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Happy Fall everyone!  Even though I just had a baby and have been laying low for the better part of the season, I couldn't miss

I'm not going to lie and tell you the last few weeks haven't been difficult.  I'm adjusting to the new normal of being a 'work

On one hand, I'm glad it's Friday, but on the other hand, I haven't gotten nearly enough done this week.  I'm finding that this

I'm not a huge pink person.  I, myself, don't wear pink, but have a beige/blush blouse that is about as girly as I get.  When

It's been almost seven months since I started the redesign of my downstairs living room and dining room space.  I've been taking you through the

I don't quite feel like it's Friday.  Ever since having the baby, my work has been at odd days or hours, working mostly around



Hi! I’m Erin of Earnest Home co. It’s here that we share up-and-coming' products, tutorials, and gatherings which promote authentic, resourceful, and creative living. We are the new traditional.

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