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Well, guys, I have some fun news for you!  Today is the day I publish my very first video tutorial! It’s a bit rough, but I’m pretty proud of it for my first attempt at shooting and editing my own video.  It was 100% done by me and my trusty tripod, so have some mercy, but I hope you enjoy it!

For the abstract paintings, I used watercolor, but maybe not the watercolor you’ve used before.  If you go to your local craft or art store (I went to Michaels) you can buy tubes of watercolor paint.  They work a thousand times better than the stuff you used when you were a kid. I bought a kit with 24 colors for about $18 bucks.  This one is on sale right now at Utrecht. That is really my only big trick. Just get the good paints and you’ll be shocked what a difference it makes!

I do encourage you to try it on your own if you’re feeling creative.  Making a pattern is easy – here are some tips:

First, start out with a couple areas of large, concentrated dots. sprinkle a few smaller dots within that cluster.  Then gradate the size and frequency of the clusters out toward your blank space.  So as the dots move further from the large cluster, they should become smaller and less frequent. If you still doubt your ability, I’ve created a little template! Just print this onto your watercolor paper and paint over the dots.  It doesn’t get easier than this.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the video and if you like it better or worse than my little photos I usually do!



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Latest comments
  • Holy cow! That’s a great video. Much more fun than regular photos. Not to say that I don’t love your photo tutorials too, but I think it’s more exciting to watch someone create something while listening to upbeat music! Nice job!

  • Erin-I love the video, much better than the few I have done. This is a wonderful project. Do you mind sharing what program you used to make the video?


  • I can’t wait to try this! 🙂

  • The video is great! It must have taken a lot more time, but the finished product is really impressive!

  • Ha! Erin!! Nothing rough about it. The video tutorial was awesome. Love the project too- completely approachable and with the background steps you gave (painting the circle first, then adding in texture), the pattern is completely customizable. Very well done!

  • I loved the video tutorial! It makes everything seem so much easier to follow along with 🙂

  • So simple, yet such a strong design! I feel like that would look great in many different spaces. Also, I enjoyed the video format – worked really well for this tutorial.

  • Can I just Say this and your entire Blog is just Lovely!!

  • So cute! I’m loving dalmatian print everything!!

  • The video is great! I do prefer photo posts/tutorials a little better though so I don’t have to stop and start the video as I am working on something. Pictures I can just scroll up and down on my iPad to the place that I’m at. I did like watching you do it, but like I said that’s just my preference. Thanks!

  • Love the video and the tutorial! I’d like to try this, but was interested to know why you used two colors of watercolor (and which two) to mix for the color…. I’m definitely a beginner painter!

      • Thank you! That helps!