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The List wk 5

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Happy Friday, guys!  Did you have a good week?  I had such a crazy last few weeks getting ready for the new site launch and for my speaking gig at Alt that it was so wonderful to just be in my office getting myself in order this week. Today, I am going all-in on the office makeover and am going to work my little tail off all weekend.  I have a few projects I’ll be working on – the built-in desk, a ceiling makeover, and some art/inspiration wall ideas.  Instead of showing you guys just one before and after, I am going to showcase these three little projects, then the full reveal later in the month.  It will be an exciting project to work on throughout the month of February, and I cannot wait for you guys to be a long for the ride.  Be sure to follow on Instagram for some behind the scenes photos that won’t show up here on the blog!


VINTAGE VIXEN: I am not a big vintage clothes person, but this website is making me think twice!  Love this cozy, leather trimmed sweater also! Do you wear vintage?  What is your favorite vintage resource?

STROKE OF GENIUS: I love these gold foil brushed ceramics by Up in the Air Somewhere on terrain.  I have followed the maker since her days on Etsy and am so happy she’s in such a wonderful shop!

CLASS ACT:  I just love Ellen.  This ‘Never Had I Ever’ video made me laugh out loud, then this video on her real agenda made me appreciate her even more.

SNEAK PEEK:  Since I’m taking the office makeover a little slower than usual, I wanted to show you guys a sneak peek of one of the new items I’m so excited about! These acrylic chairs are kind of a bucket shape, so topped with a sheepskin, I think they’ll be wonderfully comfortable (at least I’m hoping so!), plus they come in a set of two – score!

WHAT DAY IS IT? I haven’t gotten a new 2015 calendar yet and I keep finding myself looking at my old one, only to see December staring back at me.  Last year at Alt we got so many calendars in the swag bag that I didn’t want to buy until I returned, in case we got another.  Alas, this year we didn’t get any, soI think I’ll be purchasing this Sugar Paper calendar from Target.  Do you have a fave you’d recommend?


Thoughts on happiness

Our Spring/Summer 15 product line inspiration board

Office Makeover Inspiration


I also write for the Bali Blog!  I wrote this week about one of my favorite design ideas!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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DIY Linen Tufted Headboard


diy tufted linen headboard king

I’m ecstatic today to finally share with you my completed headboard and transition to the king bed!  As we spoke about last week, Matty and I got a new mattress from Tuft & Needle, and were able to upgrade to a king! Previously we wouldn’t have been able to fit a King sized mattress up our bending staircase, but the mattress from Tuft & Needle came in a 12″ x 12″ x 60″ box, so it fit up the stairs just fine.

With my previous queen bed, I’d made a linen headboard with a nailhead border.  The past design took just an hour or so to complete and was under $60.  I wanted to up the ante a little bit this time and create a headboard that was inspired by the restoration hardware chesterfield style that I loved.  After we got the mattress in the room, however, I realized that a rectangular headboard would cut off way too much of the built-in bookcases, so I decided instead to create a scrolling design which allowed more of the bookcases to be visible.


diy king headboard DSC_7394_2

For this design, there was more work involved due to the tufting and creating covered buttons.  The majority of the cost of the entire project was actually wrapped up in the 2″ foam that I used to creating deep tufts (whereas on the last headboard, I just used batting).  None of the steps taken were very difficult, but I can certainly say that covering over 40 buttons was certainly time consuming.  All in, the total cost was $318.  I used lots of JoAnn’s coupons (60% off this weekend!).  Definitely make sure to get those coupons out of the mail (or just use their app) before buying the materials, as I saved about $250 using them.

diy tufted king headboard

Aside from the actual headboard, I dressed the bed in the dotted West Elm sheets, a while West Elm duvet cover, and various throw pillows.  I still want to explore a few more pillow options to be closer to my original vision (and add it a little more brown and navy)!   Are you interested in seeing the step by step headboard tutorial?  Keep on reading for the full material list, photos of our process, and PDF with plans and measurements.   [Read more…]

Dressing Room Details

Dressing Room Details 

I’m moving right along on my combination dressing room, walk-in closet, and vanity renovation.  If you’re new here, we’re basically taking a small bedroom that connects to our master and turning it into a walk in closet.  We’ve completed the big changes, like knocking out the previous closet, painting the room, and installing a closet organization system.  There are still a couple of curve balls to share, but we’re still working those out. In the meantime, I’m thinking about how to bring this room up to par with our adjacent bedroom.

fresh, neutral bedroom

When the construction’s done, the paints up, and the big pieces are moved in, it’s easy to hurry the rest. I’m a firm believer, however, that this detail work is really what makes or breaks a room’s design. I want the feeling of our bedroom to flow into the closet and feel like one continuous room, so I’ve brought in the same dark gray walls, and choose white for the closet organization since it matches back to the custom built-in’s in the bedroom.

