A Different Way to Display

As an alternative to the traditional cut flowers in a vase, a bundle of blooms tied together with cooking twine makes a big impact when nestled deep inside a large hurricane vase. The bouquet sits in a small bowl of water hidden with moss and craft store grape vine.

Fill the water bowl before lowering it into the vase,  then arrange the vine and moss around the bowl.  I filled it with water after the moss and everything was in tact, creating a huge mess.  I had to start over from the beginning, but you live you learn, right?

Give this method a try for your next gathering, something that looks this impressive is sure to get you some compliments from your guests and you can choose whether or not to tell them how easy it was.

Have a BEAUTIFUL Monday!

P.S. The glass lamp tutorial is now live!  See it HERE!


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    As always, amazing pics! And the project isn’t shabby either :) I’ve passed on the Versatile Blogger award to you (though im pretty sure it’s been awarded to you many many times before me). for the rules see here. Thank you for the wonderful posts.


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