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I'm not going to lie and tell you the last few weeks haven't been difficult.  I'm adjusting to the new normal of being a 'work

On one hand, I'm glad it's Friday, but on the other hand, I haven't gotten nearly enough done this week.  I'm finding that this

I'm not a huge pink person.  I, myself, don't wear pink, but have a beige/blush blouse that is about as girly as I get.  When

It's been almost seven months since I started the redesign of my downstairs living room and dining room space.  I've been taking you through the

I don't quite feel like it's Friday.  Ever since having the baby, my work has been at odd days or hours, working mostly around

Ah fall!  I wrote on Monday about how much I love entertaining in this season of changing leaves and crisp air.  The season brings out



Hi! I’m Erin of Earnest Home co. It’s here that we share up-and-coming' products, tutorials, and gatherings which promote authentic, resourceful, and creative living. We are the new traditional.

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