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navy walls

Drumroll, please!  After much hard work, we’ve finally completed painting our entryway.  I know I just mentioned it to you guys last week when I revealed the cane chair, but I’ve had the paint since September, trying to slot in a weekend to get this done.  The reason it took so long is because I wanted to hire a professional, but after getting a couple quotes, I just thought I’d be happier with myself if I just did it myself (because doing it myself was free).   I used ‘Naval’ from Sherwin Williams (it’s part of their collaboration with Pottery Barn) and love the way it turned out.  I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner!  The Navy is just the perfect hue – not too royal, it has a very neutral undertone which goes well with both my black and brown accessories.

The color it was before is called ‘River Mud’.  I’d painted it back in 2007 when my husband (then boyfriend) and his male roommates lived in the house.  It worked well for a while, and was a warm, nice transition for the men to get used to a bit of my female touch.  Not that the men didn’t have style, but I thought I’d scare Matt away if I came in with my design guns blazing!  I liked the way the khaki walls went with everything (like a good trench coat), but just needed a bit of a funkier change.

entry - 1

It was one of those changes that I kept walking by and thinking, “I really like this”.  Matt would walk through on my first coat and chime in how much he loved the change.  It makes the white woodwork really pop and even makes the dark walnut floors seem richer and more luxe.

After I painted, I was really excited to decorate the space.  The rug and center table stayed, but everything else was swapped out.  Keep reading for more photos and close ups of the accessories!

navy blue wall

I think gallery walls are easier when you include various different types of art.  I included a basket and a decorative tile tray in mine just to break it up.  I think I’ll keep adding to it and eventually work it up the stairs.  I didn’t want to force it, though, and wanted enough space to pick up some good art here and here.  I’d love to get a Hugo Guinness print one day, but they’re so pricey!

Navy entryway wall
Navy Entryway Walls deer antler vase

The navy travels all of the way up the stairs and into the second floor landing.  I love this little telephone table and deer vase that I perched on the halfway point of the landing.  Isn’t the vase just fabulous?  I just bought it in Steamboat last week and new it would make me smile every time I walk by it.

So… How do you like it?


p.s.  I didn’t use the longhorn head in the entry like I was originally thinking, but I DID keep it…. photos to come!

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Latest comments
  • This is BEAUTIFUL! I love everything about it! It’s amazing how a darker paint color can really change a space and make everything feel warmer. We painted our guest room walls black, and it made all of our white furniture really pop. Looking forward to future reveals!

  • The navy and white is just stunning! Creates such an impact and I’m sure it’ve even be in person. Absolutely adore that deer vase as well!

  • That looks awesome!! I love it!:)

  • This looks amazing! Beautiful job!

  • Navy is my favorite color– and this is a perfect example of why! I just love it!!

    We’re going for a navy + coral + emerald sort of scheme in our living room, but I haven’t yet bit the bullet to paint the walls (a coral sort of shade!!). This is inspiring me to get it done soon– though we are definitely hiring out!

  • I love it! We actually picked out the exact same color from Sherwin Williams to paint our office, which also has white trim. I’ve been nervous about getting started, but this makes me feel so much better. Gorgeous!!

  • It looks great! Once we finish all our plaster demo and dry walling we’re going to paint our hall navy on the bottom (and either silvery gray or Revere Pewter on the top) – seeing this is definitely motivation. I’ll have to add Naval to my growing paint sample collection!

  • LOVE it Erin! The color is great and so very true that the floors look richer and white woodwork more crisp. I cannot get over the welcoming little vignette in the corner with your redone chair and gallery wall! BRAVO!!!

  • Wow now that is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This looks amazing!! I can’t wait to see it in purpose!
    Xox- Ali

  • SOOO beautiful and expensive looking! The dark color makes everything else shine. I was thinking of incorporating navy into my home decor and now it is a definite go! Always love seeing the progress of your house!

  • Love the navy and that vase! I want it for myself!

  • turned out so great, erin!! i love the navy color you chose. it’s perfect and changes the whole feel. great job!

  • What a transformation! Looks amazing!
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  • It’s beautiful!!


  • Much much much better, so chic!!Love this chair!

  • LOVE this! Definitely the push I need to go ahead and start my redecorating project! Kuddos!

  • Absolutely beautiful!! This is a perfect example for someone who is afraid of color to see how a darker color can be so, so great.

  • Gorgeous! I love this color!

  • What a lovely update! The navy is gorgeous, and I’m in love with the entry table, vase and rug. They all go together, perfectly. I would definitely smile every time I walked in!

  • OMG! First time commenter here and I just love your blog and all your ideas. I have been trying to figure out for months what shade of navy I want to paint my coffee table. Naval was on my list and you just confirmed my color choice! I love the entry, it looks beautiful!

  • You did an amazing job! The color is so perfect for that space. Like you mentioned, it really plays up the white woodwork and seems to glow in the natural sunlight streaming in. Just beautiful!!

  • Love the navy! It’s stunning and you did such an amazing job! Really makes the white trim pop!

  • That navy is GORGEOUS, especially with the white trim. Totally pinning this so I’ll remember the color for later!

  • The entry looks awesome. Love the navy.

  • We were thinking painting our entryway/dining room a similar color and I am so happy to see how beautiful it looks! The rest of my house is painting varying gray colors so I am excited to have a pop of color in the front of the house! Thanks for the inspiration, Erin! 🙂

  • It’s truly beautiful! I’ve done two navy rooms in our house over the past couple of months and, like you, I just LOVE them. I feel happy every time I go in/past them. There is something so RIGHT about navy in a traditional home– it is the perfect bridge between the traditional and the contemporary.

  • Ok, I don’t want to be a copy cat, isn’t it the greatest form of flattery? I love Sherwin Williams paint and use it for all my projects. I have plans to paint my den navy and after seeing your pics I think “Navel” is the winner. Anyways, I love the entry and the combination of items you selected for the gallery.


  • This is beautiful!! The navy & white trim are gorgeous.

  • I love love love the Navy. Have been thinking of doing a wall this color in my dining room. Also, I love those stools under the mirror! Can you send me any info on where they are from?

  • This is soooo good! I absolutely adore deep moody walls and this is just beautiful. All the white trim just shines against it! What a great way to usher people in:)

  • Would you mind sharing how you painted the wall running alongside the stairs (your gallery wall)? I have a similar wall running up into the 2nd floor with vaulted ceilings and was considering just having that one side professionally painted due to the height, but it is fairly expensive. I’m curious about how you did it so neatly. A ladder on the stairs? How did you reach the high parts of the walls in the vaulted area above the stairs. =/ Help!

  • What color is the white you used for trim?

  • LOVE IT!!! I’m so in love with navy as a color. Did you use a flat or eggshell? My husband and I were talking about it and we think that maybe flat is the way to go with this kind of color.

  • How did you hang the basket on wall? I have one from Africa that I would love to hang but don’t know best way to do it. Thanks!

  • I love the navy walls! May I ask if you painted the navy wall all the way of the stairs in and in the hallways of the upstairs? My downstairs entry of my dining room shares a wall with the stair well and you can see all the way up my stairs to the bedrooms and wondered if that would be too much blue.

    Would love your input.


  • Where did you get that round table with the marble top?