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Earlier this fall, I did an interview with Bankrate for a holiday article they were doing called ‘Frugal Gift-Wrapping Secrets from Holiday Pros’.  Although early in the season, I already had some ideas about what my personal wrapping scheme would look like, and shared a bunch of my ideas with them for the article (and can we talk about being called a ‘Holiday Pro’?!).

Using packing paper and butcher paper was one of my suggestions because not only is it easily adaptable, but you get SO much more per roll than you do a fancy wrapping paper.

Here is how I dressed up plain paper to look and feel expensive with a homemade stamp.

I started out with a simple piece of scrap wood from a 2 x 4 that we had lying around and wrapped some twine 16 or so times.  When you’re wrapping the twine, don’t overlap on the face of the stamp or else you won’t get a flat surface.

I used a brush to apply the paint so that I didn’t get too much paint pooling up on the wrapping paper.


I rotated the direction of the stamp, but you could as easily keep it going the same direction for a more striped effect.  I did all of the painting at once on pre-cut pieces of paper that were as long as my table.  I let them dry overnight before wrapping.

I like to mix up fully patterned gifts and solids with strips of pattern going down the center.  I used pieces of greenery and pinecones as gift toppers tied on my rounds of yarn and bakers twine.  The yarn, twine, and natural toppers keep things so frugal that I was able to splurge on some glittery letters for a few of the gifts.

I am very pleased with how the paper turned out and plan to make a bunch more this weekend! These first few gifts are headed out today to Nashville for my sweet little nephews and niece.

Have a FABULOUS Thursday out there!

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  • Cool stamp idea! I picked up a few of those letters from Target too. Love the glitter!

  • I love this! So pretty. Where’d you find those glitter letters?

    • I got them in the dollar section at Target!

  • I absolutely love this! You’re killing it with all your holiday posts.

    • Thank you! I really just love Christmas 🙂 It’s like a Christmas bonanza at my house with mandated Christmas music around the clock!

  • LOVE that you made your own paper! And, it’s super cute. Your packages are almost too pretty to open 🙂

  • Erin, I am in LOVE with this project! I never even thought of making a stamp like that…amazing. Thanks for sharing. Pinning this now…

  • this is great!

  • Coolest stamp ever.

  • This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen, yet so simple. Great job!

  • I am in love with this wrapping idea! I have seriously considered un-wrapping some of my presents just to do this 🙂

  • Love the paper!! Where do you get the plain paper from? I have tried to wrap with it before and have often resorted to cutting the wrapping paper out of old paper bags. (which works well for small items) The print is adorable!

    • Erika,

      The plain paper is kraft paper or packing paper made by 3M. I got mine at michaels, and although it is close to $5/roll, you get a TON of paper. My last roll lasted me an entire year.

  • I love this! I just did a post on Friday about wrapping with kraft paper, but I totally have to try this. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • just checked out your kraft paper post and there are so many cute ideas… wishing I would have checked it out pre wrapping 🙂

  • Oh WOW! What an impressive way to jazz up kraft paper! Kraft paper is my absolute favorite choice for wrapping presents and I usually “beautify” it with ribbons or washi tape, but I never tried stamping a repetitive pattern on it. I love the fact that your pattern is so graphic and bold! It’s beautiful and unique.

  • Love the stamp idea. So cute!

  • I absolutely love it. Great DIY.

    • Thank you!

  • genius! I need to try this!!

  • I absolutely love this, Erin!!!!