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Every week I talk about it being crazy busy and ‘oh what a whirlwind’, and on and on. After saying it a few times I get the feeling that this is just how life’s going to go for a while.  I wanted to give you guys a little peek on some of the things going on here behind the House of Earnest Scenes this week, other places you can find my work, and what’s down the road (since my very vague New Year’s post).

  • I’ve just finished up a big photo shoot for Emma Magazine to go in their February issue.  A graphic designer, photographer, and a few very special sponsors donated their efforts, products, and talents to the shoot.  It was like producing a movie and planning a wedding rolled into one day and I absolutely loved it!  I’m crazy excited to see how the professional photos turned out this week, but above are a few glimpses from my and other attendees’ instagram.
  • I turned around yesterday and had a wonderful meeting with a future bride about her destination wedding in Savannah, which I am really looking forward to.  I am putting together a proposal/design direction for her and will give you guys a sneak peek next week!
  • I got a very new business card stamp which is more service/business geared rather than blog geared.  I plan to use both – one to spread the word about House of Earnest and one to spread the word about my freelance DIY, styling, and floral work.
  • I’m writing regularly on Etsy (check out some of my posts!)
  • I’ve begun to brainstorm more ideas like this one for Style Me Pretty’s new ‘At Home’ blog.
  • I have two other (really big) projects that are in the planning stage that I can’t tell you right now (so mean of me, right?)… but believe me when I say they’re huge. huge.
  • I’m preparing for Alt Design Summit which is just in two weeks! I’m speaking on a social media and technology in blogging.
  • I turn 30!!! this week!

I don’t want to come off all “look how busy I am”… so don’t get me wrong.  I wanted to give you guys some sneaks into what’s going on behind the scenes here, what you can expect to see more of in the future, and why I run around like a chicken without a head (wait, where did I leave my head?).

There are so many exciting things going on right now, I feel like I’m living in a flurry of ideas all the time and I love every second of it.

Let me know what you’re up to?  Anything exciting on the horizon?

Photo Credit: Floating Hearts from Benjamin Lowry’s Instagram, Caprese and Cheese from Simply Vicky’s Instagram, all other from House of Earnest Instagram.



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Latest comments
  • What a week! I feel like whirlwind is the BEST description for it. So so excited for you (and all that you’re working on!)

  • Wow you have a full plate! yay for turning 30! 30 is pretty awesome…I promise!

  • Wow! You are crazy busy! I love love your new business cards and I can’t wait to see Emma magazine!

    My life:
    1. My sister is turning 30 on Thursday (what do you want?! ;))
    2. Prep for non-profit auditing
    3. Adoption conference
    4. Australia with no kids (!!!)
    5. Non-profit auditing
    6. Fundraising for June ET trip
    7. 2nd adoption conference (I promise we are not adopting, all work)
    8. FL spring break
    9. Painting and fixing up the house
    10. Listing house on the market
    11. House sells quickly so we can buy again
    12. Move
    13. BIG Change the World for One event April 25th
    14. Music City 1/2 marathon
    15. Daughter’s 2nd bday
    16. ET Trip

    This among 40 hours of work/week and two small children. Would anyone like to donate some coffee or wine to my cause? 🙂

  • How exciting! Congratulations on all of the fun projects and growth!

  • Erin! Congrats on all of the exciting stuff going on in 2013 for you! I turn 30 in May and I keep thinking how it will feel. If I were you, I’d feel pretty accomplished 🙂 Happy early bday!

  • Wow. You are a busy lady. Congrats on all of these things!