Fresh Finds: Take Three! An Easy Flower Arrangement with Tons of Impact

Flower arranging for some is a super daunting task.  This is possibly the easiest possible way to make a huge impact with flowers in your house.

Take three varieties that you love, in this case I choose Sunflowers, Safflowers, and some greenery.  I stuck each variety in a different shape and different height of vase in a group of three and there you have it!  That is all you need to do and the result is something that is large and super impactful! This is absolutely perfect for entertaining as well, you can group them together, or separate after your guests leave for flowers in every room!

*all photos by house of earnest*

What do you think?  Super easy, and can be done with any three varieties that you love! I can think of ENDLESS possibilities for this type of arrangement.

Will you try it this week? If you do – send me a pic!!

Have a GREAT Wednesday!  My Wednesday is almost over, so I’m headed out to dinner with some friends before I come back to my hotel and finish up my work!


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A Hint of Asian Style

The house of earnest* style you’ve become accustomed to on my blog isn’t exactly what I see over here in Hong Kong.  The Asian style is usually a combination of a couple different cultures, with Chinese being somewhat ornate with bold color and Japanese decor being more modern and incorporating natural elements in a very ‘zen’ way with water, rocks, beautiful plants, etc.

I felt like the room above, by William Hefner Architecture out of Los Angeles, really struck a balance between traditional American style and just a hint of Asian influence in the wooden side table and towel rack.

I found a bit more ‘house of earnest’ and Asian fusion style in my hotel this week.

Modern lines are mixed with natural, down-to-earth style here at the W Hong Kong.

All photos from house of earnest*.  From top left: A twig cupboard pull is chic in silver, mirrored details get a natural facade on sleek benches, earth-meets-wood and more Feng Shui details line the lobby, flowers were purchased in a market nearby!  I just couldn’t leave them behind, they were so beautiful and complimented the style of my room just perfectly!

How do you guys feel about an Asian influence in design? Love it? Leave it? Let me know what you think!

Have a SPECTACULAR week!  I’ll be missing the green green grass and trees of home (and of course missing the husband!)

Make This at Home: Yellow Thistle Flowers

*photo by house of earnest*

Yellow thistle flowers, often called ‘pineapples’ are one of my favorite little wildflowers.  They are whimsical, playful, and understated – and easy to make at home!!

The photo above on the left was made in less than 10 minutes from two materials, both purchased from Jo Ann Fabrics. This project is too cute – and not just for sitting in a vase!  I have some ideas roaming around in my head about bending them and twisting them into napkin rings, name card holders… this is just the beginning.  Unfortunately, all of these ideas came filling through my Advil PM induced dreams on the plane last night.  So I’ll whip something up and take some photos for you upon my return.  (I breifly considered emailing my husband and explaining what was going through my head, luring him into creating these things, photographing them, and emailing the photos to me…. needless to say, I nixed that idea :)

Total, these materials cost around $6.  Combined with the power of a glue gun, and a little trimming, you’ve got a pretty, whimsical flower arrangement! Perfect!  See the full how-to here!

Any DIY’s on your agenda this weekend? This is a pretty easy little project – how about trying it?

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!

Like a Dream…. Kitchen

This is my absolute dream kitchen… I almost don’t have words for it… almost…

Open shelving mixed with closed shelving, farmhouse sink, huge open french doors, mega appliances and all that white mixed with just the right amount of industrial exposure. I’m dying over here… seriously.

This beautiful space was photographed by Amy Neunsinger – a fabulous lifestyle photographer whose website I pour over on a regular basis.


As we speak I am transit to Hong Kong.  It’s going to be a long day, and I will be dreaming about this kitchen!

What qualities do you look for in your dream kitchen? Please click on the post title to SHARE!!

A Burst of Colored Stripes

How about a burst of color on this Wednesday morning? Hump day will never be the same if you woke up to cheery painted stripes in your home!  This particular kaleidoscopic room in the Kate Spade store, is seriously fun with the traditional furniture and white walls. Similarly below DIYer Kristin Kauffman showed off her painted dining room floors to Better Homes and Gardens in February’s issue of the magazine and Nate Berkus also featured her ‘how-to’.

I am a big fan of multi-colored stripes set back to white, like in the Kate Spade photo.   A bright background makes the whole trend a bit more fresh and inspired than plain traditional stripes. The warm tones chosen as a majority of the color make this installation just a touch vintage too.


Now you don’t have to go crazy with the paint, you can get colorful spring inspired stripes in your home in much less permanent way.  These pretty vases by dahlhaus are my personal favorite, a DIY doormat by Martha might be hitting my back porch soon, and some striped home accessories are just in the perfect iteration of the trend for your home!

*photos from top left modern stripe vase from Dahlhaus Ceramics $40, Izzy Salad Servers from Modern Lola $15, Tara Matthews Cashmere Scarf on Net-a-Porter $198, Multicolored LouisXV Chair from Dransfield & Ross $3125, Ribbon Pillow – House Beautiful, Stripe Mug – Our Shop £9.20, Kate Spade Ad, Martha Stewart DIY porch mat.

How HAPPY did this make your Wednesday?!

Do you think this is a color trend you’ll be trying?  Is there a pretty striped pillow or rug in your future??