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I’m not usually a Valentine’s Day kind of person, but instead of thinking of it as a day to tell people I very obviously love (my husband) that I do (duh), I started to think of it as a way to tell people who I appreciate that I do.  You don’t have to shout ‘I love you’ from the mountains, but there is probably a characteristic that you love about most people who you interact with closely on a daily basis.  Your colleague?  You love that she is so passionate about your joint project.  Your neighbor?  You love that he is so kind to bring your newspaper up to your porch.

Whatever the reason, I really like this not-too-romantic way to share appreciate for those who are close. Tie the little note to something bee related like a jar of honey with a mini honey dipper and let those around know how you feel about them.

bee mine diptych

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What’s more is that I have these precious ‘Bee Mine’ cards already cued up for printing.  Just print directly onto a set of perforated business card paper from your local office supply store and you’ve got it covered!  Click here for the Printable valentine (front) and printable valentine – back.  Enjoy!

Have a SWEET Tuesday!


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    As usual, I love your idea! But this one is so great because it’s something sweet but not candy or chocolate. And who doesn’t use honey! It’s a great gift for adults. Love that!

  2. says

    Your DIY idea inspired me to re-create it as a wedding favor. I love the little glass jars and the honey dipper raises the cuteness factor 10x. Do you think the bigger jars would be more substantial in terms of size and presentation? I think the size you picked for the dipper is perfect and I would change the wording on the note to “Meant to bee” and on the other side our names and the wedding date. Any help on the tutorial or suggestions would be really appreciated!!! Thanks so much for writing your blog.

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      Hi Irina,

      I am so excited that you’re using this idea for your wedding! SO cute!

      The glass jars I used are about 1.5 inches in diameter by 3″ tall. They hold about 2 oz (or 1/4 cup). You could definitely use something larger if you’d like the dipper to be more proportional. I’ve also used the 4.4 oz terrine jars like this:

      Other than that, I think you’ve got such a great idea going! Let me know who it turns out or send a photo!!

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        Hi Erin
        I decided to go with containers that are slightly wider and shorter from Crate & Barrel. I think the size is comparable but they are a different shape.

        I also ordered the dippers from the website you recommended. They have the best prices (thanks for that awesome find)

        Now I need some kind of customized label or maybe a seal to go directly on the jar. And obviously the most important ingredient…the honey! I was wondering how much honey do you think I would need to fill 130 of those jars? I did a quick calculation of 4oz x 130 = 52lbs. Call me crazy, but that sounds like an awful lot. Am I adding it up wrong?

        Btw I also shared the link to this post on Wedding Wire, hope that’s ok, so others can utilize your ideas.

  3. DIa says

    This is the CUTEST idea! Does anybody know where (type of store)I can find those mini honey dippers? Unfortunately, I do not have the time to order these. Help! I would really love to make a few of these.


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