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Birchseed Pillows giveaway

We are giving away TWO pairs of down-filled art inspired pillows today!  First, I’m so excited to share a relatively new company with a passion for putting emerging artists in front of the proper audience.  Birchseed‘s goal is to provide exposure for new artists to the general public through building each artist’s name and reputation.  They focus on giving these young artists a chance to develop their artistry in a finacially supportive way which I just think is phenomenal.

birchseed giveaway

Birchseed not only carries the original art by these new talents,  but also helps them to get their names out into a world of consumers by making the art accessible through their line of art inspired textiles.  The pillow covers are such a wonderful idea for regular joes like you and I who may not want to splurge on some original art, but may really want to integrate the look into our homes and support new artists as well.

To gain even more exposure for these artists and their craft, House of Earnest is teaming up with Birchseed to do a give-a-way with not just one, but TWO possible winners.  Each winner will get a PAIR of beautiful art inspired pillows made from high quality materials and they come with the down feather inserts (how many pillows do you buy now-a-days that come with the insert?).


1. Pop over to and have a look around.  Come back here and comment below, telling me which item is your favorite.   We will choose one random winner for each one of these comments.

2. SHARE the love!  If you share Birchseed or one of their products via Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, (and come back here to leave a comment letting me know that you did so) You’ll be entered to win the second set of pillows.  (make sure to include Birchseed’s site link in your share!)

Official Rules: Open to all U.S. residents, no purchase is necessary.  This giveaway begins at 5am EST on 2/13/2013 and closes at midnight EST on 2/19/2013.

Good Luck!!

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Latest comments
  • Raspberry Squeeze is so pretty. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I like the silver surfer.

  • i like the Art-Inspired Throw Pillows Jinbao Han

  • The art and the pillows by Bo Peng are SO BEAUTIFUL!

  • Also – I pinned a pillow on pinterest:

  • Love the Bo Peng peacock pillows!! Love Peacocks!

  • I think my overall favorite collection is the Bo Peng pillows, but a few of Zhijun Li pillows are soo interesting and beautiful!

  • LOVE the Devil’s Pipe and Modern Astrology pieces by Zhigang Shi. So cool!

  • Shared my favorite pillows via Pinterest!

  • I love the Bo Peng pillows – especially the flare leaves

  • Sapphire hills and Limestone are so beautiful! I love the rich greens and blues that are thrown throughout!

  • Hard to choose just one favorite. I really like the fish bowl pillow by Bo Peng. Thanks for the giveaway and introduction to such a great site!

  • I love the Bo Peng collection. The Leopard Spots pillow is my favorite. Great giveaway!

  • I like the Luxurious Satin Throw Pillow – Volcanic Eruption

  • I like the Luxurious Satin Throw Pillow – Volcanic Eruption Pillow!
    Thank you for the giveaway

  • I’m in love with all of Shucheng Wu’s pillows/designs. How beautiful!

  • Love the throw pillows and art by Zhijun Li. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Shared the throw pillow by Zhijun Li on Pinterest. Thanks!

  • I loved the flared leaves pillow!

  • As a theatre major, I loved the Birchseed Zhijun Li pillows! The one I pinned reminded me of Rosalind from As You Like It. Would be perfect for my sun-room! Love it!

  • I love the Bo Peng throw pillows! Such a great design 🙂

  • I’m quite in love with the paitning, Raspberry Squeeze! Thanks for sharing.

  • I like the “Feathers Togethers” pillow. I pinned it as well:

  • They’re all so nice it’s hard to choose a favorite. I really like the “Flare Leafs” Luxurious Satin Throw Pillow though!

  • I love all the art inspired pillows. My favorites are by Bo Peng, specifically the Spring Vertex pillow. It reminds me of water…so serene. Perfect on a guest bed…

    • Shared on Pinterest!

  • I’m a big fan of Bo Peng’s Lily Sway pillow. So pretty.

  • Luxurious Satin Throw Pillow – Mundaneness is my favorite!

  • “Red Witch of the East” by Zhijun Li if I had to choose right this moment.

  • I LOVE the Luxurious Satin Throw Pillow – Silver Surfer! So beautiful!
    These are all so creative and great, thanks for sharing! And thanks for the chance 🙂

  • I like the Bo Peng collection

  • Shared Birchseed via Pinterest.

  • I love every one of the art-inspired throw pillows by Bo Peng! Would love to own a few. My favorite is the Flare Leaf.
    Thanks so much for highlighting these!!

  • I have shared several items on pinterest! Here is one link:

  • Love these pillows! Flare leafs by Bo Peng is my favorite!

  • I pinned a couple pillows 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing. ❤

  • Flare Leafs pillows would be gorgeous with my new room design! I pretty much love that whole line though! So pretty and not your typical pillow.

  • Just pinned to Pinterest. I might have to get a few for some friends!

  • i loved the Art-Inspired Throw Pillows Jinbao Han

  • I love the Luxurious Satin Throw Pillow – Lily Sway

  • I love Bo Peng’s throw pillows. They are so sublime. 🙂

  • Devil’s pipe is gorgeous

  • Zhijun Li’s pillows would make a room feel … magical. Ridiculously unique and beautiful.

  • Love the Zhijun Li pillow collection. I can’t choose a favorite. They are all awesome!

  • Pinned Deception pillow here:

  • The Luxurious Satin Throw Pillow – Silver Surfer is beautiful!

  • I like the fishbowl and spring vertex pillows. FAntastic!

  • I absolutely adore Shucheng Wu’s textured pillows! The white on white one is so classy and contemporary at the same time! So gorgeous!

    This is such a clever way to get emerging artists work out there!! I hope I win:)

  • I like “The Flash” Original Artwork

  • I love the Bo Peng pillows, the one you featured especially. I like that they convey movement- really beautiful.

  • I love the devil’s pipe painting! So great


  • I shared the Devil’s Pipe throws on Twitter!


  • I love the Strawberry Squeeze throw pillow. Though the decision was difficult! These pillows are absolutely stunning and would look great in our office/guestroom. What a great find!! Keep up the great work House of Earnest.

  • I love the ones by Bo Peng especially the Lily Sway and Flare Leafs, such lovely prints.

  • Oh my such gorgeous pillows. I LOVE the richness of the colors by Bo Ping. Wow the pop they would give any room.

  • Wow what gorgeous pillows. I love the richness of the colors and the ones by Bo Peng.

  • I love Chrysanthum Dreams by Zhigang Shi. Its bold but also has a laid-back hippie vibe 🙂