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grown up easter 1

Last year, I started putting together the idea of a grown up Easter basket partly because I don’t have kiddos, and partly because everyone loves a little indulgence in the spring, and not always in the form of sugary sweets.

Last year’s basket was a spring cheese and mimosa spread, but this year (maybe it was all of the hard outdoor work I did this weekend) I was itching for something quiet and understated and solitary, but still feminine and pretty.  Some Zonin Prosecco and a Corksicle to keep it cold over the span of a relaxing afternoon eating macaroons and reading a book or catching up on magazines is just what I have in mind.

grown up easter diptych

grown up easter 3

grown up easter 2

grown up easter 4

The best things to include are a mixture of practical, indulgent, and beautiful things that the recipient would not only love to receive but also put to use.  Whether it’s for yourself, a parent, an adult child, or a hostess gift for the lady hosting Easter dinner, I love the idea of encouraging those you love to take a little time to themselves.

What would you include in your grown-up Easter basket?  Some bubble bath? A new tin of tea? That afternoon doesn’t sound bad either!

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  • LOVE this idea! I actually wanted my husband and I to do “grown-up” Easter baskets for each other this year – no kids either. Unfortunately, we’re redoing a house and our “deadline” for a lot of things is next week, so no time this year. Maybe next year, though! I love the one you created.

  • Great idea!!! I am loving your blog! Thanks 🙂
    Looking forward to reading them all.

  • What a beautiful idea!! =) I would definitely have wine in the basket! =)

  • I love this idea. My best friend and I are both in our 30s and don’t have any kiddos but we love Easter. We’ve made each other baskets (of varying sizes, depending on our budgets) over the years. And it’s always a ton of fun. Plus, my Easter baskets are a favorite childhood memory!

  • How did I never think of this? Brilliant. And so elegant looking!! Mine will definitely include bubble bath and some prosecco… can I just gift it to myself? 🙂

  • Ok, how am I just now learning that there is such a thing as a Corkcicle??? THANK YOU:)

  • Oh my gosh how fun!Yes please on the champagne!

  • Love this idea! Adding it to my link love this week!

  • Where are those coasters from??