also getting my cleaning arsenal ready so that as messes are made and as guests start to claim space in the bathroom, I’ve got everything covered.

Here is how I keep clean when company is in town:

For the kitchen, it’s a giant bottle of dish soap, a Pampered Chef scraper which I cannot live without, and a bottle cleaner, which is so much easier to clean goblets and glasses with.

For the guest bathroom, it’s the lemon hand soap (my favorite scent) with fresh flowers and plenty of towels and washcloths.

In the pantry, I keep a separate small crate handy with other stuff I need to create a quick clean –  countertop spray cleaner, a flour sack style towel, paper towels, Magic Eraser, and a scrub brush.  If someone looses a potato from their plate, we’ll quickly be able to recover when everything is in one spot.

Get the guest bath ready for company Keep a bucket of cleaning supplies handy

To keep the holiday spirit up, we’re giving away a big ol’ prize pack full of J.R. Watkins products, specifically their entire line of White Tea and Bamboo scented product! Enter below to win!

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Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by J.R. Watkins Naturals. All opinions and cleaning tips are my own, however.