To really keep the room looking like more of a designed dressing room than just a closet, I’m also bringing in a few different textiles.  I plan to use pattern in the drapes (using the same blue and cream ticking stripe as the bedroom), and on a vanity stool.  Do you recognize the ikat fabric? I bought it to use on my cane chairs, but I’m SO happy I held onto it for something else, because I think it will really help to bring everything together in this dressing room.  I also plan to include a light grey ottoman of some sort to hold a suitcase when we’re packing to head somewhere or just be a perch for Matt when he’s tying his shoes.

The vanity will get a rustic farmhouse mirror which I’m going to create out of this chalkboard from World Market because the one I really wanted was too big.  To keep the whole room from getting too girly and soft, I’ll add in some matte black spotlights for the vanity which also help to incorporate some of the black from the ikat fabric. The whole room will be topped off with a heather gray drum shade as an overhead light.

I’ll show you guys some of these individual projects (like the tufted ottoman which I intend to make) as well as the finished room soon!  Oh yeah, and that curve ball I told you about, you’re going to love it.

What did you get into this weekend?


Superb Shelf Surprise


As you know, I spend the better part of last week and the weekend in Salt Lake City for Alt Design Summit. I learned a TON and need a moment to process all of the information! Do you guys want to hear more about it, or are you going to throw up if I mention it again and you want me to just get on with the regular show?

Regardless, today is about the shelf surprise that I came home to at 11pm last night. Matt had been working feverishly all weekend to put together the shelves we had planned to install in our master bedroom. I was blown away by how amazing they were.  At one point, Matt asked me what was wrong because I was silent (which doesn’t often happen).  They just looked so grand, it took me a while to process. 

Everything was exactly as I had planned, and better than I had imagined. I am so excited to get them painted and styled (after all, the styling is my favorite part).

I took off from work today and tomorrow to recover from being out of town, but you know instead of relaxing, I’m off to the store to get some white paint and get going on this!  As always, I’ll show you the next installment of our home progress next Monday (have you guys realized that? I only show my home renovation projects on Mondays?).

Have a SUPERB Monday!

Getting the Shelving Show on the Road

Last year, I wrote a lot about my plans for my master bedroom, including the built-in bookshelves that have been in the back of my mind for over a year.

We have an odd wall in our master bedroom due to the fireplace downstairs and it’s chimney which continues up through this room.  I always felt that two (somewhat) symmetrical bookshelves would be a good idea to make the best of the odd wall and also to give us more storage.  We have a ton of books and collectables which need a home.

When I initially posted about the idea, our bed used to be orientated on the left side wall.  Matt challenged me to move the bed in order to see if I even liked the bed on the strange wall prior to going through the shelf building process.

We’ve been living with the moved bed and emulated the idea of having shelving behind the bed with tables and smaller bookshelves.  I’m proud to report that we’re moving ahead with the plans, and I spent some time yesterday measuring out the space. We are limited to how deep the shelves can be due to the window on our north wall, but I think 14″ will be a good hearty depth.

Along with the shelving we’re going to re-paint the room (in the same exact color!), repaint the white trim, and replace the flooring. Since these things will be done around the shelves, our first move before any of the other bedroom changes will be to build the shelving.

After the shelves are done, I’ll be building a custom headboard and layering some interesting side tables in front of the shelving.  You may wonder how that’s all going to work stacked in front of the shelves, but I assure you, I’ve got a vision!  Stay tuned!

P.S. This weekend, I did everything that was on my to-do list including shopping for some non-work clothes, getting caught up on floral school, having brunch with my parents and photographing the wedding reception of some friends (my first experience shooting a wedding, but they came out so well and I’ve excited to share a few).  I hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be and you’re ready to get back into action on this full five-day week!


Have a SPLENDID Monday