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If you haven’t yet noticed, my whole decor scheme this Christmas is all about very simple, easy execution, focusing on layers of color and texture.  There aren’t too many complex projects, but that doesn’t mean that details aren’t important.  Sticking with my color scheme has lent my entire house to a very cohesive holiday feeling, without causing too much work.

My Christmas wrapping follows the exact same strategy.  Solid papers in white, brown, and kraft are tied up with black, white, and gold bows to reflect a clean, simple, but luxe look.  Since my tree has a ton of shine, going really basic with the gifts is a nice complement.

packages diptych

packages 3

I splurged a little more on the satin ribbon and saved money on the paper, but what I also love about using the satin ribbon (aside from the luxury it conveys) is that it won’t smush in the car!

Do you have a specific gift wrap strategy?

Have a PRETTY Thursday!


p.s.  if you want to take a look at my handmade giftwrap from last year, it was so so fun and you still have time!

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  • Can I just hire you to coordinate my festiveness? Your creativity is amazing!

  • Beautiful! I love wrapping presents as much as I love buy gifts! I sell screen printed kraft wrapping paper, so hopefully I’ll have time to make some for my own gift giving.

    I have to travel for the holidays, so I’ll be using tshirt yarn I’m making for the ribbon. (I agree, it’s so frustrating to spend the time on the wrapping only to arrive with mashed bows and ribbon!) I bought every red, green and blue tshirt I could find on the 50 cent racks at a local thrift store to turn into yarn.

    Your home looks so lovely for the holidays! Merry Christmas Erin!

  • They look so classy!

  • These are beautiful! I love the wacky penguin paper so I’m addicted to it’s cuteness but I admire your elegant and simple execution this year! Maybe next year I’ll stock up on some kraft paper and ribbons…Also I’m horrible at wrapping presents. Maybe if I gain some more confidence in the skill I’ll want to pay more attention to my wrapping! Happy Thursday! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  • I’m using brown paper packaging too! It’s so easy to create your own wrapping paper with it 🙂

  • I love this look!! I’m decorating with plain brown paper too. I love how it makes the ribbon ‘pop’. I’m also using some vintage ornaments to adorn my presents… which is inexpensive and fun!

  • Beautiful! I love that you used different hues of paper and yes- satin ribbon is a must. I learned the hard way one year after spending hours wrapping only to pile them up on the car and totally destroy all that hard work.

  • i just love those packages! i got some butcher paper but without some fantastic string or ribbon, it feels so shabby. i gotta jazz it up!

  • Merry Christmas!

    I too have opted for simple wrapping this year, a red and white chevron print, a simple red, and then brown paper. All combined, wrapped in twine. Simple, yet elegant!

    I hope you enjoy this special time of year with family and friends! x

  • I love the super dark brown paper, so luxurious!

  • Stunning, Erin! I do love a gift with a satin ribbon.

  • Hey Erin. Looks lovely! I looked through your other Christmas decor posts and discovered that we have nearly the same scheme going on.

    And same Nate Berkus and furry Target pillows also! Great minds!

    I’m also using brown paper along with some silver and gold. Just bought a roll of paper in the painters section of Home Depot. Inexpensive and you get a lot of it! I’ll be wrapping away today. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

  • I have a strict theme of black, red, white and metallics. This makes this easy for whatever the occasion. Wedding? Baby? Christmas? No worries, all the wrapping paper in my arsenal will work! This is laziness at its best!