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christmas mantle decorating 2

Haul out the holly!  I wasn’t kidding on Tuesday when I said that I was starting my Christmas decorating, but today is a little different type of project. I’m getting lots of help from the fabulous people at West Elm to not only get into the spirit myself, but to help you all do the same.

christmas fireplace

Today I’ll be hauling out the holly with West Elm at my local store for a full on holiday DIY event tonight!  I am so so excited!  We’ve got treats, hot chocolate, loads of greenery, and all of the supplies for everyone coming to craft themselves a wreath just like mine here. If you don’t live in Columbus, you’re store might also be hosting my DIY tonight – stores in McLeanWestportBurlingtonTorontoGeorgetown, andKing of Prussia will also have the workshop.

Keep reading for loads more pictures and my thought process behind the mantel styling. 

Christmas Mantle Decorating christmas mantle decor christmas mantle decor

I wanted to really do something unique with my holiday mantel this year, but staying within my determined them.  I decided that I’ll be decorating pretty minimally, but with a warm, cozy, cabin feel. A Heritage Holiday if you will.

But, like I talked about on Tuesday, I still want to put a new, fresh spin on the traditional. For my wreath, I created a whimsical little banner to cascade through it, then I hung it from some papier mache deer antlers which are mounted to the antique tiled wall mirror.  The reindeer head gave more depth to the mantle (and a little quirkiness too) and the mirror bounces around light reflecting everything from the bulbs on the tree to the greenery on the wreath, making the room feel abundant with holiday spirit.

I’m on track with at least one portion of my Christmas decorating.  I’m stashing the wreath away until after Thanksgiving, but I’ll spruce it up with fresh clippings from the tree we buy right before Christmas.


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Latest comments
  • Looking forward to it tonight in McLean, VA!

  • Beautiful I’ve been meaning to ask you do you know any Simpsons or roushes in Columbus I’ve have lots of family there ?

  • Just lovely, of course! If only I still lived in DC, I could hit up the Georgetown location and brag about how I know you. 🙂

  • I’m headed out to Westport tonight and can’t wait! Love your blog 😉

  • I love the mantle – it’s all so cosy!

  • I love your wreath – the little chalkboard-inspired banner is such a cute idea I never would have come up with on my own.

    Quick editing note – the thing above the fireplace is a “mantel.” A “mantle” is a piece of clothing kind of like a cape.

  • I went to the one in Washington DC and it was awesome! Love my wreath, thanks Erin for helping put on a great event!

  • Could you please post the instructions for this wreath? I just love it!