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This week just kind of flew by for me

I've had a rug dilemma for some time now.  If you'll recall in the beginning, we were back and forth in our living room redesign

Before I had Maeve, I was scared.  I was scared of not being prepared, of breastfeeding trouble, and of the whole sleep thing (or lack

It's one of those weeks where I thought it was Friday on Thursday and then finding out the truth was a huge let down.  Weekends

When I was gearing up for the baby, I was oddly worried about what we would eat in the days and weeks following the birth.  It

The day has finally arrived!  After waiting so long to finish up the nursery, we've finally managed to get all of the moving parts firmed



Hi! I’m Erin of Earnest Home co. It’s here that we share up-and-coming' products, tutorials, and gatherings which promote authentic, resourceful, and creative living. We are the new traditional.

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Important Announcement: We are a small husband and wife team and will be taking time off for maternity leave from August 24th through Sept 30th.  Please note, any orders placed during this time period will not ship until the first week of October.  Thank you for understanding!