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My goal is never to just pick photos out of other websites and plaster them here, but I will say that these photos truly moved me.  I was originally drawn into The Brooklyn Home Company when researching stone walls (as I wrote about last week), and was blown away by all of the loveliness was around ever single corner throughout the rest of the portfolio for the Brooklyn-based home builders.

I talk a lot about my goals for when Matt and I build on our land, and I was really impressed by how this company builds homes by gutting skeletons of buildings in an area where fresh land to build on isn’t really an option. I spent about an hour pouring through each project, each page and reading up on how each project began.









Impeccable taste, no?  You can certainly tell that even through differences in homeowners, each home reflects a certain eye for design and taste level that are consistent throughout.  I really couldn’t narrow down the photos I wanted to show you any more than this, but there is TONS more inspiration on their site.

Are you as blown away as I am?


p.s. If you’re curious about Alt – I’ll have a recap up next Monday!  I wasn’t original going to post about it since I like to write to people (and not geared specifically toward other bloggers), but enough of you wrote to me curious about the conference and some insight, so I’ll post a little recap that will be both fun for bloggers and non-bloggers alike.  Get Ready!

p.p.s. Like the eye candy in today’s post?  Follow me on Pinterest for more filed away goodness of homes, parties, and products that I love. Go ahead, Snoop around!

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  • Wow. I love the use of texture and the reclaimed wood elements. And the mixture of modern and traditional. I would die for those herringbone floors! Off to check out more…

  • These are absolutely GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for sharing that link and these photos, I am so inspired by all the decor and design. my style all the way. 🙂

  • Got lost here once as well. How ’bout those lighting fixtures huh? I love the industrial fixtures used to light the hallways above.

  • That farmhouse sink in front of a wall of windows… wow. I would never leave the kitchen!

  • I seriously need to find that coffee table! LOVE it!

  • Such a beautiful home! Definitely worth posting on your blog 🙂 And, I’m excited about your Alt recap!

  • Yes, couldn’t agree more – these images are GORGEOUS! I can assure that my NYC / B-Lyn home does NOT look like that, Erin, so I’m going to pretend for a moment that I live there myself. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • With the amazing content you create on a daily basis, I’m sure readers agree that not only is it “okay” for you to post images from another website today… but that these are absolutely breathtaking and that this post certainly did not disappoint.

    Thanks for another beautiful and inspiring post 🙂

  • Love the natural wood exposed beams with the stark white shelves…must have!!

  • Wow if there is ever a vacancy of this place I will buy it with all the trimmings! Gorgeous!!!

  • It’s all about light! And we like light.